One big sparkling hello!
Welcome to Sparkle with Laughter

This segment has been empty for way too long and now that I'm actually trying to fill it, it seems like one of the hardest things ever. So what do I tell you that you don't already know...
If you were to judge by my current make-up collection, you would probably never believe me if I told you that make-up hasn't been a passion of mine for a very long time. While some girls already start wearing make-up in primary school, I was a very late bloomer when it came to this. The only beauty related product that I've been hoarding for years and years are nail polishes, but I only really started discovering the majestic world of make-up in high school and even then only on nights out. The only two ''real'' make-up products that I've known for years were a mascara and a stick concealer that I only used on the occasional breakouts, leaving my dark under eye circles to run wildly and scare everyone.
Let's rewind to some four years or so ago, when all of the sudden I fell in love with beauty guru's on Youtube and beauty bloggers. Thanks to them I was slowly introduced to numerous gorgeous-looking make-up products and becoming more & more intrigued by them. 
After contemplating it for way too long, over-thinking every possible scenario countless times, having a rough year and wanting to do something new & different, yet lacking the courage & confidence to actually do it, I finally made the decision to join the ''dark side'' or should I say the shiny, sparkling side. With some major encouragement from a friend (Mateja, thank you!), I finally decided to start writing my own blog where I would share my newly found obsession with make-up & everything beauty related, and also some more personal things.
So that's how Sparkle with Laughter was born on November 27, 2012. 
Choosing the name was actually really easy, and I'm proud to say that even three years in, I'm still happy with it. The truth is that I always loved anything that sparkles (I'm a true girly girl in heart) and I think that laughter is one of the most important things in life that can solve pretty much anything. And since I wanted this place to be a mixture of beauty and personal things from the start, it was only appropriate that the name would also reflect that in a way.
In these years Sparkle with Laughter became a place full of make-up & beauty reviews, first impressions, hauls, monthly favourites, empties etc. on weekdays and a more personal place with photo diaries, random chit-chats, etc. on weekends. I consider myself to be an honest person in real life and I wanted that to show through this blog as well, so that's the reason why my reviews aren't always only positive and why I talk about disappointing products as well. 
And although I have the opportunity to work with some amazing brands, I always disclose when I talk about the products that were sent to me. You can read more about that in the Disclosure page.

As far as the person ''hiding'' behind the Sparkle with Laughter is concerned.... I'm Sanja, an ordinary 20-something (I only say it like this, because it will become too depressing to change it every year) make-up enthusiast from a very small, yet gorgeous country in the heart of Europe, called Slovenia. 
I recently finished my bachelor's degree in Political Science - Policy Analysis and Public Administration and I'm now pursuing a different career that I wanted since I was a little girl, for my master's degree. To be completely honest, I'm just curious to see where the world / life will take me. 
Speaking about the world, I'm a massive lover of travelling. My wanderlust is burning strong and my list of places that I want to visit seems to be never-ending. On the contrary, I'm also an extremely family-oriented person that easily gets homesick, so as much as I love travelling, I love coming back home to my family and my Westie Daisy even more.
In my spare time I'm also a professional procrastinator (doing everything in the last minute is probably my main calling in life) that watches way too many TV shows and likes to bake in between the two.

So once more: Welcome to Sparkle with Laughter, feel free to have a nose around, who knows, maybe you'll find something you like and you'll stick around. 
If you would like to stay in touch with me, or if you're a company that would like to work with me, don't hesitate to write me an e-mail at addsomesparkles@gmail.com , I'll gladly respond.
Don't forget to stop by and say hello at my social media accounts as well, I tend to post a lot of random things there and it's also the easiest way to keep in touch with me. You can find all of them listed on the right side of your screen.

Thanks for reading and for being a part of this sparkling journey
Sanja ♥

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