Sunday's Chit-Chat: Random Favourites vol. 11

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Hello ladies, 
October passed so it's time for another edition of my random favourites.
I was quite surprised when I took a look into my blogging notebook and saw that I have quite a selection of different things this time, so I'm excited to share them with you.

random, favourites
Let's start with the most important one: Hello by Adele. 
I mean, can we talk about this? It seems like I've waited a life-time for her to release a new song and this one was definitely worthwhile. I listen to it about three time ever day, at least. No need to mention that I'm dying with the excitement for her new album, right?
Also, let's take a moment to appreciate her beyond perfect winged eyeliner. 
Other songs that I've been listening in between Hello are Used to love you by Gwen Stefani and How deep is your love by Calvin Harris & Discipline (Chris Lake Remix).

Fleur de Force, The Glam Guide
I also finally finished reading The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force. 
I'll admit that I was instantly put off the Youtuber's book trend as soon as almost everyone started coming out with one, but I decided to buy this one since Fleur is one of my favourite Youtubers to watch. And I have to say that I wasn't disappointed by the book.
The cover isn't my favourite, only because those photos below look very childish, but I do think the book targets younger audience, so I can look pass it. The inside though, is absolutely stunning. The illustrations are phenomenal and I wanted to take a photo of every single one. I also learned a few new tricks like throwing a half a mug of vinegar in with your denim wash to stop darker jeans from fading as quickly, or fixing any scuffs on patent leather with a little Vaseline, etc.
There are also some great DIY recipes for hair masks, breakfast & lunch ideas, how-to's on hairstyles,...
I also enjoyed her writing style and her personal touch on different aspects of life, for example: All of the most sylish girls I know are always a little messy looking. Or A lot of books like this read like a beauty rule book, telling you what you must or must not do. I hate that. Beauty is individual. Not only because taste differs, but also because everyone's face is different. Some faces can take a lot of makeup, others looks ridiculous fully made-up. Trying to be something you're not, or re-creating a beauty look that simply doesn't suit you never looks food, no matter what anyone says about it being the right way to do things. Therefore, my advice is to go with your instincts. Try new things, but only stick to the ones that suit you, and don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing it you're not happy with doing it.
I could probably write a whole post only featuring my favourite things about this book, but I'll leave it at that. If you have a chance to flick through it in person, I would definitely recommend you to do that.
Sticking with the Youtube theme, this passed month I also unsubscribed from a bunch of ''big'' Youtubers. I got really bored of seeing the same content that actually isn't even good over and over again when there are so many other and smaller Youtubers that actually put so much more effort in their videos. I also discovered some new channels and these are the ones that I would like to mention this month: Sunbeamjess and her vlog channelRachel AustLaura ByrneChewingSand and all of the Halloween looks from Nicole Guerriero. If you have any suggestions on some Youtubers that are worth watching, please let me know in the comments.

boots, H&M
One of the reasons why I like colder months are boots and this time I have two favourite pairs to share with you.
The first pair was a random find between one of my lunch breaks at work. I bought them in this shop called Extratekstil in Maribor and they were half off. I especially love the lace details, but the gold hardware is nice too and they're also comfortable to wear.
The second pair are these H&M booties that I first saw on Ana and I knew I had to have them. Of course I couldn't find them near where I live, so when I started with classes, I ran to H&M on Čopova and there they were. They're extremely comfortable to wear, easy to walk and drive in, and look good dressed up or down. I've been wearing them like they're the only pair of shoes that I own.
I don't have any new TV Shows to mention, although the ones that I mentioned last month keep getting better and better. But I did realise today that I didn't mention any movie favourites for awhile now. The Age of Adaline is such a good movie that I don't really know how I forgot to talk about it. I already watched it twice and I know I won't be stopping here. I also re-watched The Proposal and You again when I was sick and both of them always cheer me up. 

Monica Vinader, Riva, ring
I wasn't really sure if I wanted to talk about this next favourite or not, but I do think it deserves a mention.
I'm not a big jewellery person, all of the rings that I own start to bother me in matter of minutes, if I'm wearing a necklace for too long I get a feeling that I'm being strangled, and the only piece of ''jewellery'' that I do like to wear are earrings, but not the expensive ones as I like to switch them out daily. So when my parents asked me what I wanted for my graduation present, I said a ring and shocked us all. I don't know why, but I really wanted one. After looking almost everywhere and not really finding something that I would like, I remember seeing some British bloggers & Youtubers wearing this Monica Vinader Riva Diamond Hoop ring. I went online to take a few looks at it, found the rose gold version, fell completely in love and my parents kindly ordered it for me.
To say I was completely blown away by their customer service is putting it lightly. My mum ordered the ring on Monday and it already arrived on Wednesday morning! No priority shipping or something like that. Everything also came packaged so nicely that I almost didn't want to open it, and the ring itself was even more beautiful in person than on photos. I will admit that I was very sceptical if I was even going to wear it a lot, but I've come so far now that I actually miss it if I forget to put it on in the morning. I think that the main reason for that is that the ring is super lightweight and dainty, and I can't even feel it on my finger. 
The only downside to this is the fact that I'm now already eyeing up a new one for my birthday.

