10 Things That Made This Week Awesome

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hello ladies, 
after a year (I actually can't believe it's been so long), I decided to bring back one of my favourite lifestyle ''series'' on here - 10 things that made this week awesome.
I can't really remember why I stopped doing them, but I know that these are one of the posts I love to look back on and re-read them cause they always make me happy. Taking this into the consideration, I thought it was time I start doing them again.

 ♥ A surprise package from Ličila.si: Getting a surprise package is always exciting, but especially when the company really nails it with the product selection. The Freedom Pro Artist Pad - Studio to go palette has a perfect shade selection for me, their Ultra Metals Ultra Sculpt Brush is not only gorgeous, but also feels really well made and who doesn't love some new brushes (well at least until it's time to clean them), and their Pro Studio Brush Bath sanitising brush cleanser couldn't came at a more perfect time, since I was just on the hunt for a new brush cleanser. I'll of course report back on how I actually get along with all these products. Slovenske bralke pa lahko vse do konca maja, ob nakupu nad 10€, izkoristite brezplačno poštnino s kodo POMLADNA-POSTNINA.
Essence TE Lights of Orient nail polish in 02 The Sultan's Daughter, bronzer in 01 Sunkissed Beauty and blush in 01 Princess Jasmine's Choice: Judging by these three products, Essence really came through with their Lights of Orient trend collection. The nail polish is stunning - it's a twist on a classic nude polish, with being more lavender mauvey & cool-toned. It's opaque, not too thick and has a nice brush. And the bronzer & blush are both amazing as well, I was blown away by their longevity - they both lasted 13 hours on my cheeks while working, with hardly any fading. The blush is also very pigmented, so a light hand is needed. Both shades are very flattering.
Studying outside on the sun, even if my allergies are killing me. And I have to say it was a very productive studying session, although I spend the rest of the day crying & sneezing.

Photos by Tatjana
 ♥ Kozmetika Afrodita Secret Garden x LJFW event: Kozmetika Afrodita launched their new line of shower gels called Secret Garden at Ljubljana Fashion Week on Thursday. The line includes Lovely Roses & Romantic Peony creamy shower gels and Wild Orchid & Magnolia Blossom oil shower gels. The event itself was absolutely beautiful, very fairytale liked. The food was also really delicious and the company was amazing.
 I had such a fun time chatting with my fellow Slovenian bloggers, and I got to catch up with Tatjana (Taya - My Little Beauty World) once again, which is always more than great. Keep your eye peeled on my FB page tomorrow ;)
♥ Cuddling my neighbour's baby boy: I 'm a big baby person and I'll take any opportunity to hold and cuddle a baby that I get. Our neighbours had a baby boy in December and now that the weather is nicer & warmer, we spend a lot of time in the backyard together, so I get to cuddle their baby boy for as long as I want. He's growing up way too quickly though.
Cleaning my car: Oh my, this was more than necessary, it was actually getting kinda gross. But I finally took the time to make it sparkling clean again and I also got it washed on the outside, which was kinda a fail, since it rained the next day. Well, it still looks better than before.

Daisy & her sleeping positions: This could be a new series itself, cause this dog seriously has some of the weirdest sleeping positions ever. The above photos are all from this week and they're all golden, if you ask me. I really don't understand how some of these sleeping positions can be comfortable.
The Mindy Project: is finally back after being on hiatus for what seemed like an eternity. Although I'm not a fan of the current storyline, I'm still a big fan of the show. It never fails to make me laugh.
Making an amazing lunch: I spotted a new recipe in the Lidl ad/commercial paper/I don't really know how it's called, and I decided to make it. It was turkey meat on leek mash potatoes with Spring veggies (asparagus, peas, green beans & mushrooms). It was really delicious!

What made your week awesome?

Sanja ♥

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9 komentarji

  1. super objava, včasih tako paše prebiranje še kakšne čisto druge objave, da osebo malce spoznaš, vidiš kaj počne v prostem času. Ker, da se samo šminkamo v zaprtih prostorih na dolgi rok ni dobro:):):):).

    1. Hvala, tudi meni so takšne objave najljubše za prebiranje :)
      Hehehe, dobro si to napisala :D

  2. Tudi meni so všeč takšne objave :) Sama jih tudi naredim včasih, ker je res fajn gledat nazaj te slike. :D

    1. A ne? Je skoraj kot nekakšen scrapbook :)

  3. Čeprav sem bila v četrtek tako utrujena, da sem samo padla v posteljo, sem bila res vesela najinega druženja. <3 Res škoda, da nisva kje bližje doma, da bi se večkrat srečali. ;) Daisy je pa tako srčkana. ;) <3
    Super, da si vrnila to serijo, res je zanimivo brati te objave. :)

    1. Ti čisto verjamem, jaz sem si šele danes prišla malo k sebi po celodnevnem četrtku v LJ in delovnem vikendu. Ampak mi ni žal, morem izkoristit vsako priložnost, da malo počvekam s tabo :)

  4. Všečna objava in joooj DAISY, kako je luškana! <3 (Natalija)

    1. Hvala Natalija, hehe me veseli, da nisem edina, ki misli, da je Daisy super cute :)

  5. Your dog is just the cutest! <3
    That event seems like so much fun :D


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