Random Favourites vol. 12

Monday, March 07, 2016

Hello ladies, 
I'm finally back in the internet world after having major problems with our internet connection (let's hope it stays this way).
So for today's post I decided that it was time to share some random favourites with you again, since my last random favourites post was back in November. This one is very food centred though, so grab a snack or something if you're already feeling a bit hungry.

Let's talk about stationery and my new way of planning out my to-do lists first.
The Quattro Colori Lanoo Graphic pencil case (I also have a matching notebook that it's waiting to be used) and the Milani Fine touch sway 0.7 & P1 touch colours pens were a part of my Christmas present from one of my best friends, and I'm beyond obsessed with them. Why can't everything in life be gold & sparkly? 
The pencil case is really small & compact and it fits just the right amount of pens (I currently have 4 pens, a pencil and a marker in there). And the Milani pens are a dream to write with. They have an amazing grip since they're this rubbery/sway texture, and they have a nice, narrow/fine tip & not too bold 'ink'', which is just what I like.
Back in January 2014 I talked you through my planning process (here), which is still quite similar, including having a to-do/tasks notebook. Currently I'm using this Target Disney Minnie 'Never stop dreaming' one, but what I want to talk about is how I switched up my to-do list. Before I was just writing down daily tasks, but after watching VivannaDoesMakeup video on how to stay organised, I decided to incorporate a weekly to-do list as well, which is turning out to be great for my productivity & memory. Before I managed to write down way too many tasks to actually get done in one day and I also forgot about the things that I already planned in advanced, or about the tasks that don't have to be done on a specific day.
Now I sit down every Sunday evening, look at the things that I have marked down for the upcoming week in my planner and write down all the tasks that I want to get done that week. I also became weirdly obsessed with watching Bullet journal videos (the ones from Boho Berry are my favourites) so I also incorporated another thing to my weekly to-do lists - the task migrated option. Everything that I don't manage to complete in the previous week, but still want to do, gets marked with an arrow and migrated to the next week. Now I'm also thinking about creating a to-do list for a longer period of time, with all the things that I want to get done, just don't know have a specific time-frame for them.

If I already mentioned two Youtubers that I've enjoyed watching recently, why now mention a few more. Mimi Ikonn is one of the newest to my subscription box and I kind wish I discovered her sooner. I've been also really enjoying watching Patricia Bright's channel & her vlog channelLily PebblesSandra's  Makeup masterclass series,  Casey Neistat Snowboarding with the NYPD video & The Michalaks Our story video.

Earrings are without a doubt my favourite jewellery item and this time I have four favourite pairs. 
The bottom two are from the Avon Dreamy sparkle earring gifset which also comes with another pair of studs. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw the cuffs and they're a true eye catcher. I've been obsessively wearing them, especially when my hair is braided or in a pony-tale. 
The top right one is also from Avon, and it was a part of their Jaliyah Advent Giftset* that I was kindly sent (you can see everything that was in it on my Instagram as well). I didn't expect to, but I ended up really loving every piece of jewellery that was in this Jaliyah Advent Gifset*, but these bow earrings are the ones I wear the most.
Lastly, a pair of those double-sided earrings that I bought in Müller. You know the drill, they're gold, they're sparkly and surprisingly, also very comfortable to wear.

Let's talk about music & films next. The new albums from Justin Bieber & Adele. That's all I'm going to say. I also really like Kiss it better, Close to you, Love on the brain & Never ending from Rihanna, Pillowtalk by Zayn (and the cover from 615carebear), Try me from Jason Derulo, Jess Glynne Take me home and Shawn Mendes Stitches. 
As far as films go, Deadpool wins without a doubt. I only saw it on Thursday and I can't wait to watch it again. I also recently watched Sisters and really liked it, Love the Coopers which warmed my heart & made me think of ways I could meet a handsome soldier at the airport that would come home with me and I re-watched Bend it like Beckham & Sweet home Alabama for god know which time. I also watched The best of me but I don't want to talk about it, cause it emotionally ruined me.

 Now this Primark Love to lounge spotty bathrobe is probably my favourite thing of all the favourites featured here. If I could wear this every where, I would. It's the softest and the most cosy & warm thing ever and since it's really big, you can wrap yourself up like a burrito and watch your worries fly away. Look, even Daisy is obsessed with it. Definitely one of the best purchases I've made last year!

I also want to give a quick shout-out to a few TV shows. I've been having pretty much the majority of them on pause (due to lack of time), but I've watching New girl, Brooklyn nine-nine & The big bang theory regularly. I'm also super excited that Blindspot is back & that Quantico is coming back as well. These two are already on top of my TV show favourites list. I also watched Bad teacher TV show last week after a friend told me about it, but I'm disappointed that it only had 13 episodes and how they ended it.

