April Sparkles & Let-downs

Friday, May 06, 2016

Hello ladies, 
it's time to share my monthly favourites & this time also some let-downs with you.
If you're interested in knowing why these products impressed me so much, (or why they didn't) just keep on reading. There might also be a sneaky something for one of you at the end.

 I discovered a lot of amazing products in April and actually didn't include all of them in this post, since I'll be doing some reviews later this month and I didn't want to give away too much informations now & repeat myself in those detailed reviews. I stil have quite a lot of products to go through though, so let's get started.

 Just when I said that I absolutely love those Ombia cotton pads, I went & got these PS...Love this Oval cosmetic pads from Primark. I honestly didn't expect much, but I was intrigued because I haven't tried these large cotton pads before and since these were only 2€ for 100 pads, I was thinking that I wouldn't feel too guilty if I didn't like them. But boy was I wrong - I absolutely LOVE them! I actually find them to be softer than the ones that I've tried so far, they're more absorbing and since they're so large, they're so much quicker to use. I actually managed to remove nail polish from all of my fingers with just one cotton pad & it didn't even fell apart when I was done. I was super impressed by that. They're also really convenient if you're removing your make-up with micellar waters & they feel really nice on the skin. Safe to say I'll be stocking up on these whenever I visit Primark from now on.
I've been having major problems with dry hands recently, so I've been religiously using different hand creams at different times of the day. This Avon Care Pink Jasmine hand, nail & cuticle cream* has been living on my night stand and I'm really liking it. The packaging is super cute, it has a nice fresh floral scent that I really enjoy before drifting off to sleep, but most importantly, it's very moisturising & nourishing. It does take a bit of time to sink in and leaves a bit of residue, so I wouldn't really use this when I'm out & about, but it's great to use at night time so that you wake up with moisturised hands & cuticles in the morning.
I go through weird phases with my perfumes - sometimes I can't choose which one I want to wear cause they all smell so great to me & the other times I kinda hate everyone that I own. I rediscovered Zara's Femme eau de toilette that I had for years now and fell back in love with it. There's something so warming & significant about this perfume that just makes me want to sniff it 24/7. Here are the notes.
I already talked about some CD products in February and when they kindly sent me a bunch of their products after that, I decided to keep the Limona tuš gel & deo pump sprej* (lemon shower gel & deo pump spray) for myself cause I do love citrus smelling things. I have to say that I ended up loving these two a lot more than their Lokvanj (water-lily) products. The scent is much better - more refreshing and also a lot less alcohol like (with the deo pump spray). For some reason this deo pump spray also works much better on me - I can actually wear it even when I'm out & about and I don't get very sweaty. I don't know if my body just needed time to get used to natural deodorants or what, but I'm loving it. And as mentioned before, the shower gel has a really nice gel-like consistency that leaves my skin feeling very refreshed but also moisturised.   

 I had to include the Essence TE Lights of Orient bronzer in 01 Sunkissed beauty, cause this thing made me forget about my beloved The Body Shop bronzer, I haven't used that one once in April! As I said in my last post, this has a very smooth & buttery texture with nice pigmentation & a satin finish. It's also really long-lasting and the shade doesn't come off looking orange at all, although it's definitely a true bronzer in the sense that it does have a warm undertone. I wouldn't really use this for contouring.
While I was swathing the two most used blushes, I discovered that they actually look quite similar, although the S-he powder rouge in 001 is a bit deeper & darker than all three shades mixed together from the KIKO Milano Wanderlust Desert Dunes trio baked blush in 03 Impulsive mauve. Both of them last a long time on me, have a great colour pay-off, but the KIKO one is much smoother and also has a satin finish. 
I'm also still loving the L'Oreal Infallible 24h-matte foundation in 11 Vanilla. I'm still using a very small amount which allows me to get a nice & natural looking finish (meaning that my skin still shows through), with very blurred pores as I mentioned in my March beauty buys. I'm really happy that I finally bought it cause it definitely is a nice addition to my CC creams.

