Best Beauty Buys Of 2015

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello ladies, 
I'm finally here with my annual Best Beauty Buys. I know it's already the end of January, but better late then never, right? I have quite a lot of products to share with you, so let's just dig in.
If you're wondering, the second part - Best Makeup Buys will go up sometime next week. 

 If you're interested in seeing what has made the cut in the previous years (I've been doing these posts since 2012), you can check them out here. Especially those from last year are worth checking out since I've been still loving and repurchasing the majority of them.
This year I also decided to include some honourable mentions, and all of the products that were sent to me will be marked with *.

  • Biore Free Your Pores deep pore charcoal cleanser: here I also want to make an honourable mention - Biore 6 Ultra deep cleansing pore strips because these two products are without a doubt one of the best products for fighting blackheads. I've noticed a massive improvement since using them. Read more here and here.
  • N°7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil: is a product I've mentioned last year, but I had to mention it once more, since I've been using it for the majority of the year. So far this is my favourite cleansing oil; it gets rid of every make-up within seconds, it's gentle on the eyes and leaves my skin soft, moisturised and glowy.
  • Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It! AHA facial scrub special pore refining formula: I actually can't believe I haven't mentioned this in my favourites yet. I've been using it for more than 6 months now and I absolutely love it. I did need some time to get used to it, since it's not so abrasive as usual face scrubs, but it's super effective. It gets rids of any dead skin, it cleans out pores, leaving you with smaller pores, fresh, soft, smooth and tighten skin. It's on my 'to review list'.
  • Olay / Olaz Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System: is another product I'm planning to review. I've been using it over a year now and I'm a big fan. I really think that the combination of these skin care items helped me get rid of some blackheads, made them less obvious and tightened my pores. 

  • Le Couvent des Minimes Loving Care For The Face The cream for sensitive skin*: I recently did a full review on it (here), so I won't talk much about it, but I've been such a ride or die fan of Afrodita face creams that it really says a lot if I like another cream so much that I decide to feature it here. 
  • 4 kids and us Dnevna pomlajevalna krema: I'm cheating a bit with this one, since I did buy it in 2015, but I've only started using it at the beginning of January. But holy moly is this cream amazing! It's supposed to prevent premature wrinkles and although I was sceptical about it, I'm actually seeing some results already. I want to use it up completely before I do a detailed review, but you can definitely count on one. 
  • Avon Nutra Effects Active Seed Complex Hydration gel cream*: I'm such a fan of the texture of this and what's even better than now in the Winter I can even get away with using it under make-up. Otherwise I tend to use it on days when I'm not wearing any make-up, just to keep my skin nice & hydrated. Read a full review here.
  • Le Petit Olivier Lip balm stick with anti-aging Argan oil: I've mentioned this a couple of times; it's my favourite lip balm, great for dry & chapped lips. I also love the smell, not so much the price. 
  • Essence Pure Skin Anti-spot gel: This has been blowing me away recently, I actually think it's better than the Garnier one that I've been repurchasing for years. It really helps to get rid of spots so quickly, it reduces spot marks and it ''kills'' the spot before it even comes to the surface, if you use it at the right time. 

