Make-Up Collection & Graveyard: Cheek Products

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hello ladies and welcome to the last part of my Make-Up Collection & Graveyard series.
You can read my disclaimer about this series here, and you can see other posts on this series here.

 I decided to save my favourite make-up products for the last, so today I'm going to share with you my collection of cheek products, everything from bronzers, highlighters to my one true love, blushes. As I previously mentioned, these photos were taken back in September, so of course I added a few new products to it, but the majority still looks the same.

 My collection of bronzers is pretty small, but I found what I think looks good on me and I kinda always forget to try out something new.
Both, the Kardashian Beauty Cabana Bronze in 520 and E.L.F. Contouring Blush & Bronzer Powder in St. Lucia are my more Summery choices as they're both shimmery. The Kardashian Beauty one has the cheapest plastic packaging that looked nice for the first week or so (now it's all scratched), but it gives you the nicest sun-kissed, glowy bronzed look ever. I also like the fact that it has three different shades, so I can use it according to how pale/tan I am. It also has the most orange tone of the bunch. Mentioned here and here.
The E.L.F. duo was my first bronzer and I definitely need to bring it out again, since I haven't used it in awhile. It's the darkest of the bunch, but it's very easy to blend out so you don't end up looking like you have mud on your face. I'm also a big fan of the shimmery peachy pink blush, that looks especially great with a tan. It's also one of those products almost everyone owns/owned.
My all-time favourite bronzer without a single doubt, is The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in 01. It's completely matte, light, neutral, smooth and easy to blend. A baby could bronze up your face with this one and you would still look amazing! Recently mentioned here.
When it comes to contouring, I haven't used anything else since I bought the Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo in Lumos & Helicopolis. The shade of the contour powder is perfect for my skin tone - not too grey nor too orange. It's matte, nicely pigmented, easy to blend out and very long-lasting. The highlighter is lovely as well, although I don't use it nearly as often as I do the contour shade. Review.

The product that didn't make the cut were these Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls that I had for a really long time and they started to smell a bit weird. Otherwise I really liked using them, again, mostly in the Summer, to get that glowy, beachy bronzed look.

 For someone that rarely uses a highlighter, I for sure have a lot of them.
The majority are from Essence trend collections, I find that they always come up with great ones that not only look very cute, but are also nicely pigmented and not too glittery. I also gravitate toward the ones that have a pink(ish) undertone.
I have the TE Bloom me up! shimmer powder in 01 Rose it up! (one of my favourites), Fantasia highlighter in 01 Elf yourself, Love Letters highlighter powder in 01 Love Poem, Hidden Stories highlighter in 01 Rose in wonderland (another favourite and it's also a cream one) and Me & My Ice Cream shimmer pearls in 01 I-cy u that the majority of highlighting fans wouldn't like, since it's not very obvious or pigmented, but I like it just because of that.
Another cream highlighters I have are E.L.F. All over color stick in Spotlight, Sleek Precious Metals highlighting palette* (first impressions) and Ultraflesh Shinebox* (review).
Last two are the p2 Glow up! highlighter in 030 High Gleam* (review) and H&M Highlighter powder, both on my favourites list.

The product that I decided to throw away cause it was very old and gross-looking was this cream trio from Oriflame, but I can't remember its name.

 Now onto the cream blushes, which I'm a big fan of and definitely need to get a few more. For the sake of not repeating myself, I'll tell you that I find all of them nicely pigmented, easy to blend, long-wearing and creamy, but my favourites are definitely the Bourjois ones.
NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal is the perfect everyday shade that has a more waxy texture. Similar texture, but a bit more watery/lightweight and more pigmented, has the Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie (I mentioned how these two look almost identical on my cheeks here), and also the Catrice LE Eve in bloom lip and cheek colour in C01 Blossom me, blossom you, that also feels a bit more slippery on the touch.
The Bourjois Cream Blushes are much creamier and softer. I own the shades 01 Nude Velvet & 03 Rose Tender, which is also my all-time favourite one.
The last one is from Essence TE Me & My Ice Cream in the shade Ice Bomb that almost has a bouncy texture.