 I owned this Catrice Longlasting lip pencil in 100 Upper Brown Side for quite some time now, but something just clicked in April and I'm seriously obsessed with it. It really defines my lips and looks so sophisticated yet non-ageing on. I find that brown shades can make me look a bit older sometimes, but this one definitely isn't one of them. Oh, it also works wonderfully under a bunch of different nude shades. Now I'm on the hunt to find this shade in a lipstick form, do you have any suggestions? 
I just had to include the KIKO Milano Wanderlust Mirage Lip Stylo in 01 Canyon Rose, because it's one of the most beautiful looking lipsticks that I've ever seen. Even if we ignore the packaging & magnetic closure, the shade itself is also amazing for anyone that loves wearing neutral make-up that will just enhance your natural features. Since it's very creamy & glossy, it's not very long-lasting, but it's one of the most comfortable lipsticks to wear.

 Now I wasn't sure if I should include the L'Oreal Mega volume Miss manga Punky mascara with my favourites or with the let-downs. This has an extremely weird shaped plastic wand and a very wet & clumpy consistency, which are definitely two let-downs. But it's extremely black and defines my lashes like no other. It really opens up my eyes, elongates the lashes and doesn't smudge. Since they can come off looking quite clumpy, I like to use an eyelash comb or the Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-porter mascara on top of it, just to separate them a bit better.
I bought this H&M Make waves curls cream mainly because I saw one of Slovenian bloggers raving about it, I'm almost positive it was Ana from Beautysaur. It also promises a lot - it's supposed to be anti-frizz, give your curls structure & shine. Now I find the anti-frizz claim to be a complete lie, this doesn't do absolutely anything regarding frizziness on my hair. You're supposed to use it on damp hair and then blow dry or leave to air-dry. If I use this & then blow dry my hair, it's like I haven't used it at all. I don't see any difference, except I can feel it in my hair. If I leave it to air-dry, I can see that my natural curls are more defined, but this definition disappears as soon as I brush my hair. I also really dislike the fact that I can feel it in my hair no matter what. 
I'm not sure if I just don't know how to use it properly, or if it just doesn't work for me. I think I need to give up buying hair products like this and just stick to texturising spray & salt spray.


1: KIKO Milano Wanderlust Mirage Lip Stylo in 01 Canyon Rose (I'm wearing both KIKO products on the selfie, although the colours look washed out due to my phone's front camera)
2: Catrice Longlasting lip pencil in 100 Upper Brown Side
3: L'Oreal Infallible 24h-matte foundation in 11 Vanilla
4: KIKO Milano Wanderlust Desert Dunes trio baked blush in 03 Impulsive mauve 
5: Essence TE Lights of Orient bronzer in 01 Sunkissed beauty
6: S-he powder rouge in 001
7: H&M Make waves curls cream
8: L'Oreal Mega volume Miss manga Punky

And lastly the giveaway, that will be sadly opened only to Slovenians due to shipping restrictions.
Eni izmed vas bom podarila CD linijo izdelkov Granatno jabolko* - tuš gel, deo pump sprej in deo roll-on. Mislim, da je meni tale linija izdelkov najbolj dišeča in upam, da bo všeč tudi zmagovalki.
Nagradna igra se zaključi 14. 5. 2016, vse kar moraš storiti je, da izpolniš spodnji obrazec, ki od tebe zahteva samo dve stvari: zaupati mi moraš tvoj e-mail naslov in izdelek, ki te je v aprilu najbolj navdušil.
Veliko sreče!

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Sanja ♥

*The products marked with * were given to me by companies. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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  1. Great post! I always love to read about bad products Lol.


    1. Hehe, it's nice to know which ones to avoid & why, right? :)

  2. Uf, Kiko Milano Wonderlust je res čudovit odtenek!

    Joj, to H&M kremo za definiranje kodrov imam tudi jaz.. pa sem prav tako razočarana.. Točno tako izkušnjo imam tudi sama- da le čutiš kremo v laseh, in pa sicer malenkost, res komaj opazno, naredi valovite lase, ampak efekt izgine takoj :S

    1. Oba sta prekrasna, res je <3
      Točno tako! Sem mislila, da sem jaz čudna in jo napačno uporabljam :/

  3. Oh Kiko blush <3
    Ohjoj, najbrž si pri meni vidla HM kremo :) Škoda da tebi ni ustrezala, očitno imava res čisto drugačne lase :/ :)

    1. Ane? <3
      A jo ti tudi tako uporabljaš, ali kako drugače? Pa kakšno količino približno hehe :D

  4. That KIKO lipstick is indeed gorgous! I like everything about it, from the packaging to the color! :) xx

    1. Me too, I think it would be the perfect lipstick for me if it had a satin/matte finish :D You know, just being even more demanding haha

  5. Great review! I love the bronzer and blush!


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