And now onto the tasty stuff.
These Spar Green tea with lemon Teasticks are not only really tasty, but also really cool & practical. Maybe I was leaving under a rock, but I really didn't see 'teasticks' anywhere before I saw them in Spar. You just put them into hot water, leave them there or swirl them around and then turn them backwards so no water/tea drips out of them and throw them away.
Last week I was living off coffee and drinking way, way too much of it, and this Beanies Instant Cinnamon hazelnut flavour was my favourite one. Now I want to order all the other flavours available at Malinca.
And lastly, a tea that I already repurchased even before I used up the first box - Das gesunde plus Weihnachtstee. This is quite similar to Cha Mandljev piškotek, but I actually prefer this one from DM. It's just so sweet, warm and smells heavenly - a true treat. Now that I'm on the second box, I really need to go and see if they still have it and buy another one, cause I'm not sure if it's permanent or limited.

Never in a million years did I think I would feature a Bio čičerikin namaz - hummus or an avocado in my favourites. I've liked that Spar hummus that has three different variations, but when I tried their plain one last year, I absolutely hated the taste. The same was with avocados. 
But when I decided to go vegan for Lent (not for religious reasons, but because it's something I wanted to try for awhile now and this is the perfect excuse to do it & also to take it up a notch from last years 40 days vegetarianism), I decided to try both of them again. I bought this Just Veg! hummus from Hofer, since I really like the other spreads from this range and it's sad how obsessed I am with it. Last week I went to buy some again (I usually buy two or three) and they were out of it & I nearly started crying in the store (I was also crazily stressed, so maybe that had something to do with it). I could eat this with some carrots & those long red peppers that are kinda sweet (I have no idea how they're called, maybe as Google says Marconi red peppers?) for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack.
The same goes for avocado, I can't get enough of it and it's so filling! I think I made a big mistake of not seasoning it properly the first time I've tried it & I also think it wasn't ripe enough. Now that I do those two things right, I love it. I also really like adding some finely chopped tomatoes & a bit of lemon juice and putting that on toast, yummy!

I also have a few favourite snack options that I especially like to take with me when I'm working/having classes. I randomly discovered these Kupiec Rice cakes with dark chocolate in Tuš and they're the bomb.com. I find a lot of rice cakes too dry and with a plastic-like taste, but these are nowhere near that. I also find the majority of the chocolate covered ones too sweet, but these one have the perfect amount of sweetness & bitterness to them. They're also really filling so one or two are more than enough to get rid of any cravings or a rumbling belly before lunch/dinner.
Now the next two things I ate before I could actually take photos of and haven't repurchased them yet. The first one was the Alnavit Bio Fruchtriegel Schoko Kokos (bio fruit chocolate coconut bar) that is bio, vegan, gluten & lactose free and a must try for every coconut lover out there. I bought it in DM. And the second one is the Golden Apple Presna čokolada Jabolko cimet (raw apple-cinnamon chocolate) that's raw, bio and vegan as well. This is probably one of the tastiest chocolates I've ever tried and ever since I bought it from Malinca, I've been trying to repurchase it, but it's always out of stock. 
Lastly, another product that I've been loving for a couple of months actually - Mirovita Jabolčni čips (apple chips). The one I currently have is the raspberry flavoured one, but my favourite one is the vanilla one. These are also gluten free, 100% natural with Slovenian apples, without any added sugars, fat or preservatives. Another great snack to throw in your handbag.

Last but not least, Rawr Organska čokolada z vanilijo & Goji jagodami* (organic chocolate with vanilla & goji berries). When I was asked if I wanted to try the Rawr chocolates, I couldn't say no. I mean, it's a chance to try something new and get a free chocolate. I decided to opt for the vanilla & goji berries one, cause I love anything vanilla flavoured, but I haven't tried goji berries yet, although they seem to be quite a hype. 
The Rawr chocolates are made in England, they're raw, vegan, gluten free with 100% natural ingredients and with no artificial sugars. But how did it taste?
Really good actually. I do think it has quite a specific taste, nothing like I've tried before, but I really like it. It has at least 72% of cacao in it, so it's quite bitter, which I really like. It also has a really solid texture and it's extremely filling. I have no problems with eating an entire Milka bar when it's that time of the month, but with this one these small three pieces are more than enough. 