earrings, Smile concept store
Speaking about earrings, I've been really liking these tiny stud earrings. I'm not sure where each pair is from, but probably either from H&M or Accessorize since I buy the majority of my earrings from those two places.
The first thing that I do when I come home is usually take off my earrings and I used to do that in the bathroom where there seems to be a Bermuda triangle for earrings. So when we got this extremely cute bird plate from Smile Concept Store at the Beautiful Bloggers Meet-Up I instantly found the use for it. Now I don't always manage to somehow loose an earring any more, and everything just looks extra cute, which is always a bonus.
Lastly, I have to share some of my favourite blog posts:
Taya has been on fire with her Halloween makeup series, but I also really liked the Halloween post from
Petra / Adjusting Beauty. Petra also did a great post on Dos and don'ts of make-up
- Jennie's post called Hello, it's me... is one of the most personal and relatable posts that I've read this month, so of course I have to feature it here as well
- And what would be monthly favourites without sharing some love towards Mateja. Her ''seasonal'' picks are one of my all-time favourite posts to read and her Autumn Picks #2 were no different, but the true show stopper for me is her post on How to determine your skin's undertone. A must read if you ask me.

What were your random favourites this past month? Share them with me.

Sanja ♥ 

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12 komentarji

  1. Prstan je prekjut. <3 Mene pa The Adalind film nekako ni prepričal. Saj mi je bil všeč, ampak se ni znašel na seznamu filmov, ki jih moram spet pogledati.
    Knjige Youtuberjev so pa trenutno očitno res vroča roba, ker jo že vsak piše. Mene od vseh najbolj zanima Lisina, ker verjamem, da je zelo informativna, drugače pa nameravam prebrati še Zoellino, just because I like stories. ;)
    Hvala za deljenje mojih objav. <3

    1. Jaz sem pa glede na trailer mislila, da mi ne bo všeč, me je pa pozitivno presenetil kot sem ga pa dejansko pogledala :)
      Ja to od Lise sem si pa ravno pred kratkim ogledovala, mene zanima še od Mirande Sings, samo zato ker je verjetno zelo smešna in neumna haha :D
      Malenkost <3

  2. Hello si tudi jaz derem vsaj 5x na dan, moj samo pravi :oh ne, ko sliši, da spet dam gor ta komad :). How Deep is Your Love je tudi moja favorite ta mesec. Imava podoben okus očitno ;). Boots in prstan so mi ful lepi. Jaz nosim nakit ko grem kam ven, ko pridem domov pa takoj vse dol iz sebe :).
    Hvala za linke ;) <3

    1. Haha, pri meni doma so se ga tudi že vsi naveličali poslušati :D
      Malenkost <3

  3. Super objava :D Všeč mi je, da niso samo beauty stvari, še posebej ker imava očitno enak okus: Hello, filmi, YouTube, čevlji, ok...kar vsee :P Vedno z veseljem berem tvoje poste :D

    1. Me veseli, upam, da bo še naprej tako :)

  4. Sem vesela da si le našla te gležnjarčke, jst svoje obožujem! <3 :)
    Prstan je amazing<3, krasno si izbrala! :)

    Pa res hvala za omembe :* <3

    1. Jaa, pa še zadnja št so bili, wup wup :D
      Ni kaj, zasluženo <3

  5. Uuuuuuf v te gležnjarjr iz H&M sem bla jaz tud zaljubljena, pa nikjer nisem mogla najt svoje številke :O letos pa še nekak nisem nakupovala gležnjarjev :D
    Age of Adeline mam tud jaz namen pogledat, sam mam zdaj že ful visoka pričakovanja,ko vsi govorite kak je dober film :D

    1. Jaz sem v Lj tudi vzela zadnjo 39 takrat :)
      No upam, da ne boš potem razočarana. Jaz mislim, da mi je bil celo drugič bolj všeč :)

  6. I like the pairs of boots and earrings


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