March Sparkles

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Hello ladies, 
I know it's a bit repetitive, but I just can't believe it's already April! Where is the time flying?!?
Nonetheless, I hope you had an amazing month.

Make-up wise, March was a really great month for me. I actually stuck to my everyday make-up drawer & lipstick holder situation (meaning that I actually used the things I put in there & not only the same old favourites of mine) and I also didn't find any disappointing products, yay!
So let me tell you a few things about the products that I loved in March.

I'm on a mission to use up my Avon Planet Spa face masks cause I have quite a few of them and I had them for a really long time now, although they all still seem to be good for using. My go-to one in March was the Turkish Thermal Baths rhassoul clay face mask that really helps to get rid of any impurities and dry out any pimples. I talked more about it here.
I also went back to my favourite deodorant/anti-perspirant, the Rexona Maximum Protection in Clean scent. I was buying these for a really long time, until they stopped working on me a few months ago, so I went back to Borotalco, but I decided to buy it again and I'm happy to report it started working great on me again. I still think this is the best anti-perspirant that I've tried, cause it keeps you dry no matter what. This Clean scent is also very fresh & light, so it doesn't interfere with your perfumes.
I've been nail polish-less for quite a long time, cause I just didn't find the time to paint my nails, but I've been wearing the Alessandro Pro-white nail effect polish that claims to make your nails appear brilliant white & glossy, and neutralise any discolouration. I have to say that I was quite sceptical about it at first, but when I used it for the first time it proved me wrong right away. It has this blueish tint to it, that actually makes your nails look much whiter and also glossy. This one is definitely great for everyone that can't wear coloured nail polish to work or something, or if you're just too busy to paint your nails, but still want to make them look a bit more ''put together''.
Because I do own a lot of nail polish and I love having them painted, I decided to make an effort and start wearing nail polish regularly again. My first pick was one of my all time favourite shades - Maybelline Super Stay 7 days gel nail color in 130 Rose Poudre. I think this is one of the most elegant & gorgeous nude shades out there and the formula is beyond brilliant as well; opaque, just the right consistency, long-lasting, glossy, dries quickly and with a wide brush.

I also stayed away from my Urban Decay palettes and actually used some other palettes & eyeshadows. The stand outs were M.A.C. Woodwinked & Omega, E.L.F. Custom Eyes eyeshadow in Pink ice and Avon True Colour Matte eyeshadow quad in Au Naturale*.
I've loved the E.L.F. eyeshadow and M.A.C. Woodwinked for a long time now, they're both smooth, nicely pigmented and beautiful. Woodwinked always makes my eyes pop and Pink ice is a great inner corner highlight when you want something shimmery, but not extremely 'bam out there' like M.A.C. Phloof for example. 
I've also owned Omega for quite some time now, but I never really used it a lot. I bought it cause everyone was saying that it's an amazing shade for eyebrows, but I quickly outgrew using powder for my brows and I didn't really reach for it as an eyeshadow cause it's not very pigmented and I need to build it up quite a bit. But in March I realised that because of that it makes a great transitional shade or a crease shade when I want to define it just a little bit. It looks like its barely there and almost creates an illusion that you're not wearing anything on your eyes. But it still isn't one of M.A.C. eyeshadows that I would encourage you to buy.
Avon True Colour Matte eyeshadow quad in Au Naturale* was a part of their present for International Women's day and although I love their eyeshadow quads, I was a bit sceptical about this one since it's all matte and matte shadows can be quite a miss. But these four matte shadows are one of the best ones I've tried so far.  Although they're quite dry on the touch, they're smooth and very pigmented! They blend effortlessly and last all day (with a primer of course). Also the shade selection is perfect for any neutral lover like me. Definitely my most used eyeshadows of the month.

I dusted off the Physicians Formula Happy Booster glow & mood boosting blush in Natural, and I instantly remembered why I love it so much. It makes you look so youthful, fresh and glowy - perfect for Spring. Another blush that's perfect for Spring and that just lights up your face, is the Catrice Illuminating Blush in 030 Kiss me Ken. I actually can't believe I haven't used this one more often in the past.
Both of them have fine shimmers in them, are nicely pigmented and last for a long time on my cheeks.
I also started properly playing with the iq Cosmetics Pure Perfection Concealer Kit, and I especially loved the green & yellow shade. The green one is amazing for covering redness and I find the yellow one great for covering up any blemishes before using a CC cream. Both of them are very creamy and pigmented. I'm thinking of making a proper review on it, so I would love to know if this is something you would like to read.
I usually save the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light 2 Vanilla for ''special'' occasions cause I don't want to run out of it since it's not the cheapest and I know I'll repurchase it asap, but I wasn't sleeping really well in March and my dark circles were a bit out there, so this came to the rescue. No matter what concealer I try, this is staying on the concealer throne. The coverage is amazing, the lasting power is amazing, the shade is perfect for me (I can use it under my eyes and also on any blemishes), I don't find the texture to be too heavy, it doesn't creases on me or gets into my fine line. 

