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Monday, November 02, 2015

Hello ladies,
it's already November which means two things: it's time for October favourites and we can start talking about Christmas. But let's save the later one for another time.

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I have to say that I'm quite surprised I have this many favourites to talk about, especially make-up, since I've been sick for two weeks this past month and make-up was the last thing on my mind. But I discovered quite a few amazing new products that I already consider as my staples.

eyeshadows, Avon, Essence, Youngblood
I've been trying to stay away from eyeshadow palettes so that I can show some love to my individual eyeshadows. The ones featured here are the ones that I've been mainly wearing in October and they're all amazing.
The Essence I ♥ Nude eyeshadow in 03 Crème Brulee is a gorgeous all over the lid shade that also works as a inner corner/  brow bone highlight. It's baked which makes it really smooth and pigmented. Essence really did a good job with these eyeshadows.
The Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Pressed Individual Eyeshadow in Topaz completely caught me off guard with its pigmentation. I don't know what I was thinking when I swirled my brush in it and applied it to my lid without tapping off the brush, but I sure did spent a lot of time blending it out after that. The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is out of this world, so much so that I have to be really careful with the application. A little truly goes a long, long way with this one. But the pigmentation isn't the only amazing thing about it, the shade itself is absolutely stunning, a deep, shimmery, chocolate shade that is also very long-wearing. I'm also a big fan of the packaging and I now want to try a shade from their satin & matte range as well. Have to say that I'm really glad that we got a chance to get to know this brand at the Beautiful Bloggers Meet-up because judging by this eyeshadow, they really do have some interesting products.
Don't let the Yves Rocher Duo Eyeshadow in 22 Menthe Et Ecorce trick you into thinking that I've been wearing mint eyeshadow on my lids, I'm not there yet. But after owning it for more than a year probably, I finally dig this one out of my collection and tried to taupe shade. Little did I know that I'll completely fell in love with it, as everything about it is perfect: it's pigmented, easy to blend, long-wearing and a great crease shade in general. All in all, a great gift with purchase.
The last eyeshadow that I've been loving is the ArtDeco 214 which is a shade I always tend to gravitate toward this time of the year. It's very smooth, but I do need to build it up a tiny bit to get it to its full potential. But I find it to be a very unique shade and I don't have anything just like it in my collection. It's a douchrome shade that looks more purplish in the pan, but once you swatch it you can see that it also has a pinky sheen and in some light looks more on the taupe side. The perfect autumnal shade that adds something a bit different to my usually very neutral look.
To keep all of these eyeshadows in place, I've been using the Avon Eyeshadow primer that I already reviewed way back in 2013 (you can read it here). It's been a long time since I've used it up and I've never repurchased it for some reason, so I was very excited when it was in their goody bag from Beautiful Bloggers Meet-up. I still stand by everything I mentioned in that review: it's an amazing, budget-friendly eyeshadow primer that works on oily eyelids and prevents creasing for around 8 hours. Because of its shade it's also great for cancelling out any darkness. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the packaging, it would be way better if it came in a squeeze tube.

MeMeMe, blush, lip balms
I always tend to switch up my blush the most, but this month I've been all about the MeMeMe Blush Me! blush box in Rouge. It gives my cheeks a stunning flush of colour that looks quite natural, even though it's a glittery blush. It's one of those shades that make you wonder if you're wearing a blush or if you're just naturally flushed from the cold weather. I posted a full review on it here.
Due to my sickness, my lips were extremely dry & chapped and the hero of this story is without a doubt Le Couvent Des Minimes Orange Blossom Aroma smile lip balm.  Le Couvent Des Minimes is another brand that I discovered thanks to Beautiful Bloggers Meet-up and I'll definitely be trying out more of their products in the future. The lip balm itself has a lovely scent and comes off as a clear gloss. It supposedly has marshmallow extract for soothing, Shea butter for nourishing and apricot seed oil for protection, and I have to say that it did all of these things for me. Since it's quite glossy and non-sticky it's also great for those no-makeup make-up days.
On days when I wasn't wearing that one, I've been wearing the Labello Care & Colour in Red. For some reason I stayed away from lipstick in October and I only wanted something moisturising that would give me a hint of colour, and this one does exactly that. 

Oriflame, Hand Cream, Eucerin, CC Cream, La Roche Posay
But my lips weren't the only thing that was extremely dry this month, my hands and even my face got all dried up which was quite surprising. 
Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold range is pleasantly surprising me, but I'll talk about it more another time. Today I'll only mention their Moisturising hand cream that has been living on my night stand. As far as hand creams go, this one is on the thicker side, but it's not very greasy although it does takes a bit of time to sink in and leaves a bit of that over-layer. But it's very nourishing and moisturising which will become more and more important as the weather gets colder.
I won't talk much about the Eucerin Hyaluron-filler CC Cream cause I'm preparing a detailed review for next week, but I'll say that I'm completely hooked on it and I was almost a 100% certain that I won't get along with it after the first swatch.  It looks crazily orange swatched, but it blends into the skin gorgeously.
Last favourite is the La Roche Posay Hydreane Legere Moisurizing cream for sensitive skin. I got this one last year in a giveaway and it's now almost empty. It's a very light cream that sinks into the skin really quickly, but still gives it a lot of moisture. That's the reason why I only use it in the Winter and on days when I'm not wearing make-up. But when I was sick my skin was just drinking this up and I'm glad that I now have the back up of their Riche version.

swatches, eyeshadows, lip balms, blush, creams
Here are the swatches:
1: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Pressed Individual Eyeshadow in Topaz
2: Yves Rocher Duo Eyeshadow in 22 Menthe Et Ecorce
3: ArtDeco 214
4: Essence I ♥ Nude eyeshadow in 03 Crème Brulee
5:  Avon Eyeshadow primer
6: Le Couvent Des Minimes Orange Blossom Aroma smile lip balm
7: Labello Care & Colour in Red
8: MeMeMe Blush Me! blush box in Rouge
9: Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold  Moisturising hand cream
10: La Roche Posay Hydreane Legere Moisurizing cream for sensitive skin
11: Eucerin Hyaluron-filler CC Cream

What have you been loving in October? Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway.

Sanja ♥

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  1. great products :)))


  2. Youngblood je res neverjeten, jaz ne morem pozabiti njihovih kremnih rdečil. Če bi našla stojalo kje v bližini, bi zagotovo kupila 2-3 stvari. In Avonov primer je odličen, ne morem verjeti :D

    1. Jaz pa ne Bashful rdečila, po novem letu si ga 100% privoščim :D
      A ne, da je dober? :)

  3. Ooo, kakšno lepo barvo si ti dobila od YB, fouš! :)

    1. O, sploh nisem vedela, da nismo vse dobile tega odtenka. Kakšnega imaš pa ti?

  4. I want every single shade from the Essence Nude Shadow line... They're gorgeous xx

    1. I currently have four and I'll probably ended up buying some more with time as well :)

  5. The Essence eye shadow is so pretty! I really like that brand!


    1. I like them too, they have some amazing products for such low prices :)


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