Let's continue with the Essence & Catrice (and one lonesome S-he) powder blushes that I'm keeping. I also want to mention that I like pigmented blushes that are easy to blend, I like shimmery ones as much as the matte ones and pretty much all of them last for a long time on my cheeks. If you take a scroll through my blushes label you can see a lot of them mentioned & swatched.
S-he powder rouge in 001 is actually one of the blushes that I already repurchased in the past and I used to be obsessed with it. I talked about it here and I think it's time I bring it to my everyday drawer once again.
The Catrice blushes are one of the most affordable ones in our drugstores and definitely one of the most pigmented ones as well. I have three of their defining blushes - two are from LE Une, Deux, Trois collection in the shades C05 Meet Nudy & C01 Meet Cherry, and the other one is from their regular line in 070 Pinkerbell. For some reason this one is actually quite dry & chalky and I think I might just get rid of it (need to use it a bit more first).
The other two that were a part of their LE collections are Creme Fresh gradation blush in C01 Waterloo Sunrise and Lumination Powder blush in Flushed Fiction - both one of my favourites. The last two from Catrice are Illuminating Blushes in 010 I am nuts about you (review& 030 Kiss me Ken. Again, both amazing!
The Essence ones in the photo are TE Happy girls are pretty multi colour blush in 01 You sweeten my day (a let-down due to poor pigmentation), TE Cinderella blush in So this is love (one of the pretties packaging ever) & Silky touch blush in Adorable that I actually managed to use up.

 The Maybelline Colorama blushes were a nice surprise since I didn't expect them to be so good. I have the shades 501 (perfect for colder months) & 201 (a great uplifting Spring shade).
I talked so much about the Max Factor Creme Puff blushes that by now you all know that I'm obsessed with them. On the photo above are the shades 15 Seductive Pink & 20 Lavish Mauve, and on the photo below are the shades 10 Nude Mauve & 30 Gorgeous Berries.
The last two on this photo are Terra Naturi Rouge Puder in 04 Royal Apricot and Deborah Milano blusher in 46 Rosa Pesca.

INGRID Cosmetics Satin touch mineral blush* in 1 was one of my favourite blushes that I unfortunately shattered and didn't repurchase yet (here's the review).
The other ones that are still intact from September are MeMeMe blush me! in Rouge* (review), Avon True Colour blush in Russet (one of my go-to Winter shades), I ♥ Makeup Blushing Hearts triple baked blusher in Bursting with love (review), NYX blushes in Pinched & Mocha, Rimmel Lasting finish soft colour blush in 020 Pink Rose (another one of my favourites, especially great for travelling) and two E.L.F. Studio Blushes in Tickled Pink (you can see that I really love this one) & Blushing Rose and one of their Baked Blushes in Passion Pink.
Some of them are also mentioned herehere and here.

 I also have two Physicians Formula blushes, the Happy Booster in Natural and Multi colored blush in Blushing Peach. I definitely prefer the first one.
Another absolutely amazing blush is the GOSH Natural Blush in 43 Flower Power. It's one of the most pigmented & softest blushes and I definitely need to pick up a new one when I got to Austria, since I managed to drop it twice since taking this photos. 
And the last one from this bunch is the Astor  Pure Color Perfect Blush in 010 Lovedoll Pink that also has a very travel-friendly packaging. 

 The Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot box o'blushes has all of the above mentioned cheek products: 5 blushes, a bronzer and a cream highlighter that is beyond amazing. This is definitely one of my best purchases ever and I use it all the time (it actually never leaves my everyday make-up drawer).
I also have two Illamasqua Powder Blushes; one that's very vibrant, matte, great for Summer & Spring - Hussy, and the other one that it's very shimmery & that I like to wear in the Autumn/Winter - Morale.
I'm also slowly building up my M.A.C. blush collection although I always get distracted by their lipsticks. For now I own Stay Pretty (pro longwear blush), Pinch me (sheertone blush) & Fleur Power (satin powder blush).

