Disappointing Products #5

Friday, February 03, 2017

disappointing products #5
 Before I start posting about my yearly favourites (I know, I know.. I'm super late with those, but considering, I've been gone for six months, I still plan on posting them to share some amazing products that I've tried with you) I thought I would talk you through the products that turned out far from being my favourites.
I've been accumulating them for awhile now, so there's quite a decent selection; from shampoos, face serums to make-up products. From now on, I intend to go back to monthly favourites and let-downs, since it's much easier to include disappointing products along the way than to keep them in a drawer.
As always, just cause something didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you. My opinions are based on my experiences with these products.

hair and body care products
1. OGX Brazilian keratin smooth conditioner & Keratin oil shampoo: I bought these two in Austria cause I needed a new shampoo & conditioner and they both sounded great & promised a lot of things. Boy do I regret purchasing them. The conditioner is probably the worst conditioner I've ever tried (my sister agrees) and I gave up on it after a few washes. I actually don't even know how this can be called a ''conditioner'' considering it completely dried out my hair, made it look like hay and tangled it like crazy. I don't have particularly dry hair, but this sucked out every last bit of moisture. It's kinda ridiculous considering that it has a very thick consistency and it supposedly includes coconut & avocado oil and cocoa butter (it does smell really nice though). I'm beyond thrilled that I can finally throw this away.
The shampoo is a tad better (meaning that I'll actually use it up). First of all it's so thick that you're actually building your arm muscles while trying to squeeze it out of that tiny hole (I just gave up and removed the cap). You only need a bit of it since it's so thick and lathers up really quickly (considering I don't like it, this is not ideal) and I do really like the scent of it. But that's about it. I never get a feeling like my hair is nicely clean after I use this, it feels very heavy & weights down my hair and it makes my roots oily much quicker than usual. I've been using this for awhile now and I can't say I've noticed any difference regarding anti-breakage & stronger hair either.
Definitely staying away from OGX products from now on.

2. Avon Foot Works Peppermint reviving leg gel: I've been trying to use this up for a really long time. It supposedly helps to cool down tired feet, but the only thing it does for me is dry up my feet, which is probably the last thing anyone would want.

3. Avon Care Cocoa butter lip butter*: I love the smell of this line and the body moisturisers are great, but this lip butter is a completely failed product in my opinion. First, the packaging is a big no-go for the thick consistency of the lip butter (a pot would work much better, or just a regular twist-up bullet). Again, you actually have to put your muscles to work to squeeze it out of the tube. I also don't like the feeling it leaves on the lips, it just sits on the skin and creates this weird layer, since it doesn't sink it.  

4. L'Occitane Vanilla Bouquet hand cream: I love L'Occitane hand creams and this one is no exception regarding the nicely thick & nourishing consistency. I also love vanilla scented things. But I draw the line with this Vanilla Bouquet scent, I actually can't stand it, it makes me gag. And it's so strong and lingers forever on my skin. 

skincare products
 5. Melvita Pulpe De Rose plumping radiance duo & plumping radiance cream*: I bought the duo after I ran out of their argan oil and heard a lot of great things about it. I gave it so many chances and even used more than half of it, cause it took me forever to figure out this has been giving my skin a lot of texture and redness. I also gave quite a lot of chances to the plumping radiance cream*, hoping I'll have better luck with this one, since it supposedly targets first wrinkles, has a lovely packaging and even better consistency. But it broke me out like crazy. 
Seems like I need to stay away from rose hip & roses in my skincare from now on.

6. Natura Siberica Snow cladonia face serum: another anti-ageing product that just didn't deliver for me. I absolutely hate the smell of it, but I could get on board with it, if everything else would be okay. It wasn't. It has a very thin, light and runny consistency, but it always started foaming when I was applying it to my face. This is also another product that gave me breakouts and it also darkened the hyper pigmentation I get around my mouth area.

