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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello ladies, 
I promised this post in my September Sparkles, but I haven't gotten around of actually writing it, until today. As you might be able to tell from the title, this is going to be a very positive review of the Make Up Factory Mat Lip Fluid in Velvet Rosewood.

Make Up Factory, Mat Lip Fluid, review
 Make Up Factory is a brand I've discovered quite a long time ago, but I've mainly only buying their nail polishes. It's also a brand that always catches my attention when I'm in Müller, but I hardly ever actually buy something. But when I saw Sara mention one of the shades from their Mat Lip Fluid line, I just knew this is something I have to check out immediately. 
I have to say that I was quite disappointed with the shade selection (probably due to those horrendous lights in the store), but the shade 61 Velvet Rosewood instantly caught my eye.

Make Up Factory, Mat Lip Fluid, Velvet Rosewood
One of the things I really like with Make Up Factory in general, is their packaging. It's very sleek, minimalistic yet elegant at the same time. It feels very well made and I love the fact that you can actually see the colour of the product. This one is no exception. 
They describe this Mat Lip Fluid as an intensive, long-lasting colour with a matt finish, and this is exactly right. It supposedly has pure pigments that give such an intense and pigmented colour pay-off, and the light & creamy texture doesn't contain any perfumes, parabens or silicones. The product is also dermatologically approved.
You get 6.5 ml /0.21 fl. oz. of product and it retails for 14, 50€ in Müller.

Make Up Factory, Mat Lip Fluid, Velvet Rosewood
 It doesn't happen all that often that I completely agree with everything the company claims about a certain product, but this time, I don't really have any other choice than to agree completely.
The pigmentation of this is out of this world, one application is more than enough for a fully opaque lip and the texture truly is very creamy and lightweight. So much so, that I can't actually feel it on my lips, if they aren't super dry / cracked, but I don't tend to wear these types of product at such times any way.
The product itself is also quite liquidy and when you first apply it does have a bit of shine to it, but dries to a completely matt finish in a few minutes. 

Make Up Factory, Mat Lip Fluid, applicator
 It has a doe-foot applicator that has a quite interesting shape to it. It's angled and curved, and because of that it fits perfectly in the centre of the lips. Due to it's creamy and more liquid texture, I like to either use a lip liner with it (for example Essence Longlasting lipliner in 06 A girl's dream) or I tend to turn the doe-foot applicator around, and use the non-angled side to get a nice & even application in the corners. 
Because of the texture and the shade itself, I find this product to be perfect for those of you who like to overdraw your lips. It's actually really easy to get over the line if you're not very careful and it somehow manages to actually not look half as bad as overdrawn lips usually do. Well, that's my opinion and don't feel offended if you like overdrawing your lips.

Make Up Factory, Mat Lip Fluid, swatches
 The shade name 61 Velvet Rosewood is definitely appropriate, since it is that kind of a deep, rosewood / marsala shade that is so popular this year. I have to say that I really like how it looks on my fair skin, but I'm sure it would look great on darker skin tones as well.
I especially love wearing it with a minimal and neutral make-up, since it adds something more colourful to it, and makes you look way more put together than you actually are.
It's also the perfect shade for the colder months and I've been wearing it like it's going out of style.
You can see on the swatches above how glossy it looks at first, and the finish it dries to after a few minutes. The shade on the last two heart swatches is also the most true to how the shade actually looks in real life, since it turned out a bit more pinky on the lip swatches below.

Make Up Factory, Mat Lip Fluid, Velvet Rosewood, swatches
One thing that I didn't mention yet, and probably the thing that surprised me the most with this Mat Lip Fluid is how long-lasting it is on me. Sara mentioned that the shade that she has lasts 4-5 hours on her, but this one can last more than 8 hours on me. Once it sets, it won't budge no matter what (well, except if I use a lip balm over it, which I sometimes do after a few hours). 
It survives drinking (I mentioned how it survived a drinking night out), it survives eating, it doesn't smudges, it doesn't transfer even if I rub my lips on my hand (like I did for these swatches),.. It just locks onto my lips and stays there. 

In my September Sparkles I said that I think I prefer this one to the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's and I definitely do, I only wish the shade selection was as good as it is with the Bourjois ones. Also, if any of you are wondering: Velvet Rosewood is quite darker than Bourjois Nude-ist, which is also a lot more pinky.
The conclusion is that I really can't say enough good things about it.

Have you tried the Make Up Factory Mat Lip Fluids yet? What's your favourite product from them?

Sanja ♥

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  1. Neeeeeee! Ravno ko mi je uspelo pozabit nanjga....
    Now I really really really want it :/ :(
    (Super ti paše btw, da nebom samo egoističnih govorov imela...)

    1. Muahahahaha ;) Sej v bistvu je tako krasen odtenek, da ga res rabiš :D

  2. Res hud odtenek in finiš, super ti paše :)

  3. Ful lep odtenek <3 Ga imam že od tvojega septemberskega favourites posta na WL, ampak vedno pozabim preveriti, ko sem v Mullerju

    1. Pa kako je to mogoče, hehe? Upam, da ga zdaj ne boš več pozabila ;)

  4. Pa ravno včeraj sem ga držala. Mogoče je ta bolj obstojen ker je temnejši, sigurno pa izgleda super na tebi :D

    1. Mogoče ja, me zanima kako se kaj tisti bolj nude odtenki obnesejo :)

  5. Vsakič ga pogledam ko sem v Műllerju, ampak mi je sestična rekla, da je njej pregrd in mi ga ne pusti kupit :D Lol, no. Enkrat ga bom vseeno mogoče sneakily kupila.

    1. Pa kako sestrično maš ti to? Sej se hecam :) Ziher bi ji bil všeč, ko bi ga dejansko imela na ustnicah :)

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  7. Waw lep je <3 dejstvo da je temnejši mi je všeč :) in da je obstojen je tudi velik plus, moram naslednjič malo odtenke pregledat :))


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