Beauty Buys Of The Month #15

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Hello my ladies, 
I hope you're still sticking around with me and my irregular blogging. I have another instalment of beauty buys of the month for you today, including the goodies I bought in Sweden.

 I'm definitely becoming more & more restrained when it comes to buying new make-up. It's probably mainly because I'm so overwhelmed with the products that I have and want to talk about on here, but just don't find the time to. Well, my credit card definitely isn't complaining. 

 I ran out of my previous Aussie dry shampoo, wanted to purchase the Schauma one before I went to Sweden, but they didn't have it in my local DM, so I saw this Aussie Beach Mate dry shampoo and decided to pick it up. And I have to say that I like it a lot more than their Aussume volume one. This one truly is almost invisible, has a great scent as well, but doesn't make your hair so crunchy and dry. I also think it does a better job at soaking up the oils and making my hair look more fresh & clean.
Mateja mentioned on her Instagram that Balea is discontinuing their Reinigungs Öl (cleansing oil) and since pretty much every Slovenian blogger has been raving about it, I decided to pick up a bottle to see what the fuss is all about. I still haven't tried it, cause I have a few cleansers that I want to finish up first and I also don't want to get hooked on this since it's being discontinued.
Another Mateja inspired purchase was the Neutrogena T/Gel total anti-dandruff shampoo. Every time I'm stressed, my scalp freaks out and I've been having a big mess on there recently. But this sorted it out with two uses, although I need to start using it once again, since my exams brought back a flaky scalp. Otherwise it has a more rich consistency and it straight up stinks, but since it really works, I'm prepared to ignore the scent. 

 And now onto the goodies I bought in Sweden. I was actually really shocked that they have make-up & beauty things in fashion stores like H&M, Lindex, etc and also in groceries stores. Which is actually pretty genius since you can buy your beauty stuff & clothes in the same store. I usually go all out on make-up & beauty products when I'm travelling, but this time it was really more of a relaxing holiday and I didn't even visit that many stores or felt like shopping. But you know, I couldn't leave without a few goodies.
It was my birthday on the 28th and we decided to go to Stockholm where they also have a Sephora. I was kinda let down by it though, cause it's quite small, the testers were very gross-looking and it was so crowded that you couldn't really properly see the products & mainly with some high-school girls that came in, put on some make-up and left. A few things that I wanted were also sold out.
I was looking around the Too Faced counter since I don't have any of their products yet and of course I wanted to get a blush, but then I spotted this Love Flush Long lasting 16-hour blush wardrobe limited edition palette that has all of their Love Flush blusher shades and it was only a few € more expensive than one full sized one. Score!
As I mentioned you get all six of their 16-hours wear Love Flush blushes (each 2 g) and I actually really like all of the shades although you can probably guess which one is my favourite (I didn't expect to like the third, orangey one called I will always love you). The blushes itself are nicely pigmented, very smooth, blendable and truly, very long-lasting. They survive a 12-hour working day without any fading whatsoever. Also, the Real Techniques cheek brush fits into the pan without a problem. Definitely one of my favourite purchases so far.
I wanted to try the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream lip protectant ever since I've tried the Nuxe Reve de miel to see how they compare and I like the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream lip protectant so much more! It has a really lovely, herbal scent and what's more important - an amazing, thin yet still very rich consistency that feels very lightweight & comfortable on the lips, gives them a nice glossy look, but will still heal any dry patches or chapped lips overnight. 
They also have NYX in Sweden so I had to pick up a few things, one of them being their Wonder Stick highlight and contour in what was supposed to be WSO1 light/medium (as it says on the box), but turned out to be WS02 medium/tan (in the box). When I was swatching the product in the store, I opted of the first one, because the contour side was more ashy brown although I knew I probably won't be able to pull of the highlight side which was too yellow for me. I'm kinda glad that this mistake happened now, cause the highlight side on the medium/tan one is a lot more pink toned and looks very brightening on, and although the contour side is more warm brown, it still works when I blend it out. I only tried it once, but my first impressions are that both sides are very creamy, pigmented, easy to blend and even easier to use. They also look very natural on yet give your cheeks a lot of definition. 

