Best Make-up Buys Of 2015

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Hello ladies, 
do you still remember me? It's been awhile.
I'm finally back after studying like a crazy person and having no time for anything other than that.
I also know I'm super late with these 2015 make-up favourites, but I hope you'll enjoy having a read anyway.

 As I've said in my Best Beauty Buys there will be some honourable mentions this year and all the products that were sent to me will be marker with *.
If you're interested in seeing what made the cut in the previous years, you can click here.

  • Avon Make up setting spray: Although I use this almost every time I do my make-up & I bought it back in the Summer, it looks like I barely used it. I definitely think this prolongs the wear of my make-up and it keeps it looking more vibrant for longer. I do wish it would also be mattifying. 
  • Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in 31 Ivory: is the first honourable mention. I'm almost out of it and I know I'll repurchase it asap. I use it every time I need something that has a bit more coverage than my other BB/CC creams. This hides everything that I want to hide and surprisingly it doesn't look too yellow/orange on me. More here.
  • Catrice Prime and fine mattifying powder in 010 Translucent: is another product that I just had to mention once again. I keep repurchasing it like its going out of style. I already hit pan on this one since I took photos for this post. It's my favourite setting powder that keeps my face matte, doesn't add any colour and doesn't look powdery.
  • L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime CC Cream in Clear-Light*: is another product that I'll be repurchasing when I run out of it. This is my go-to CC cream on a day to day basis. It evens out my skin tone, adds a hint of coverage and makes me look really radiant. More here.
  • M.A.C. Fix+: I totally understand why this is so hyped up - it totally transforms the look of your make-up. I don't actually find that this prolongs my make-up like the Avon setting spray, but this connects/blends everything together. It gets rid of that powdery look, it makes you look fresh & like you're glowing for within and it's great for damping your sponge or brush to wet your eyeshadows.

  • I ♥ MAKEUP Naked Chocolate*: The quality of this eyeshadow palette blows me away every time I use it. The shadows are smooth, pigmented (even the matte ones), easy to blend, long-lasting and the colour selection is gorgeous. I only don't like the bottom right shade called Way, cause it's too yellow for my liking. Definitely one of the best budget-friendly palettes out there.
  • Urban Decay Naked 2: is a palette I didn't buy this year, but I realised I haven't included it in my yearly favourites yet. This year it really deserved its place, cause I've been using it a ton. When I was thinking about my favourites shades from it, I realised that I love all of them, except Blackout cause I don't have a use for it.
  • Essence All about roses eyeshadow palette in 03 Roses*: is another great budget-friendly palette. I like it so much that I'm hardly restraining myself from buying the other versions as well. The shadows are smooth, pigmented, soft, easy to blend and long-lasting. The packaging is also really compact and sleek.
  • Makeup Revolution London Iconic Pro 1: is also really affordable and great quality for the money. The matte shades aren't crazily pigmented, but still give enough colour pay-off. More here.
  • Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Eyeshadow in Flawless Matte: is a love of mine. As the name would suggest, it only has matte shades and almost all of them are nicely pigmented. I also absolutely love the colour selection. I reviewed it here.

  • Essence I ♥ Nude eyeshadows: These are one of the best drugstore single eyeshadows. There are baked so they're very pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. My two favourite ones are 03 Creme Brulee (also great as a cheek highlight) and 05 My favourite tauping (apparently also great for contouring).
  • Essence TE Love & Sound eyeshadow in 01 Glastonberry: was unfortunately limited edition, but I had to include it cause I absolutely love the shade. It's one of those easy to wear purplish shades that don't make you look like someone punched you in the eye. It also makes my eyes look more blue.
  • GOSH Mineral Waterproof Eye shadow in 003 Brown: I think this just might be my favourite stick cream eyeshadow. It won't budge no matter what, it's easy to blend out and the colour is stunning. More here.
  • H&M Beauty Eye colour-to-go in Cordoba: is another extremely long-lasting product that's very easy to work with. This shade is also great for everyday and it's one of those that can look great on its own.
  • KIKO Water Eyeshadow in 200 Champagne: is probably my favourite eyeshadow ever. It looks absolutely stunning when you apply it dry, but when you apply it wet, it looks out of this world. You can apply just a bit of it and you'll look like a million dollars. I'm completely obsessed with it. Mentioned here.
  • Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Pressed individual eyeshadow in Topaz*: is probably one of the most, if not the most, pigmented eyeshadow that I own. The pigmentation is truly out of this world, and so is everything else. More here. 

