A hidden prank video gone bad aka the year 2016

Thursday, January 05, 2017


I've been putting off writing this for quite some time now...Partially because whenever I think back on this past year, I want to punch someone or cry in a corner, but partially also because there's still a tiny bit of me that isn't ready to let go of it just yet.


When I think about 2016, I think about those roller coasters that go up & down & upside-down and the only safety guard that's keeping you in it, is those lap-bars (example); and yes, this part of information is important.
When the year started I was more or less very optimistic, happy, full of adrenaline & ready for what the year had in store for me (well at least that's what I thought)... Similar to the start of the roller coaster ride... Of course there were some bumps at the beginning, but now looking back, I can't really remember the majority of those.
The ''ride'' started progressing and the closer to May we got, the more freaked out I started to get. I was turning 25 at the end of that month and I just couldn't take it. I had to literally get out of the country to try and deal with it. So I packed my bags and went to Sweden to visit my oldest friend and her boyfriend. And it turned out as one of the best ideas I had. It was just what I needed at that time and I can't imagine a better way of spending my birthday week.


When June rolled around, the roller coaster ride got stuck while being upside-down and it pretty much stayed like that for the rest of the year. There were some great moments that pushed it forward, but just when I started to think the ''ride'' is about to start going smoothly, it got stuck on a weird loop again and I constantly had the feeling those lap-bars are about to come undone anytime now. That's the perfect way to describe the second half of the year. 
Some of the things that happened in that time frame where like a hidden prank video gone bad...The timing and scenes were almost movie worthy and it didn't really help that I, myself, was the cause/starter of some of the biggest fails that happened. 


  • 2016 was a year I got sucked, or I should probably say, decided to get sucked back into the black hole of doom. The best way to describe it, is that it's like taking a sip of your favourite alcohol after being sober for a really long time; at first it tasted great, you loved it and it has left you wanting more... 
    But the thing that you've forgotten about, is the fact that it gives you the biggest hangover ever.... When reality hit you the next morning, you knew there was a reason you gave up drinking that alcohol, but you were still hoping that those sober years might've changed the effect it used to have on you, so you decided to drink it a few more time over the next few months...You know... Just to be sure... In the end, it made you realise that there really isn't a way in which that alcohol wouldn't have catastrophic consequences for you, so once again, you decided to give it up completely.
  • 2016 was the year when I've tried to rebuild some burnt bridges back from their ashes. And if I kinda succeeded in some cases, there was still some ember that can easily burn you left in others, so I've learned that I really should stop playing with fire.
  • 2016 was the year when I've learned that the people you hope the most would prove you wrong, are usually the one who'll let you down. And that I actually can read people really well, I should just learn to trust my instincts more when it comes to that.
  • 2016 was the year when I've learned that you really should follow/listen to your gut, but definitely NOT when you're drunk.
  • 2016 was the year when I've learned that timing really is everything and that sometimes you have to learn some lessons twice, for them to serve as a reminder, that you really did make the right choice the first time around. But I've also learned that sometimes you need some time away from something/ a chance to change that first choice to truly value it when you get it back.
  • 2016 was the year when I've learned that I should stop letting the fear of what might happen in the future prevent me from doing the things that I really want to do in the present. And the same goes for overthinking every possible bad outcome.
Croatia seaside

Although 2016 came way to close to 2012 in terms of my worst years, it was also the year in which some amazing things happened as well. And looking back on it now, I don't really regret anything, cause one of the biggest things I've learned, is that every bad thing that happens to you, truly is a lesson in disguise. Although you might not see it like that at first, it will reveal its true colours to you sooner or later. You just have to have a bit of patience.

Next planner

  • Maybe 2016 was the year that I needed to put me in a place I didn't want to / didn't saw myself ever being in again, just to show me that I'm always able & strong enough to climb out of....
  • Maybe it was needed for me to realise how I want to spent / what I want & don't want from my years to come....
  • Maybe it was needed for me to realise all the things that I do / don't have time for in my life...
  • Maybe it was needed for me to start really cherishing and being grateful for all the good people and things in my life, even for the littlest ones & to sop focusing on the negative aspects....
  • Maybe it was needed to serve as a kick in my ass - for me to strongly believe that I don't want to have another year like that and to start doing things to prevent it, including self-sabotaging....
Maybe 2016 truly was what I needed...but I'm still beyond thrilled that it is now finished. 

2017, bring it on! 

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8 komentarji

  1. First of all: WELCOME BACK. I can't tell you how glad I am to see this post.
    2016 is one of the weirdest years I've ever had as well. Some ups, some downs, but we can agree on this: it's over now. I really feel like 2017 will be a great year, probably because I like number with '7' :P
    I hope I'll be part of your 2017 in many ways! <3
    And if you ever need me, I'll be there!

    1. You already know you're the best <3

  2. welcome back! Lepo si zapisala z metaforami in res je bilo leto 1666 tudi zame. dobri dogodki in veliko slabih :)
    Ampak se bo v 2017 vse lepo zopet sestavilo, 2016 pa naj služi za osebnostno rast.

    1. Hvala Sara, in čisto prav imaš, 2017 je že v teh dveh tednih veliko boljše kot 2016 :)

  3. Jap, 2016 je bilo res leto ekstremov :( Sicer pa dobrodošla nazaj, smo te pogrešali <3

    1. Hvala Ina, to je vedno lepo slišat ;) <3

  4. Joj očitno nisem edina. Zame je bilo leto 2016 tako, da je do polovice leta delovalo kot turistični vlakec, na katerem uživaš in si ogleduješ in doživljaš nove stvari in potem sredi leta se je ta vlakec čez noč spremenil v to kar ti opisuješ. Ampak se strinjam s tabo, vsaka stvar se že zgodi z nekim razlogom. Kljub razburkanemu letu gremo pozitivno naprej! ;)

    1. Točno tako sem tudi jaz doživljala 2016. Moram priznati, da je kar dobro slišati, da nisem bila edina :) Si bomo pa zato letošnje leto naredili toliko boljše ;)


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