  • Ombia Wattepads Duo: This is a bit of a weird one to include here, but I disliked pretty much every cotton pads that weren't from Ebelin. But my mum bought these ones from Hofer a few months back and I love them so much. They are duo-sided, so soft and compact (they don't just fall apart when you remove your nail polish for example). This is already our third pack.
  • My Hoin Ni sheet masks: 2015 has definitely been the year of sheet masks for me and the ones from the brand My Hoin Ni are definitely my favourite ones. I currently own three; Hyaluronan &Blue-Green Algae Hydrating Double Lifting Mask, Q10 & Royal Jelly Double Lifting Mask & Caviar Extract Mask. I mentioned them here and here.
  • Redken Extreme Anti-Snap leave-in treatment for distressed hair: I bought this in March and at first I wasn't sure if it was actually doing something, but I started noticing how much stronger/ more elastic my hair got. Before when my hairbrush got caught in my hair, it just broke off the hair, but not the hair actually bounces back (I hope you know what I'm trying to say). My hairdresser also always says that my hair is really healthy and that it's growing, so it looks like I've been doing something right.
  • Swiss O Par Silver shampoo: Ah, this is so much better than the L'Oreal one I mentioned last year, I really notice a difference when I'm using this regularly, usually once a week / every other week.
  • Charles Worthington Salon at home Strength & Repair longer & stronger hair masque: Another product that I absolutely love. Not only is the packaging great, because the lid just pop up, but the mask itself smells great, has a semi-thick consistency with gold flakes and leaves my hair the softest & the smoothest ever. It also claims to help you grow your hair, reduce hair breakage, prevent hair loss and protect against styling harm. 
  • Aussie hair care line*: This year has also been the year of Aussie shampoos, conditioners & treatments for me. So far, I haven't found one that I didn't like. Review is coming up soon.  
  • Avon Advanced Techniques Absolute Perfection BB Treatment Mask*: is another product that deserves a honourable mention cause it blew me away and I already used it up completely. Read more about it here. 
  • Johnny Organic Antioxidant Cacao & super foods body scrub:  I have a strong love-hate relationship with this one. The packaging is horrible and it creates the biggest mess ever, but nothing makes my skin as smooth and as soft as this scrub does. I use it every now and again because of the mess and because you need to use more than you actually need, but I did depot it in a empty pot of a body butter which makes everything a bit easier.
  • Balea Rasieröl: is a product I discovered thanks to Aida and I'm already on my second bottle. You only need the tiniest bit, it prevents ingrown hair, you get a really close shave and it leaves your skin smooth and soft. I just hope the pump won't stop working with this one too.
  • L'Occitane Amande Delicious Paste exfoliating and smoothing: is definitely not as harsh as the Johnny Organic one, but it's still an amazing body scrub. I'm saving it for special occasions, cause it's quite expensive and I don't want to purchase the big size yet. Read more here.
  • Gillette Venus Snap: When I first saw this on Youtube quite awhile ago, I was doubtful that a mini razor could really be that amazing. But when they hit Slovenian stores, I decided to pick one up for the seaside & future travels and let me tell you that it truly is great. It's super sharp, it gives you a really close shave and the rubbery part allows you to get a great grip on it. Not to mention that it's super compact and cute-looking.
  • Avon Attraction for her: is such an interesting and distinctive scent that everyone seems to love (let me tell you that my friend found me in the store because she could smell this perfume). I also find it to be very long-lasting (as I do the majority of perfumes). I've mentioned it here.
  • My spirit by Rebeka: Now this was a huge surprise. My sister bought it for me for Christmas and I wouldn't think in a million years I would be so obsessed with it. There's just something indescribable about it; it's super strong (like really out there), deep, sweet, musky, sexy. Something about it reminds me of Armani Code mixed with another yummy fragrance. I love wearing it at night-time or just any time I want to feel like a bad ass really. I love the packaging as well, although I think it was a part of their holiday special.
  • Lancome La vie est belle: I just recently purchased the big size of it, cause I fell in love with the little sample so much. To me this is the most sophisticated, elegant, lady-like, grown-up perfume scent that I own. There something calming about it and it makes me feel like I know what I'm doing in life. It's also one of those scents I can't smell on me for long, but everyone else seems to. 
  • Essence The Gel nail polish: They really knew what they were doing when they came out with these new nail polishes. They're really opaque, glossy, long-lasting, with a nice, flat and wide brush. What more could you want?
  • Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Forever Strong gel nail colour in 287 Rouge Coutur Midnight Red: By now we all probably know how I feel about these nail polishes, but my favourite colour that I picked up in 2015 has definitely been the 287 Rouge Coutur Midnight Red.
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat: For me, the best top coat I've ever tried. It instantly dries nail polishes, it doesn't shrink them, it makes them long-lasting and so far, it hasn't thicken up.
  • Bourjois La Laque in 7 Lycheers: Another nail polish with great formula and an amazing shade - it's like Nude-ist on your nails.
  • Essie Perennial Chic & In Stitches: We all probably know that Essie nail polishes are great, and in 2015 I found another amazing nude shade and that dusty rosey-brown shade that I absolutely adore.
  • Lush Lemony Flutter: This is a life saver for your cuticle. I'll leave it at that, but you can read  more & see it in action here.

