Beauty Buys Of The Month #14

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Hello ladies, 
truth be told, April was a bit of a splurge month for me and I'm not going to lie - it felt really good and I managed to snatch up some amazing products. If you're interested in seeing what exactly did I buy/was sent and some mini reviews on the products that I've already tried, keep on reading.
I'm sure you'll read even more about these products sooner or later in some detailed reviews, brand focuses or just favourites/let-down.

I also wanted to add, that I'm extremely grateful for anyone that has been sticking around & leaving me lovely comments even though I haven't been posting as regularly as I used to. I'm extremely busy with my master's & student work and because of that blogging had to be pushed a little further down the priority line.
But enough of that, let's talk about beauty products.

Essence has times when they manage to knock everyone out with their trend edition collections, and as soon as I saw promo photos of the TE Lights of Orient, I knew this is going to be one of them. I could have easily bought every product in this collection, but I managed to restrain myself and ''only'' get ''a few products''.
Lights of Orient blush in 01 Princess Jasmine's Choice kinda looks like an unwearable, sad & dirty shade in the pan, but once you actually apply it to your cheeks, it looks like a lovely, neutral dirty-brownish pink shade that really complements my skin-tone. It's very pigmented (a light hand is needed), smooth & soft. It's easy to blend, long-lasting and has a nice satin finish that gives your cheeks a bit of dimension without making it shimmery. The bronzer in 01 Sunkissed Beauty has the same finish & texture, although it's not as pigmented (but still pigmented enough). I really like the shade as well since it doesn't come off looking orange, but I do think I could've went with the darker shade.
03 The Sultan's Daughter shade of the matt lipstick is right up my alley - deep dusty rose. I wouldn't say it's completely matte, as it does have some sheen to it, it more of a satin finish. The packaging is very sleek, so it's very easy to apply & store. I also find it to be very long-lasting & comfortable to wear.
I also got two nail polishes - 04 Belly Dancing Queen, a deep raspberry shade that I haven't worn yet & 02 The Sultan's Daughter, dusty pink/purplish shade (on my nails here). This one looks quite cool-toned against my skin tone, so it's a nice twist on the usual nude nail polish shades. 

When I found out the KIKO Milano store opened in Seiersberg, I kinda lost it and of course had to visit it. It's quite small, but they still quite a lot of products and since it's the nearest store to where I live, I'm not going to complain.
I think I turned into that eye-heart emoji when I spotted their Wanderlust collection. I mean, the packaging is gold & dotted and the lipstick has magnetic closure. YES PLEASE! Although I wanted to get everything, I decided to stick to my made-up budget and I only got the Desert Dunes Trio baked blush in 03 Impulsive mauve and Mirage Lip Stylo in 01 Canyon Rose. 
The baked blush has three different shades in it (the darkest brownish mauve, light pink & mid-toned purplish pink) and you can get a very light to semi dark blush shade, depending on how you swirl your brush in it. The texture is very smooth, pigmented and it gives your cheeks a stunning glow even if it doesn't have any glitters or shimmers in it. It really lifts up your cheeks and stays on your face all day long. The lip stylo isn't as long-lasting, since it has a very creamy & quite glossy finish, although it's nicely pigmented. It's a my lips but better kinda shade, that has a bit more peach in it. I find it very comfortable to wear, even if my lips are chapped. I'm wearing both of them here, although I put a filter over it, so the colours aren't exactly correct.
I haven't worn Velvet Touch creamy stick blush in 07 Natural Rose, High Pigment wet & dry eyeshadow in 05 Metallic Warm Rose or Cream Crush lasting colour eyeshadow in 03 Mat Light Mahogany properly yet, but they all seem nicely pigmented (especially the Cream Crush eyeshadow).
But I did wear the Mat Base Corrector primer and when they matte, they really mean it. This is the most mattifying product that I've tried so far and I think it's a must have for everyone with oily skin. It makes your skin extremely matte in a second and lasts until you remove it, but doesn't make your skin look or feel dry/tight. It also has a very lovely, non-silicone texture, which I love. I will say that it could do better with hiding the pores. 