Že kar nekaj časa nazaj se mi je ponudila priložnost, da se posladkam z Rawr organsko čokolado*. Ker se čokoladi pač ne morem odpovedati, sem se odločila da se posladkam z okusom vanilija & goji jagode, tudi za to, ker goji jagod še nisem uspela poskusiti, kljub temu, da naj bi bile odlične za zdravje. 
Rawr čokolade so presne, veganske, brez glutena in umetnih barvil, iz 100% organskih sestavin in naravno sladkane. Izdelane so v Angliji, kupite pa jih lahko preko Moje čokolade, slovenske Rawr spletne strani, sledite pa jim lahko tudi na njihovi Facebook strani.
Na prvi pogled se vse sliši enkratno, kakšen pa je dejanski okus? Odličen, a dokaj specifičen!
Čokolada vsebuje najmanj 72% kakavovih delcev in če so vam ljubše zelo sladke čokolade, tale nedvomno ne bo za vas. Meni je bolj grenak okus čokolad zelo všeč, Rawr čokolada pa ima poleg tega še zelo polno in bogato teksturo, posledično je zelo nasitna. Že trije mali koščki so več kot dovolj da potešijo občutek lakote in potrebo po nečem ''sladkem''.

Another thing that I really like is the fact that you can see actual goji berries in the chocolate. A lot of fruit flavoured chocolates claim that they have fruit in them, but it's actually only artificial flavouring, but with this one this definitely isn't the case. 
The goji berries do give the chocolate a specific taste, I think, but I actually like it. I do think the vanilla could be more prominent though. Now I'm really interested in trying out other flavours as well.

Najbolj pa sem bila navdušena nad tem, da so goji jagode dejansko vidne v čokoladi. Marsikatera čokolada, ki naj bi imela dodano sadje, ima dejansko dodane le umetne arome, ki ustvarijo ta okus po sadju, Rawr čokolada z vanilijo & goji jagodami* pa več kot očitno ni ena izmed teh. 
Menim, da tudi goji jagode prispevajo k specifičnemu okusu čokolade, ki vsem nedvomno ne bo všeč, mene pa je presenetljivo navdušil. Moja edina ''kritika'' je, da bi okus po vaniliji lahko bil veliko bolj izrazit (res pa je, da tako mislim skoraj o vsakem izdelku, ki vsebuje vanilijo).
Če iščete čokolado, ki je sestavinsko veliko boljša kot večina ostalih čokolad, ki jih zasledimo v supermarketih, ima zanimiv okus in bo le s par koščki potešila vaš ''sweet tooth'', so Rawr čokolade nedvomno vredne nakupa. Jaz si že ogledujem preostale okuse, sploh tisto z mentolom. 
Tukaj pa je še nekaj drugih objav slovenskih blogerk o Rawr čokoladah: Jessie FairytaleUniquaPolyTaya - My little beauty world in Beautysaur.

What random things have you been loving recently?

Sanja ♥

*The products marked with * were given to me. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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17 komentarji

  1. Običajno nisem največji fan random favorites objav, ampak ta me je pa čisto pritegnila :D
    Sploh prehrambeni del me zelo mika :p :D

    1. To je pa bilo lepo prebrati, hvala :D <3

  2. Ooh.. Nekdo ki pozna bullet journal:)) Jaz zdaj 2 mesec preizkušam ta bullet journaling, pa mi je fuuul všečen :) Letos nekak nisem mogla najti planerja, ki bi mi bil všeč, pol pa sem naletela na to metodo in moram reči da je odlična :) zdaj mam vsaj vse na enem mestu, ne pa vsepovsod listke, pa zaznamke... :) In tudi jaz sledim BohoBerry ki res dobre ideje in nasvete :)
    Oh v primarku majo tak fajni kopalni plašč (saj se tak reče slovensko?), jaz sem jih pa že gledala, pa se sploh nisem spomnila da bi v primarku pogledala. nekak sem vedno preveč excited, ko sem tam, pa pol stvari pozabim :)
    in ti tvoji uhani so tak všečni.. še posebej ti, ki jih maš levo spodaj na sliki (pojma nimam kak se imenujejo slovensko-danes mam očitno probleme s slovenščino) :)
    Hmm glede humusa pa, jaz ga ponavadi doma delam, pa ful mi je fini na kakem polnozrnatem kruhu pol pa še kalčke gor :) enkrat sem mela neko slabo izkušnjo s kupljenim, pa ga več nisem upala kupiti :D čeprav.. zdaj ta tvoj ful dobro zveni, me kar mika da dam še eno priložnost trgovinskemu :)