 I also got two NYX lip products. Their Lingerie liquid lipstick in Lace detail that I wanted to order from Boots the other time but they were all sold out, and their Intense butter gloss in Tres Leches. 
Both have a completely flat rectangular doe-foot applicators that I really like and both are very pigmented. The Lingerie liquid lipstick has a more subtle, perfumey scent, while the Intense butter gloss has a very strong, sweet one. Lace detail is a great pale nude for my skin tone, anything lighter would make me look dead. It goes on very smoothly and needs a bit of time to dry down to a completely matte finish. It's not uncomfortable to wear, but it's also not one of the most comfortable matte liquid lipsticks out there. I'm still decided weather or not I really like it, cause I've been noticing that it tends to crack & gather on the inside of my lips sometimes. Will keep you posted.
I do really like the Intense butter gloss though, the shade is right up my alley, and they weren't kidding when they put ''intense'' in the name. This is crazily pigmented and has a very thick consistency that it ever so slightly sticky. It's also really smooth, so it glides on like a dream and last for quite awhile actually.
Since it was my birthday and I've been having a quarter life crisis and since I was in Sephora and there was 20% off on all the perfumes, I decided to treat myself with the Dior Pure Poison eau de perfume. This perfume has been on my wishlist for many, many, many (Police Academy reference) years and I was like ''if I don't treat myself to it now, I'll never do it''. So I did and I'm obsessed with it. I wish I could make it into my signature scent, but it's too expensive for that (although I have to say that the Refan replica that I had, smelled identical to this). It's such a strong, deep, warm, elegant yet sexy, sophisticated scent that literally lasts a lifetime on me. Here are the notes although it definitely smells more sweet than floral or citrusy on me. 
 While me & my friend were grocery shopping, I spotted a Wet'n' wild display and immediately grabbed their MegaLast lip colour in Bare it all that's supposedly quite similar to MAC's Velvet teddy. I was so surprised to see how much creamier and non-drying this one is compared to their Sugar plum fairy shade, I absolutely love it. The shade is also gorgeous and doesn't come off looking too peachy on me, which is always appreciated. 
Last make-up purchase from Sweden is a fresh new NARS Radiant creamy concealer in Light 2 Vanilla. I'm running out of my first one and since this is my favourite concealer ever, I just decided to repurchase it.

And now onto the products I was sent.
The first one being this Mirati Face wash* that is actually made in Slovenia and I took part in their contest for a Mirati ambassador with it. I'm going to mention it in my favourites, so I won't talk much about it now, but I've been using it daily and I love how it makes my skin feel very refreshed and clean, but not dried out.
Avon also sent me their Glow bronzing pearls in Pink bronze* that I'm almost certain will become my staple in the next few months. They give your cheeks such a lovely, peachy-pink glow that makes you look like you just came home from a Caribbean getaway. I also really like the idea they had with their Outstanding eyes dual-ended kohl eyeliner*, combining a nude tonned & a black eyeliner in one, but I'm kinda torn about it. Both sides are very creamy and they glide on easily, but the nude shade is way too light for me - I just can't make it show on my waterline, not matter how many times I apply it. The black side is a complete opposite, nicely pigmented and long-lasting. I also haven't experienced any smudging with it.
Oriflame came out with their new The One Lip Sensation matte mousse* and we all went crazy for them. I chose the shade Satin Rose and although I expected it to be a bit more neutral, I still love how bright it looks on me. I think it'll look even better once I catch a bit of a tan. Still need to properly test its longevity, but I love the moussey consistency. It also has the same doe-foot applicator as the NYX products, a lovely scent and very good pigmentation.

The lovely Astrid sent me an amazing birthday package and these were the beauty goodies in it: The Body Shop Strawberry body polish that smells like I should eat it, The Body Shop Mango hand cream that I already know I'll like, cause she got me hooked on TBS hand creams, HEMA Soft matt lipbalm in 02 that I already tried & love its pigmentation, creaminess, fruity scent, longevity and the shade itself, and HEMA Warm honey mask. 

And here are the swatches:
From 1 to 6 is the Too Faced Love Flush Long lasting 16-hour blush wardrobe (from R to L in the palette)
1 Your love is kind 2 Justify my love 3 How deep is your love 4 I will always love you 5 Baby love Love hangover
NARS Radiant creamy concealer in Light 2 Vanilla.
NYX Intense butter gloss in Tres Leches.
Wet'n' wild MegaLast lip colour in Bare it all
10 NYX  Lingerie liquid lipstick in Lace detail 
11 NYX  Wonder Stick highlight and contour WS02 medium/tan
12 HEMA Soft matt lipbalm in 02 
13 Avon Glow bronzing pearls in Pink bronze *
14 Avon Outstanding eyes dual-ended kohl eyeliner*
15 Oriflame  The One Lip Sensation matte mousse Satin Rose*

Have you tried any of these products yet? Have a nice evening.