7. Nelipot Mamichku deodorant cream: I really didn't think I'll ever be featuring this in a disappointing products post considering how much positive things I've heard about it (and the fact that it's not the cheapest). I've been having some troubles with eczema under my arm, so my doctor said I should try to use more natural products (I chose this version since it claims to be scentless). Considering I couldn't really use the CD deodorants due to alcohol in them, I decided to purchase this one. The fact that you have to apply it with your fingers, bothered me from the start, but I did get used to it. But what I didn't like was the fact that it stained all my white shirts with yellowish marks, it made my eczema even worse & more irritated (I think it might be the because of soda bicarbonate in it) and although it actually does a great job at masking the sweat scent, it gives off this other weird & unpleasant scent.

8. Catrice Lash Boost lash growth overnight serum: I bought this in hopes of making my lashes longer, but I only ended up with swollen & red eye lids and crazily irradiated eyes. Far from my desired effect.

9. Catrice Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer: Everyone and their mother loves this thing and it's for a good reason - it's an amazing, long-lasting, high coverage concealer from the drugstore that actually has decent shades (I have the 010 Porcelain one that it's actually almost too bright for me, I definitely can't conceal blemishes with it). I was so excited when I first started wearing it cause I thought it could replace my beloved Fit me concealer since I can't get it in Slovenia. But unfortunately this doesn't go well with my sensitive eyes. Whenever I was wearing it for a few hours, my eyes started getting more and more itchy, watery and red. I'm thinking the fact that it's very scented could be the cause for that. 

10. Kat Von D Lock-it concealer cream: I wasn't sure if I wanted to include this or not, but considering I wouldn't really purchase it again, I think it kinda deserves its place here. This is a hard-core concealer. It's EXTREMELY pigmented & thick yet feels very light on the skin, has even better coverage than the Nars Radiant concealer (it really does cover everything), it's long-lasting and the packaging it great.
 But the thing that I don't like about it, is the fact that it looks like it's made to be only worn with high coverage foundations. It really doesn't go well with my CC creams cause it looks cakey, very noticeable, wants to move around (even if I bake under my eyes) and just doesn't blend in with the skin. It also clings to even the littlest dry patches. To be fair, I did only try it out a couple of times, so maybe I just need to play around with it a bit more. But so far, I definitely regret purchasing this over the UD Naked skin concealer.
I also got matched to the shade L9 neutral and I find it too light for my liking. 

11. Rimmel Stay matte long lasting pressed powder: Now I don't know if they've changed the formula or if I just got so spoiled with the Catrice Prime & Fine mattifying powder, but I really don't like this any more. It looks super powdery on my skin, I definitely can notice the yellowish cast of powder that it leaves and it doesn't do a very good job at keeping my skin matte either. I was trying to use it up, but I had to go back to the Catrice one. Now I'm only using it with my no-makeup make-up look. 

12. Avon Big & Multiplied volume mascara*: I nearly poked out my eye with this one. I always use the end of the mascara wand to define my lashes more and this one has this very sharp metal thing poking out at the end of it that I've noticed the hard way around. It also didn't do much for my lashes, was very flaky and smudged after only two hours or so.

13. Trend it up Eyedorable mascara false lashes: I hate when mascaras have the ''false lashes'' claim and than they don't even give you decent ''every day'' lashes. This was just a regular mascara that tinted my lashes black and that was it. I didn't have any other problems with it at first (except the fact that it also has a brush that's way too big) but the older it got, the more it started to smudge under my eyes. Thankfully it was cheap.

14. Clarins 01 Be long mascara: This one on the other hand, not cheap. I was stupid enough to ask the sale assistant in Müller which mascara gives the most length (cause I haven't learned my lesson from the previous horrible recommendations from the sale assistants working there) and she recommended this one without any doubt. She even showed me the mascara wand and I was like, well it's plastic and small so it looks promising. The first time I used it, I was like great, I better start with my make-up from scratch because this thing got everywhere when I was applying it. It's very wet, clumpy and everything else except smudge free. Regarding being great for length and curve, I would exchange that ''great'' with ''mediocre'' at best. It has been sitting in my drawer for awhile now, in hopes of it drying up and becoming something you can actually apply to your lashes like a normal person, but no luck so far. 
If it was a drugstore mascara, I would have thrown it out of the window a long time ago.

 15. Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base: I really like the packaging and doe-foot applicator of this one, as well as the light consistency, but it unfortunately doesn't prevent my eyeshadows from creasing.