I also finally managed to place a Boots order and I somehow couldn't do it without getting another Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. I opted for one of the newer shades - 12 Beau brun and I expected it to look a bit more rosey-brown that it does on my lips. It looks quite a bit brighter & more reddish brown on my lips than it does in the tube, but I still like it since it's a more wearable ''every day'' red option for me. NYX Soft matte lip cream in Stockholm also looks different on me than it does in the tube & on swatches. On my lips it gets quite a peachy undertone, compared to how more brown it looks otherwise. So far, the shade isn't my favourite, but I did find a way to make it more wearable for me - with a more nude/brown lipliner underneath. The texture is lovely thought, very creamy & long-lasting and almost identical to the Manhattan Soft mat lipcreams & old Essence Stay matt lip creams. Another NYX product that I got was their Proof it! Waterpoof eye shadow primer that I haven't tried yet, but it seems to have a similar texture to the UD original primer potion.
I also made some Ebay purchases, one of them being this Holika Holika Pig-nose clear black head 3 step kit that I'm really excited to try (UPDATE: read about my experience here) and I also got a set of eye brushes that were too dirty to photograph, but they're all really nice (link to the set). For someone that absolutely hate washing their make-up brushes, I for sure do love buying new ones.

The main reason why I made a Boots order was because of my beloved Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray. I got two bottles, cause it said that it was sold out when I wanted to purchase four. I love this thing so much that I wouldn't mind having a life supply of it. It truly transforms my curls and I just can't be without it any more.
I also have quite a few ''events'' in the upcoming months where I'll most likely be wearing dresses, so I wanted to try out the oh-so famous Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I'm very intrigued to try it and I'll definitely keep you posted. I didn't really know what shade to get, so I just went with Light glow.

In April I also had the chance to be a part of one of the most beautiful launching events - Kozmetika Afrodita Secret Garden collection of shower gels (mentioned here). I came home with their Romantic Peony cream shower gel*, Magnolia Blossom oil shower gel*, Lovely Roses cream shower gel* & Wild Orchid oil shower gel*. I decided to keep the first two for myself and gift the other two in a FB giveaway. I already know that I love Afrodita shower gels and just judging by the scent, I think Romantic Peony is going to be my favourite one from this bunch.
I also got two packages from Avon and one of them included their Advanced Techniques Maroccan Argan Oil leave in treatment*. I've heard so many great things about this product already and if my memory serves me right, I actually owned it once. I'm currently using another leave in treatment, but I can't wait to start using this one as well.
I also got another NYX product with my Boots order that I forgot to include in the photo above - their  Matte Finish long lasting setting spray. I'm having a bit of an obsessing with setting sprays and I can't wait to try out this one and compare it to the other ones that I own.

Now onto the rest of Avon goodies. I haven't tried the Advanced anti-cellulite treatment gel* or the Nailwear pro + nail polish in Sheer Citrus* yet, but I'll keep you posted once I do.
I did try the Planet Spa Treasures of the desert with Maroccan Argan Oil restoring hand cream* that now lives in my handbag and the Perfectly matte lipstick in Adoring love*. 
Hand cream is super lovely - very moisturising, with a gorgeous scent and a compact packaging. I'm very impressed by it. I'm also very impressed with the lipstick that has the perfect name, since it truly is perfectly matte. It's very creamy, ridiculously pigmented, glides on your lips like a dream and stays there. The shade is also perfect for the warmer weather, a very bright & deep fuchsia (on my lips).

I also got a package from Lič, filled with products from Freedom Makeup that are just waiting to get tested.
The Pro Artist Pad - Studio to go in Pink* has the funkiest packaging that looks like my tablet cover, but in pink. The shade selection is gorgeous and judging by a few swatches that I've made, the shades are very smooth, nicely pigmented and a tad bit powdery. Need to play with this properly asap.
I also got their Ultra Metals Ultra sculpt brush* that not only looks gorgeous, but also feels very nicely made & very soft. Last but not least, a much needed new brush cleanser - Pro Studio brush bath sanitising brush cleanser*. I'm definitely trying it out this weekend, when I'll have some spare time.
Ekipa Lič pa je tudi zate pripravila darilce - brezplačno poštnino ob nakupu nad 10€, vse do konca maja: POMLADNA-POSTNINA.

And here are the swatches:

1: NYX Proof it! Waterpoof eye shadow primer 
2: NYX Soft matte lip cream in Stockholm
3: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 12 Beau brun
4: KIKO Milano Wanderlust collection Desert Dunes Trio baked blush in 03 Impulsive mauve 
5: KIKO Milano Wanderlust collection Mirage Lip Stylo in 01 Canyon Rose.
6: KIKO Milano High Pigment wet & dry eyeshadow in 05 Metallic Warm Rose 
7: KIKO Milano Cream Crush lasting colour eyeshadow in 03 Mat Light Mahogany
8: KIKO Milano Velvet Touch creamy stick blush in 07 Natural Rose
9: Avon Perfectly matte lipstick in Adoring love*
10: Essence Lights of Orient blush in 01 Princess Jasmine's Choice
11: Essence Lights of Orient bronzer in 01 Sunkissed Beauty 
12: Essence Lights of Orient matt lipstick 03 The Sultan's Daughter
13: Freedom Makeup Pro Artist Pad - Studio to go in Pink*

And on the nail wheel:

1: Essence Lights of Orient nail polish 02 The Sultan's Daughter
2: Essence Lights of Orient nail polish 04 Belly Dancing Queen
3: Avon Nailwear pro + nail polish in Sheer Citrus*

Let me know if you've tried any of these products already or if you want to see any detailed reviews.

