Review*: Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipsticks & Luminous Cream Eye Shadow

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hello ladies, 
awhile back I got the chance to try out two Oriflame products from their Giordani Gold line. I already owned one lipstick from this range. so I decided to include it in this review as well.

Giordani Gold is Oriflames more luxurious line of products which definitely shines through the elegant and sophisticated look of Giordani Gold products. In this line you will find everything from make-up products to perfumes.

 If you been reading my blog for awhile or if you know me in person, you already know what I'm going to say about the Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick packaging - it's utterly stunning!
I always have a few lipsticks on display and I probably don't need to point out that the two Jewel Lipsticks have a secure spot there. I just tend to instantly gravitate toward gold & shiny packaging, so this is like a dream come true for me. I mean, just look at those embellishment that kinda makes this elegant lipstick look a bit edgy. They really thought about everything when they were designing it, including engraving the two G's on the top. 
Other than its beautiful appearance, the lipstick bullet is also really well made and actually kinda heavy compared to other lipsticks. It's also an instant eye catcher whenever I pull it out of my handbag.
They claim to be soft as cashmere, moisturising with high pigmentation and medium coverage that lasts for hours. You get 4g of product, they retail for 14,90€ and you can choose from 10 different shades (more here).

 Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in Cerise Pink is the shade I bought myself quite a long time ago.
It has an extremely creamy, smooth and soft texture, which means that it glides on effortlessly. Due to its creaminess and decent pigmentation (above you can see how it looks layered and how with only one swipe), you do have to be a bit careful with the application or use a lip liner with it, since you can quickly go over your lip line. Unless you tend to overdraw your lips, then just go crazy with it.
It has a slight floral scent and a glossy finish that feels very moisturising and comfortable to wear on the lips - I actually always forget that I'm wearing a proper lipstick, since it feels more like a lip balm.

 Cerise Pink is a warm, quite bright berry-rose shade that I like to wear year-round. It definitely makes a statement and makes you look more awake and put together even if the rest of your make-up is very minimal.
Although it's so creamy and glossy, it actually survives eating and drinking, leaving you with a lovely stain, as you can see on the photo above. Sometimes I actually like to dab it off with a tissue when I apply it, and just wear it like a stain. It does look a tad more natural.
Another thing that I really like about these lipsticks, is that they don't cling to dry patches or move around/bleed. Because of that they're my first choice whenever my lips are feeling/looking a bit dry.

 Oriflame was kind enough to ask me which shades I wanted to get, so when it came to the Jewel Lipsticks, I opted for the shade Dusky Nude* cause a girl can never have too many nude lipsticks.
This one almost has an identical texture as the Cerise Pink, although it's a tiny bit less creamy, less pigmented and less glossy. It's still very soft, smooth, moisturising, comfortable to wear and even easier to apply - I don't actually need a mirror to apply this one - a big plus for all the lazy girls out there.

 Dusky Pink* is a light peachy nude shade that is semi similar to my natural lip colour. It's very natural looking so it's great for every day wear, for those no-makeup make-up days and even for a dark smoky eye. 
Due to being a lighter and a bit less pigmented shade, I like to apply 2 to 3 layers to get it look as pigmented as I like. It semi-survives drinking, leaving a stain that you can see on the photo above, but it doesn't survive eating. It does wear off very evenly and it's also very fuss free when it comes to re-applying it, so this is not something that bothers me at all. 

And lastly the Giordani Gold Luminous Cream Eye Shadow in the shade Gold Sparkles*. 
This one comes in a glass pot with a black lid & gold engraved G's. It also comes with the tiniest flat brush ever that is honestly, pretty much useless. 
Oriflame claims that this is a long-wearing cream eye shadow with buildable coverage, smooth blendability and crease resistancy. You get 4,5g of product in the pot, they retail for 13,90€ and are available in 5 different shimmery shades. 
Now this one has a drier & thicker consistency from my other cream eyeshadows, it's definitely not the creamiest or the most pigmented one. Because of that I prefer applying it with my fingers, or with a flat synthetic brush like the ones from Urban Decay palettes. I also noticed that it looks the most pigmented when I lightly press it on with my fingers and then slightly blend it out with a brush like the MAC 217.
Although it's not extremely pigmented, it definitely is buildable and also very easy to blend. Depending on how I want it to look, I tend to layer it up 2-3 times (on the photo above it's only one layer, so you can see how it looks). I definitely think that the name ''luminous'' is spot on, cause if you only apply one layer, it looks very soft, like you're wearing some luminous gold sparkles on your eyes.
Due to it's light golden champagne shade, Gold Sparkles* works well in many different options: as a single wash of colour all over the lid, as a base for something even more shimmery or just as a ''topper'' over other shadows that will help enhance your eyes and make them pop. I tend to always reach for it on lazy days/early mornings, since the application is so quick, it doesn't require much blending and it works well on its own.
My only complain about it, is that I've noticed that it performs different with different primers. With the NYX Proof it! waterproof eye shadow primer it doesn't budge or fade all days long (meaning 12+ hours), with the Avon Eyeshadow primer I can push it up to 7 hours with slight fading and creasing, but it really doesn't get along with the Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base (or maybe it's because of my eyelids, who knows). Every time I've used it with the Catrice base, I've noticed that it didn't go on as smoothly as otherwise. It also started cracking, gathering and flaking off after 5-6 hours, which definitely isn't a good look. 

All in all, I think that Giordani Gold line is definitely worth being on your beauty radar. If I had to tell you which one of these three products you should get, I would definitely tell you to skip the Luminous Cream Eye Shadow since it's quite pricey and there are better ones out there (even if this one isn't all that bad), and go with the Jewel Lipsticks. Not only are they one of the prettiest lipsticks out there, but they also come in a nice variety of shades and have a great formula (unless you're a hardcore matte lipstick fan that is).

What is your favourite product from Oriflame?

Sanja ♥

*The products marked with * were given to me by companies. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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