Sanja ♥

*The products marked with * were given to me by companies. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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11 komentarji

  1. O Švedska, kako si mogla uživati! :)

    Tudi mene ta Balein izdelek zelo mika, glede na to, da naj bi šel ja. Pa sem si potem premislila, ker sem že čisto preveč zapravljala :/ Jaz sem pa od Mirati prejela kremo za roke. Sem sprva mislila, da mi bo vonj smrdel, ampak me je pozitivno presenetil.

    Drugače pa ... Čudovite fotografije! :)

    1. Bi lagala, če bi rekla da nisem, čeprav je bilo zelo prekratko :)

      Mene je pri tem face washu na začetku tudi malo motil vonj, pa sem se kar hitro navadila nanj :)

      Hvala Valentina :D

  2. That Too Faced palette... Oh god, I can't even... It's so gorgeous!! Nyx is opening a store here in Ghent very soon, I'm excited to try out some lip products! Thanks so much for including my present here :D I'm so glad you like everything! That body polish does smell like strawberry candy I used to eat as a kid! :D


    1. I could stare at it all day long, haha :D
      They have some really great products, although I only started discovering the brand recently, since I have to buy everything online -.-
      It smells so good, it's so tempting haha :D

  3. Me veseli, da ti je Neutrogena šampon pomagal :) Moram delit s tabo še eno novo odkritje - Recept Losjon proti prhljaju. Deluje zelo podobno Alpencinu Forte, torej pomiri zelo srbeče lasišče. Sem ga zagrabila pred kratkim v Műllerju, ker sem imela noro srbečico in se morala nekaj takoj uporabit, pa je bil celo v akciji.

    Joj, Too Faced paletka <3 Oriflame mat šminke so me seveda tudi takoj pritegnile, ampak se mi ne da iskat zastopnikov, niti ne zaupam swatchem v katalogu, pa drage so preveč za Oriflame.

    1. Si morem takoj zapisati, ima sestra tudi non-stop težave s srbečim lasiščem..
      Swatchi v katalog res niso najbolj spot on, cena jim bo pa tudi verjetno še padla ;)

  4. Jaz sem vedno na lovu za dobrim suhim šamponom, tako da sem si za naslednjič na seznam dodala Aussie Beach Mate dry shampoo. Too Faced paletka je super cute <3

    1. Upam, da ti bo všeč če se odločiš za nakup. Meni je Beach Mate veliko boljši kot Aussume Volume, samo se mi še vseeno ne more primerjati z Batiste :)

  5. Jaz sem obsedena z NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Stockholm) in upam, da jih bom kaj našla v Gracu, ker bi res rada imela še kak odtenek. Se mi zdijo najboljša formula za moje suhe ustnice :D. Ta Intense verzija mi je pa tudi izredno zanimiva, sploh odtenek :).
    Balea olje moraš čim prej sprobat, da si lahko kupiš še kakšno rezervo ;). Avon kroglice so tudi meni všeč. Res dajo tak lep sijaj, ki pa niti ni tipično rdečilo. Bolj mešanica vsega bronzerja, rdečila in osvetljevalca.
    Too Faced paleta je <3 gorgeous. Čisto zate :D. Oriflame šminko smo dobile na summermbeauty. Jaz imam sicer drug odtenek, ampak se mi čudno nabira na sredini ustnic. Mogoče je kriv odtenek, ali pa sem ga preveč nanesla.

    1. Jaz imam tudi Stockholm, in čeprav mi odtenek ni najljubši, ga vseeno dosti nosim ravno zaradi super formule. Se mi zdi zelo podobna Manhattnovim Soft mat lipcream-ov :)
      Jaz najprej sploh nisem opazila, da je ta Intense drugače od teh ''navadnih'', ker sem ga itak takoj zaradi odtenka vzela haha
      Ok, if you say so ;) Za te Avonove kroglice pa komaj čakam, da dobim malo barve, se mi zdi, da bodo takrat še bolj izstopale.

  6. Oooo, tale Too faced paletka je pa RES kjut :).
    Balejino olje pa je tudi meni fajn, škoda da bo ukinjeno....


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