As I once mentioned, I switch up my everyday make-up drawer and my lipstick holder every month, and this time I really tried to stick to those I had in there and actually use every one of them. 
My three favourite ones were L'Oreal Color Riche Laetitia's pure red, Golden Rose Matte lipstick crayon in 10 and Essence Longlasting lipstick in 09 Wear Berries!
Laetitia's pure red is most definitely a statement shade and not something I feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis, but I randomly lightly dabbed it on my lips with my finger one day and I absolutely loved the look. It still looks quite bold, but not so in your face as it does otherwise. It actually looks similar to Wear Berries!, but less purple. Speaking about Wear Berries!, it has usually been my more wintery shade, but I feel like it's perfect for Spring as well since it reminds me of flowers and it really wakes up my face.
Lastly, the Golden Rose Matte lipstick crayon. I won't even loose any words on the mauve rose shade, cause it's perfect, but man is this crayon amazing! It's crazily creamy & pigmented, glides on the lips like a dream and stays put (it survived eating, drinking and everything in between). The application is super easy and the packaging is great for tossing into your bag. My only complaint is that you have to sharpen it.
I really can't say enough good things about it and I definitely need to get more shades.

Lastly here are the swatches:

1. Maybelline Super Stay 7 days gel nail color in 130 Rose Poudre
2. M.A.C.  Omega
3. E.L.F. Custom Eyes eyeshadow in Pink ice
4. M.A.C. Woodwinked 
5. Avon True Colour Matte eyeshadow quad in Au Naturale*
6. Physicians Formula Happy Booster glow & mood boosting blush in Natural
7. Catrice Illuminating Blush in 030 Kiss me Ken
8. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light 2 Vanilla
9. iq Cosmetics Pure Perfection Concealer Kit yellow & green shade
10. L'Oreal Color Riche Laetitia's pure red dabbed on & applied straight from the tube
11. Golden Rose Matte lipstick crayon in 10
12. Essence Longlasting lipstick in 09 Wear Berries!

What have you been loving in March?

Sanja ♥

*The product marked with * was given to me. I didn't buy it with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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10 komentarji

  1. GR mat svinčnik imam tudi jaz, pa mi je krasen. Si morda sprobala nove Essence? Meni so celo še boljše!

    1. Od Essence sem včeraj prvič sprobala ta novi Glossy Stick, in me je čisto navdušil. Bom definitivno kupila še kakšen odtenek, pa Velvet Sticke še morem sprobat :)

  2. Mene je tudi Avonova paleta prijetno presenetila. Imam že več njihovih paletk in so mat odtenki načeloma vedno dokaj dobri, ampak ti se mi zdijo še bolj pigmentirani in odlično se blendirajo :). PF blush mi je tako lep. Že zaradi dizjana bi si omislila. Ampak so kar dragi. Jaz bi zagotovo rada brala oceno o IQ korektorjih. Essence paleta me ni navdušila, tako da sem vedno vesela alternative :).

    1. Se strinjam, se meni tudi zdijo še bolj pigmentirani :)
      Res niso najcenejši ja, jaz sem tega na srečo dobila par let nazaj v Secret Santa swapu :)
      Tale IQ je mene res prijetno presenetil, si nisem mislila, da bodo odtenki tako pigmentirani in kremasti.

  3. Woodwinked is indeed a fantastic color, I have it as well and I don't use it enough. These are wonderful favorites, I really like the L'oréal lipstick and the matte lipstick crayon! :D

    1. I've been neglecting it as well, such a lovely shade definitely deserves more love :)
      Both of them are great, you should pick them up if you can ;)

  4. Deam, kakšni dobri izdelki:). Avon paletka je tudi meni noro dobra, še zj ne morem verjet,da je mat, pa tako super. Nars se pa bere tako noro dobro, da to jaz moram imet. Ogromno denarja dam za concealerje, ker jih pač res skos uporabljam, ker mam pod očkami zmedo, da večje ni.In mogoče je čas, da pride v mojo big family concealerjev tudi Nars:)

    1. S tole paleto je Avon res v nulo zadel :)
      No, jaz res mislim, da je Nars vreden vsakega centa. Jaz concealerje tudi rada kupujem in testiram, ampak mi je tale res stand out :)

  5. Sami dobri izdelki :) Kar se tiče Rexone sem s tabo, čeprav na meni ni nikoli nehal delovat. Happy booster Natural si že dolgo želim, pa se izgogibam nakupu, ker je treba stvari ponavadi plačat and I don't like that :D

    1. Meni se pa to pri vseh deodorantih, ki jih dolgo uporabljam zgodi. Potem pa morem kakšen mesec, dva narediti premor pa je spet ok :D
      Haha, verjamem. Jaz sem še zdaj čisto navdušena, da sem ga dobila v Secret Santa swapu :)


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