Sanja ♥

*The products marked with * were given to me by companies. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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13 komentarji

  1. Aaaah, so many gorgeous products! :D
    I understand the need to splurge from time to time, we need to spoil ourselves! ;)
    That pig-nose 3 step mask looks so adorable! :)

    1. Couldn't agree more! :D
      I really hope it'll deliver some amazing results, blackheads be gone :D

  2. Uuu, poročaj o telih piggijih, jih tudi jaz gledam na ebayu!

    1. Bom, že komaj čakam da jih sprobam :D

  3. Kiko Mahogany imam tudi jaz, super je! :) In končno nekaj korejskega, hehe.

    1. Barva je že prekrasna, upam, da se bo tudi obnesel dobro na očeh :D
      Hehe, če imajo pa toliko izbire, da sploh ne vem kje začeti :D Te morem enkrat prosit za en spisek ;)

  4. Joj, ti boš mene čisto prepričala v nakup Lights of Orient blusha. Res je unikatno lep :) Moram se upret, ker itak ne maram Essence blusov in vsi končajo v škatli pogube :D

    Wanderlust kolekcija mi je strašno lepa, ampak razen eyelinerja me noben izdelek res ne pritegne. Šajni šmink ne maram, ampak tale blush mi izgleda zanimivo :)

    Te Pig nose sem si tudi že jaz ogledovala na eBayu. Me zanima tvoje mnenje ko jih boš imela čas uporabit :)

    Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray je pa itak zakon <3

    1. Haha, pa zakaj jih ne maraš? :D Ta je res zelo mehak in pigmentiran haha
      Joj, blush je prekrasen. Vsi trije odtenki ;) Pa tiste duo barvice za oči so tudi zelo zanimivo izgledale, samo nisem hotela preveč zapravljati :D
      Bom poročala, jih nameravam čimprej zdaj sprobat ko sem jih poslikala :D

  5. Ne bi se branila niti enega izdelka iz tvoje objave :D. Joj ko sem bila v Seiersbergu je bil samo znak Cooming Soon za Kiko (I cried a little). Upam, da grem čim prej tja. Zagotovo bom overwhelmed ko končno enkrat vidim Kiko v živo. Ne vem zakaj še tega nimamo pri nas. Ta zlata kolekcija je to die for. Se veselim ocene Airbrush Legs, ker sem ta izdelek že tolikokrat videla in zdaj še mene zanima. Avon olje je pa meni še vedno najljubše olje za moje tanke lase :).

    1. Hehe, hitro en roadtrip do Seiersberga ;)
      Ah, mi smo pač čisto izolirani od dobrih znamk :D
      Upam, da ne bo ena polomija tale Airbrush Legs, glede na to, da nisem navajena na takšne izdelke :D

  6. Same lepe stvari :) Meni pa v KIKOtu nic kaj ekstra ni blo vsec, sem gledla to kolekcijo, pa so bli izdelki za moj budget predragi ... Sem kupla samo dva lakca :) iz essence kolekcije pa mi je zal, da nisem nic kupla, sem mela sminko v rokah, pa sem si premisla, kr jih mam ze prevec, pa premalo jih nosim :( zdaj pridejo koncno moje oranzke na vrsto :) rouge velvet se pa tut ze celo vecnost odlocam al nak kupim al ne, pa me se ni premamlo ... Upam, da si ze zdrava :)

    1. Joooj, ti napišem seznam kaj moreš vse drugič pogledat :D Imajo en kup dobrih izdelkov, samo se mi zdi, da moraš malo vedet kaj gledat :D
      Hehe, tebi rdeče in oranžne itak ful pašejo :)
      Ja, danes se končno normalno spet počutim :)

  7. Ti bom naslednjic preden grem napisala, da mi poves kaj je vredno gledat 😄 tokrat sem sla samo "oko vrect" na stvari 😄 drugace pa hvala 😊


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