16. Soap & Glory Archery brow tint & precision shaping pencil: I have a serious problem letting things go, and this is a great example for that. I had it for years and my delusional self still thinks I'll actually use it up. The brow tint not only oxidises like crazy on me and I end up with orange looking brows, but it also lacks the pigmentation and staying power. The precision shaping pencil is far from being precise, also lacks pigmentation and it's so hard that it ends up pulling out my brows instead of filling them in. The shade itself also has this weird orange-greyish undertone, it's bizarre. 

17. Avon Outstanding eyes dual -ended crayon kohl eyeliner*: I love the concept of this, I mean who wouldn't want a black and nude eyeliner in one. Unfortunately I can't get the nude shade to show on my eyes (or even my skin for that matter) no matter what. The pigmentation just isn't there. Which truly is a shame cause otherwise the texture is very smooth and soft. The black side is fine though, not the most pigmented black eyeliner out there, but it does the job and doesn't smudges (I don't use it on my waterline so I can't say how it performs there).

18. Essence TE Summer Fun cooling eyeshadow*: This was a limited edition product so it's not available anymore, but it's also one of the products that just doesn't show up on my eyes. No matter how many layers I apply, this just somehow miraculously disappears from my eye lids. Apart from that, I do actually like the slight cooling effect it has and since it's not very pigmented yet still has some glow to it, I'm re-purposing this to a cheek highlight. 

19. Catrice Velvet Matt lip cream: I'm so gutted that this isn't working for me since I love the shade of it (030 Hazel-rose royce), but also pleased that I decided to stick with one shade while I was buying it. I could look pass the fact that it's not nicely pigmented and goes on pretty streaky, but I can't deal with the fact that this starts breaking off & gathering on the inside of my mouth, transfer to my teeth and bleeds all over after only a few minutes. And yes, wearing it with a lip liner didn't help either.

Here you can see some swatches, including how the nude shade of the Avon eyeliner hardly shows up (I was swatching it like a crazy person), how the Essence eyeshadow disappears when you start blending it in (I didn't even blend it fully), how powdery and yellow the Rimmel powder looks, etc.
Also, the Kat Von D concealer cream doesn't actually look that orange in person.

And here is the Avon lip balm & mascara (hopefully you can see that metallic sharp tip at the end) and the mascara wands of the Trend it up & Clarins mascaras. 

Do you own any of these products and feel the same way about them? 

*The products marked with * were given to me by companies. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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22 komentarji

  1. Ruthless! :D
    Zanimivo, bom 2x premislila o vseh. Sem pa sama navdušena nad Melvitino kremo, Catrice Matt šminka pa mi je bila sumljiva že od začetka.

    1. Haha :D
      Škoda, da nisem tega za Melvitino kremo že prej vedela, bi ti jo lahko dala takoj ko sem prvič opazila, da mi povzroča težave :D

  2. Ta Avon maskara tudi meni ni bila všeč. Sem imela trepalnice čisto tacky in kar mokre, kar ni se posušilo... :/

    1. Ja, res ni najbolj posrečena :/

  3. Škoda za Catrice concealer :/ Avon maskaro so vse na veliko hvalile, mene pa je tako kot tebe razočarala.

    1. Ja res je škoda, ker mi je drugače bil zelo všeč :(
      Vidim, da nas je že enih par, ki nismo bile zadovoljne s to Avonovo maskaro....

  4. Jaz imam vijolocmo linijo teh šamponov (šampon in balzam) in je frkamsko ok. Definitivno se pa bom ognila tema dvema, ki si ju ti imela!

    1. Super, da sta si všeč. Škoda, da potem nisem raje ta dva vzela :) Tema dvema bi se jaz res raje izognila, ker res nista vredna nakupa

  5. Catrice concealer je na zacetku tudi meni delal tezave, oci so se mi na polno solzile. Ampak zgleda, da sem se navadila na njega, ker zdaj se mi ne vec. :D

    1. O super, jaz žal nisem imela te sreče :(

  6. Avonov balzam je bil meni tudi porazen in se v vsem strinjam s tabo. Meni se je zdelo, da mi se dodatno izsusi ustnice. Tole L'Occitanovo kremo za roke sem si pa hotela kupit, bom zdaj se malo premislila :) Super objava!