  • ArtDeco Eye brow pencil in 6: is everything I would want in a eyebrow pencil - smooth, pigmented, long-wearing and the perfect colour match for my brows. I had to give it a honourable mention since I always have a back-up of it in my stash.
  • MeMeMe Arch Angel Shape & Define in light brown*: I think this is the best tinted brow gel that I've tried so far. It makes my brows look fuller, it keeps them in place all day long (even if you take a nap) and doesn't make them completely stiff/glued on. I'm holding on, cause I'm almost out of it and I can't decide if I want to repurchase it or not (I wish it only came with the brow gel). Full review here.
  • Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-porter mascara*: literally gives me life. It's definitely one of the best high-end mascaras that I've tried and it instantly reminded me why high-end mascaras are worth their money. It defines my lashes, gives them volume and length, holds the curl and doesn't budge all day long (I even shed a tear of two with it on & it still looked perfect). I also think that the packaging is gorgeous and I'm a massive fan of its rubbery wand. Definitely worth checking out!
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara: also deserves a mention although I currently don't own it. It became my favourite drugstore mascara in 2015, so of course I have to mention it. Read more about it here.
  • Essence TE Happy girls are pretty ultra slim eye pencil in 02 The choco side of life: Essence really did an amazing job with this one and I'm heartbroken that it was a part of their trend collection. It's a great shade for every day, since it doesn't look as harsh as a black eyeliner. I can also easily get a very fine line with it, it's smooth & pigmented and it lasts all day on me.
  • Essence Waterpoof eyeliner pen in 01: is for when I do want something darker & more out there. It has a very fine tip, so it's quite easy to work with, it's really black and doesn't smudge.

  • Max Factor Creme Puff blushes: were the ''it'' product for me this past year. I'm still completely obsessed with them and I always have at least one shade in my ''every day make-up drawer''. They are smooth, soft, pigmented, easy to blend, long-lasting and give a gorgeous sheen to your cheeks. The packaging is also sleek & compact and the gold details make them look really elegant. I own the shades 10 Nude Mauve, 20 Lavish Mauve, 30 Gorgeous Berries & 15 Seductive Pink. Let me know if you would still like to see a review with cheek swatches, even if these have been out for awhile now.
  • Essence TE Hidden Stories cream highlighter in 01 Rose in wonderland: is my kind of highlight - pink toned, not too obvious or shimmery, but still enough to give you that glow.
  • H&M Pure Radiance powder blusher in Cameo Pink: is my go-to pick when I need a blush that will look good with any make-up that I'm wearing and will last for a lifetime on my cheeks. I think it's one of those shades everyone should have in their stash.
  • The Balm Frat Boy: This is also very long-lasting, but it's much more bright and a little goes a long way with it. It lifts up your complexion and it's one of those shades that make you look put together even when you're wearing minimal make-up. Mentioned here.
  • Catrice LE Lumination powder blush in C01 Flushed-Fiction: is another one of those nude-pinky bush shades, but this one has shimmers in it. 
  • M.A.C. Satin powder blush in Fleur Power: There's something about this shade that I can't describe, but I absolutely love it. And to think I wasn't a big fan of it at first...Mentioned here.