    1. Jaz tudi razmišljam, da bi v celoti sprobala zadevo, vendar se še nisem čisto odločila. Zakaj pa ne narediš kakšne objave o tvojem bullet journal? Jaz bi jo več kot z veseljem prebrala :)
      Mislim, da je kopalni plašč ja, vsaj jaz tako rečem haha. Res je super, pa še zelo poceni, itak :D
      Ej tale humus je res fenomenalen, sem ga danes zopet iskala v Hoferju in ga spet niso imeli :(

    2. Hmm objava :)) Moram ga še malo urediti, pa točno ugotoviti kaj mi odgovarja :) Mogoče pa res :)
      Za naslednjič si bom res mogla napisat kak seznam za Primark, nazadnje ko sem bla sem si skoraj še obešalnike pozabla vzet, pa je bla to ena glavnih zadev zarad kerih sem šla :D še dobro da so bli pri blagajni .. :))
      uuf.. zdaj pa res moram pogledati če ga slučajno majo v našem hoferju :)

    3. No, upam da se boš odločila za objavo :D
      Ja, jaz si vedno napišem približno kaj si želim kupiti v Primarku, čeprav potem vseeno uspem brezglavo letati po trgovini in metati stvari v tisto košarico :D

    4. Tista košarica je pravo zlo.. :D Preveč stvari lahko not namečeš :)

  3. Beanies kavica mene full, full mika :)

    1. Meni je noro okusna, edino okus po cimetu bi lahko bil še bolj izrazit :D Bi pa zdaj itak vse okuse sprobala, sem na njihovi strani videla, da imajo še kokos, upam, da pride tudi na Malinco :D

  4. Zlato! :D Jaz bi vse imela zlato :D. Jaz tudi najraje nosim maščjive iz adventnega koledarja. So najbolj unikatne. Jih v trgovinah nikoli ne vidim :). Pillowtalk je trenutno tudi moj najljubši komad, oziroma eden izmed najljubših. To kokosovo čokolado moram obvezno sprobat! :)

    1. Jaaa, jaz bi tudi imela vse zlato in pa sivo haha :D Mi mami včasih reče, da sem kot sraka, ko vidim kaj zlatega :D
      Čokoladica je pa res dobra, si morem jaz tudi še par jih kupit za v torbico :D

  5. I LOVE double sided earrings, they're my current obsession. I only own pearl ones, but I'm hoping to find other styles as well. I never thought I'd say this, but I really really really like Justin Bieber. His music is so amazing lately! My boyfriend likes to tease me about the fact that 'What do you mean' is stuck in my head, all day every day :p
    I have never in my life seen teasticks? They look so handy! And those chocolate rice cakes look mouth watering! :D
    Great post, I really enjoyed reading this! :)

    1. Haha, and I'm just on the hunt for the perfect pair of double sided pearl ones :D
      Justin is on fire recently, who would've thought that by 2016 we'll all be beliebers :D
      They're extremely handy, such a great invention :D
      Thanks dear! xx

  6. Ti uhani so mi tak všeč! Jaz sem sicer bolj za srebrne stvari, ampak zadnje čase so mi tut zlati postali všeč :) glede avokada sem pa vesela, da ti je moj nasvet prav prišel, ker je res super stvar za zajtrk al pa za guacamole zraven krompirja :) hummus sem si tut jaz danes kupla v hoferju, samo ne namaz ampak omako, nevem točno kak se reče ... je pa iz te tvoje linije tut ful dober sojin namaz z paradižnikom (mislim da je tak, rdeča embalaža), tak da se ti ga splača kupit :) glede rawr čokolade pa sem tut jaz bla prijetno presenečena, sem si vzela tisto z mintom, ampak mi na žalost ni nič kaj drugačna od temne čokolade z mintom iz hoferja (moser roth), ki je božanska, pa še bolj dostopna mi je :) če je še nisi probala, jo daj! :)

    1. Uhani so res zakon :D
      Vidiš, zraven krompirja ga še pa res nisem jedla. Najboljše, da ti meni kr en spisek za v trgovino napišeš haha :D
      Ja ta namaz pa že dlje časa kupujemo, ker je mamci ful všeč. Meni je še boljši on zeleni, z zelenjavo :)

  7. Jaaa tile čajne palčke iz Spara sem jaz tudi prvič vidla pri kolegici in sem bila čisto navdušena tako, da se moram res podati na lovin jih še sama kupiti. :D in Rawr ga tudi zmaga, moj osebni favorit je bil okus lucume, njami!. :D

    1. Ta okus tudi mene mika, ker se tako posebno sliši ta luncuma :D


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