And now the few blushes that I decided to part ways with.
First is the Catrice LE Rocking Royals multi colour blush in Punk up the royals that was too similar to the Illamasqua Morale and was being neglected because of that. I actually really liked the Alverde LE Ethno collection blush in Ethno quintet, but I very rarely used it, so I found it a better home. The two products from Alverde that grossed me out because of their strong rose scent were the mousse blushes in Sweet Rose & Deep Rose. Sweet Rose was so light, it didn't even show up on my skin, but Deep Rose was actually really pretty, but the scent made me gag every time I used it. Definitely a failed purchase.
Another blush that just didn't show up on my skin, was very dry & chalky was the HEMA Satin blush powder in 05. You can read about it here.
And lastly, Makeup Revolution blush in Sugar* that was actually nice, but I have too many similar shades. Here's the review.

Huge congrats if you managed to get through this post without falling asleep, I know it was a long one. What can I say, I'm just a huge blush lover ;)

I really hope you enjoyed reading this series and getting a peek into my make-up collection. I would love to know if you would like to see a similar series on my nail polish collection?

Sanja ♥

*The products marked with * were given to me. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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11 komentarji

  1. The past few years, blushes have really become an addiction to me. When I look at my blush drawer, I'm just shocked! You have some really pretty ones! :)

    1. They're just the best products to collect, aren't they, hehe :)

    2. Yes, I totally agree! :D

  2. O waw! To je pa poštena zbirka blushev. :D Bi skoraj lahko odprla svojo drogerijo. :P

    1. Ne vem če bi ljudje bili zadovoljni z izbiro odtenkov v tej drogeriji :P

  3. Moram priznat da sem kar malo ljubosumna nad tvojo kolekcijo blushev O.O
    Za nekoga ki je včasih uporabljal samo matt bronzer, sem sedaj prav nevarno obsedena tako z blushi kot highlighterji.
    Sleek paletka highlighterjev me že dolgo mika, pa TBD bronzer tudi, čeprav se mi zdi da bi bil veliko pretemen zame...
    Tebi pa čestitke za to serijo, meni se je zdela res zanimiva :D!

    1. TBD bronzer ti 100% ne bi bil pretemen, tale 1ka je tako svetla, da bi jaz lahko kamot vzela 2ko in bi še vedno ok bilo :)
      Super, to je vedno lepo prebrati! <3

  4. kak pa cute essence kroglice, takoj so mi padle v oči. Rožnata rdečila, so meni osebno najlepša rdečila in jih imam tudi sama precej veliko(beri:preveč:) ampak jih še vedno kupujem:), je pa res, da potem tista, ki mi pa ne da bi me razočarala, najdem kakšen super novi domek, tako da vse zaokroži in nič ne stoji.

    1. Te so res zelo luštne ja :)
      No potem sva na istem, jaz jih tudi ne morem nehat kupovati, je pa res, da jih pridno rotiram in vse uporabljam :)

  5. I'm renaming you to blushing queen :D Moja zbirka rdečil je uboga proti tvoji :). Deborah so meni še vedno eni najljubših blushev. Enostavno ne moreš ga porabiti toliko izdelka dobiš v eni embalaži. The Body Shop bronzer bi ti takoj ukradla. Še vedno nisem dobila priložnosti, da bi ga dejansko kje kupila. Me od vseh najbolj mika :).

    1. I always dreamed of being a queen, I'll take it haha :D
      To imaš pa čisto prav za Deborah rdečila, ta moj še vedno izgleda kot nov pa ga imam že kar dolgo in ga redno uporabljam. Mi je pa izbira odtenkov tako bolj žalostna pri njih, sem imela še enega pa mi ni bil všeč in ga zdaj mami uporablja :)
      TBS bronzer je pa res super, upam, da ti ga uspe ujeti :)


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