    1. Ja, tudi jaz sem včasih imela tak občutek, sem pozabila še to omenit.
      Ko boš v njihovi trgovini jo povohaj, če ti bo vonj všeč, je ok...ker drugače kot krema je super, samo vonja ne morem prebavit :D

  7. Neee, pa ne vonj L'Occitanove kreme :D Meni je najboljši ever, zdaj bi še kremo za telo :D. Čisto isti je kot njihov parfum iz leta 2007, ki sem ga oboževala.

    OGX mi pa že od vedno nekako deluje kot da ne bo dobra znamka za moje lase. Do zdaj nisem še nič sprobala in zdaj pa sploh ne bom.

    Vse te naravne firme me pa sploh ne preseneti da je v disappointing products. Jaz imam že od nekdaj same slabe izkušnje čim se kaj hvali da je naravno.

    Damn, Catrice Lash Boost. That doesn't sound good :/

    Super objava :)

    1. Hahaha, pa kakoooo :D Meni je pa odvraten ta vonj, sploh ne vem zakaj :D
      Ti se raje kar izgoni OGX, je škoda tvojih las :) Glede naravnih je pa tako tako ja, čeprav trenutno uporabljam deodorant od Biobaze in mi je fenomenalen :)

    2. Uh ja, Biobazin deo je dejansko spodoben. Se strinjam :)

  8. Melvitina kremica je meni super, me pa res preseneča Rimmel Stay Matte, ker pri meni je bilo pa ravno obratno, ko sem sprobala tega, nisem mogla več nazaj na Catrice.
    Kar se pa Liquid Camouflage cream tiče, meni je tisti v potu krasen, ta mi pa noro rdečico naredi na obrazu in peče že takoj ob nanosu :/
    Avonov balzam za ustnice je res zelo sfaljen kar se tiče pakiranja, čeprav meni je bila pa textura samega produkta kar všeč :)

    Jej, mi je prav super da se je malo več bloggerk začelo odločati tudi za take objave, super vedet taka mnenja, preden zaradi hypa pokupim vse kar vidim :D

    1. To je pa res zanimivo, meni je Catrice občutno boljši :D Ja, tudi jaz nisem imela težav s tistim Catrice concealerjem v lončku.

  9. Avon balzam je tud meni bil slab, tak voskast :/
    Krema od Loccitana pa mi je bla ena slabših ker je imela dobro teksturo, ampak nič navlažila roke, prav čist suhe sem mela :)

    1. Hehe, zanimivo kako različne izkušnje imamo. Meni je bila glede navlaženosti ok, samo vonja pa res nisem mogla prenesti :)

  10. Sem ravno včeraj napisala podobno objavo. Je prav zanimivo malo "pošinfat" :D. OGX me vedno pritegnejo z vonji, ampak zdaj se jih bom definitivno izogibala. Ne rabim si še večje slame naredit na glavi.
    Zdaj mi je žal, da sem kupila Trend It Up maskaro. Saj bi morala vedet, da za ceno ne bo naredila čudeža. Tudi Avonove maskare me nikoli ne navdušijo. Večina mi jih je tako povprečnih in nimam preveč rada naravnih ščetin, ki jih večina ima.
    O to za Catrice korektor me je pa presenetilo. Sicer je res po nepotrebnem odišavljen. Škoda no.
    Rimmel je meni še vedno en izmed top pudrov. Mi je všeč, da mi doda malo barve, kot da še prekrije tisto kar rabim. :)
    Avonov svinčnik pa niti nisem še preizkusila. Sama itak nič ne uporabljam na waterline, tako da verjetno tudi tega nude ne bi uporabila nikoli.
    Super objava ;)

    1. Se definitivno strinjam glede Avonovih maskar, tudi mene še nobena ni navdušila..Za Catrice concealer je pa tudi meni zelo žal :)

  11. Too bad that Catrice concealer did not work for you, I love it so much! I'll take your advice and not get that Catrice Velvet Cream!
    Overall, great post, so pleasant to read!


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