  • Essence Longlasting lipliners: Essence was on fire in 2015, I loved so many of their products and these lipliners were no exception. I love the fact that they're twist up and they have really nice packaging. But the product itself is also great - long-lasting, very pigmented, creamy and smooth. My favourite shades were 06 A girl's dream, 05 Lovely frappuccino & 03 Yummy berry.
  • Essence Lipliners in 12 Wish a rose & 11 In the nude: I've loved these lip liners for a long time now, but this year these two shades were the stand outs. I wear both of them on a very regular basis.

  • Maybelline Colour sensational in 250 Mystic Mauve: Man, do I love the smell of Maybelline lipsticks. But that's not the only thing that I like about them - they're creamy, smooth, pigmented and very comfortable to wear. I mentioned it here, with a bunch of lipsticks from this category as well.
  • Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours in 31 Beige shooting: is amazing & I still have to purchase another shade or two. I love everything about it, especially how long-wearing it is.
  • Essence TE Happy girls are pretty sheer lipbalm in 02 Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat: definitely has a misleading name, cause it's not that sheer at all. But it's the perfect shade for colder months and it's quite moisturising as well. More here.
  • Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in 830 HD Rose: has the worst packaging, but it's amazing for everyday wear. It brightens up your face and makes you look more awake, which is always a plus.
  • M.A.C. lipsticks in Syrup (Lustre finish), Faux (Satin), Patisserie (Lustre): I'm beyond happy with my M.A.C. lipstick purchases of 2015. I think I finally know which shades suit me and I'm sticking with them. These three shades are all amazing, the two with lustre finish are more moisturising and Faux is way more long-lasting. 
  • L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime tinted lip balm in Rose Plum: also has a misleading name, cause it's way too pigmented for a tinted lip balm, although it is moisturising. I love wearing these types of red lip products, since I find them much easier to wear than a full, opaque red lipstick.

  • Catrice Glossy lip glow*: is a product for the inner child in you. It's so fun to use cause it almost always looks different on the lips and when the glossiness is gone, it also stains your lips a bit, which is great if you're too lazy to reapply it. More here.
  • Essence TE Winter? Wonderful! tint & oil in 01 If kisses were snow flakes... & 02 ... I'd send you a blizzard: are two products that I didn't expect to love as much as I do. If you can still get them from somewhere, you definitely don't need both, cause they're not so different when they're on the lips, but they're extremely easy, comfortable and moisturising to wear. Great for no make-up make-up days or just to throw in your handbag.
  • Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Matte in 027 Elegant Nude: has the perfect name to describe it - it's soft, buttery, matte and rich in colour. I love the fact that it has an angled cut so the application is really easy & quick. 
  • GOSH Forever lip shine in 002 Sweet Moments: is one of the best ''true'' nude shades that I own. More here.
  • Make up Factory Mat Lip Fluid in Velvet Rosewood: I bet you didn't see this one coming? I'm joking, I'm sure you did if you follow me regularly, since I just can't stop talking about it. I'm going to keep it short this time: go & buy it, you need it! Here's a full review.
  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 10 Don't pink of it: is my favourite shade from the Velvet's that I own. It has an amazing formula, and the shade is the perfect nude pink. 

 And here are the swatches:
1. Maybelline Colour sensational in 250 Mystic Mauve 2. Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours in 31 Beige shooting 3. Essence TE Happy girls are pretty sheer lipbalm in 02 Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat 4. Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in 830 HD Rose 5. M.A.C. Syrup (Lustre finish) 6. M.A.C.  Faux (Satin) 7. M.A.C. Patisserie (Lustre) 8. L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime tinted lip balm in Rose Plum 

9. Catrice Glossy lip glow 10. Essence TE Winter? Wonderful! tint & oil in  02 ... I'd send you a blizzard 11. Essence TE Winter? Wonderful! tint & oil in  01 If kisses were snow flakes...  12. Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Matte in 027 Elegant Nude 13. GOSH Forever lip shine in 002 Sweet Moments 14. Make up Factory Mat Lip Fluid in Velvet Rosewood 15. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 10 Don't pink of it 