  • Metallic Face Brushes from Ebay: I just mentioned these on my last post (here), but these two have definitely been one of the best purchases in 2015. And they are super cheap!
  • Real Techniques Setting brush: wasn't a 2015 purchase, but I didn't include it in my yearly favourites yet and it definitely deserves its spot. This is my go-to brush for setting my under eye concealer and I haven't used anything else for that since I got it. It also works great with highlighter, blending out concealer or even contouring.
  • Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint: is the best brush for contouring ever, period. If you like to contour your face, you need it. Trust me! I raved about it here.
I also decided to include some swatches:
  1. Essence The Gel nail polish in 37 Serendipity
  2. -//- in 52 Amazed by you* (my favourite of the bunch)
  3. -//- in 40 Play with my mint
  4. -//- in 24 Indian Summer
  5. Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Forever Strong gel nail colour in 287 Rouge Coutur Midnight Red
  6. Bourjois La Laque in 7 Lycheers
  7. Essie Perennial Chic
  8. Essie In Stitches
  9. Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It! AHA facial scrub special pore refining formula
  10. Charles Worthington Salon at home Strength & Repair longer & stronger hair masque
  11. Johnny Organic Antioxidant Cacao & super foods body scrub

I hope you enjoyed reading through my Best Beauty Buys Of 2015. What was your best beauty purchase last year?

Sanja ♥

*The products marked with * were given to me. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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12 komentarji

  1. Zdaj me pa res zanima krema 4 kids and us. Sliši se super obetavno! :D Redken imam jaz že 3 leta skoraj (verjetno bi že moralo v smeti), pa se še zdaj ne morem odločiti če kaj pomaga ali nič. :/ Baleino olje in Sally Hansen Insta Dry gresta že na wish listo. Kje pa si kupila Sally Hansen? Jaz že dolgo iščem kak res dober nadomestek za Seche Vite, pa se mi zdi nemogoče najt.

    Odlična objava. Sem našla veliko novih izdelkov, ki jih še nisem videla na drugih blogih :)

    1. Jaz sem najprej opazila zmanjšanje teh gub na vratu, res upam, da bo še kakšna opazna razlika do takrat ko jo porabim do konca. Pa sama tekstura mi je tudi zelo všeč :)
      Za Redken sem pa jaz tudi mislila da nič ne bo, potem pa sem po prib. 6 mesecih opazila, da so lasje veliko bolj elastični. Sally Hansen sem kupila v Seiersbergu, meni je veliko boljši kot Seche Vite :)
      Hvala <3

  2. La vie est belle <3 sem nekaj časa nazaj dobila ful testerjev, kook ta prafum res noro diši!
    Moram probat spot remover od Essenca. Balea olje je pa tudi na mojem best of 2015 buys seznamu - tudi na 2. flaški pri kateri, surprise surprise, pumpica celo zelo dobro dela! :D Upam, da boš tudi ti imela naslednjič kaj več sreče :D

    1. A ne? Jaz sem ga takoj pograbila ko je bila v Leclercu akcija, čeprav ga ima v Beauty World še ceneje :)
      Pri meni pri tem ta drugem pumpica tudi dobro dela (upam, da bo ostalo tako) :D

  3. Tole objavo sem pa tako z užitkom prebrala. Sem si jo morala kar shranit, ker je toliko stvari, ki me zanima :) Ravno iščem now spot gel, pa bom verjetno kar tega od Essence sprobala. Pa Sally Hansen bi rada preizkusila, ker mi zmanjkuje Seche Vite. S kje je My spirit by Rebeka? Zveni zanimivo :)

    1. Hvalaaa <3
      Mene je res presenetil ta od Essence, sem prej leta in leta kupovala tistega od Garnier. My spirit by Rebeka je pa iz online trgovine, mislim da lahko celo testerje naročiš :)

  4. Essie sta res čudovita odtenka! <3
    Me pa zelo zanima kje je možno kupit ta aparat za čiščenje obraza?
    Hvala :)

    1. Jaz sem ga sicer dobila za darilo, ampak je bil kupljen v Müllerju. Ravno pred kratkim sem kupila te nadomestne ''glavice'', tako da mislim, da bi ga skoraj še morali imeti :)

    2. Ni za kaj :) P.S. če ga boš kupila, naj te začetno poslabšanje kože ne prestraši preveč.

  5. My spirit bi naj bil dupe za Aliena :)
    Drugače pa WTF je olje za britje? Kje jaz živim, da ne vem da obstaja. I need this in my live, like now!
    Super objava Sanja, sem jo z veseljem prebrala ;)

    1. A res? Morem enkrat povohat in primerjat :)
      Jaz tudi ne bi vedela, da obstaja, če ne bi pri Aidi na FB strani videla enkrat lani. Res je super, mislim, da ti ne bo žal. Je pa zapakiran še v škatlici, če ga boš slučajno iskala po DMU :)
      Hvala, me veseli :D


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