16. The Balm Frat Boy 17. Catrice LE Lumination powder blush in C01 Flushed-Fiction 18. M.A.C. Satin powder blush in Fleur Power 19. H&M Pure Radiance powder blusher in Cameo Pink 20. Essence TE Hidden Stories cream highlighter in 01 Rose in wonderland 21. Max Factor Creme Puff blush 10 Nude Mauve 22. Max Factor Creme Puff blush 15 Seductive Pink 23. Max Factor Creme Puff blush 30 Gorgeous Berries 24. Max Factor Creme Puff blush 20 Lavish Mauve

More swatches...
1. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Pressed individual eyeshadow in Topaz 2. KIKO Water Eyeshadow in 200 Champagne wet & dry 3. H&M Beauty Eye colour-to-go in Cordoba 4. GOSH Mineral Waterproof Eye shadow in 003 Brown 5. Essence TE Love & Sound eyeshadow in 01 Glastonberry 6. Essence I ♥ Nude eyeshadow 05 My favourite tauping 7. Essence I ♥ Nude eyeshadow 03 Creme Brulee

8. Essence Longlasting lipliner 05 Lovely frappuccino 9. Essence Longlasting lipliner 03 Yummy berry 10. Essence Longlasting lipliner 06 A girl's dream 11. Essence Lipliners in 12 Wish a rose  12. Essence Lipliners in  11 In the nude

13. Essence Waterpoof eyeliner pen in 01 14. Essence TE Happy girls are pretty ultra slim eye pencil in 02 The choco side of life 15. MeMeMe Arch Angel Shape & Define in light brown 16. ArtDeco Eye brow pencil in 6

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my best make-up buys of 2015 even if it's already March. Let me know if anything caught your attention.

Sanja ♥

*The products marked with * were given to me. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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  1. Ful dobra objava in super pridobitve! *.* (Natalija)

  2. M.A.C. Fix+ .. I need !
    Essence TE Happy girls are pretty sheer lipbalm in 02 Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat je tudi moja najljubša in ne vem kaj bom, ko jo zmanjka. Tudi če najdem podoben odtenek, mi je embalaža pa kako je tanko oblikovana - top !

    Beauty of a Lemon

    1. Fix+ je res vreden nakupa, jaz si morem ta velikega nabavit :)
      Se čisto strinjam, Essence je s tem res v nulo zadel :)

  3. Sem našla veliko mojih favoritov med tvojimi: L'Occitane CC, MR čokoladna paleta, Essence palete (rabiš še Nude :P ), Essence baked senčke... Jaz bi vsekakor rada videla swatche Max Factor blushev, ker imaš ti končno več odtenkov, bo lažje za primerjat :). In OMG Kiko senčilo <3! Kako čudovit odtenek, ne vem kako sem ga zgrešila.

    Odlično, da si se vseeno odločila objavit to objavo. I liked it a lot ;D.

    1. Ok, if you say so, te jo bom pa že kupila :)
      Ko boš naslednjič naročala kaj pri Kiko, ga definitivno ne zgreši ;)

  4. Joj dejansko me boš prepričala v nakup Velvet rosewood :D

    1. Dejansko ga rabiš. Vsi ga rabijo. :D Jaz skoz gnjavim z njim, haha :)

  5. Seveda se te še spomnimo, ti si una k ponavadi udariš z eno ful obsežno objavo :D :D
    Sem našla kar nekaj istih favoritov, obe CC kremici, pa seveda slavno čokoladko-mislim za ta denar, se ne morem potolažit-top. In pa seveda Lancome maskara <3

    1. Hahaha, guilty as charged. Se vidi, da tudi drugače preveč govorim :)

  6. Welcome back, sweety! You picked up blogging with another great post! I'm drooling over those palettes and lipsticks! :D

    1. Thanks <3
      You should be, they're all drooling worthy ;)


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