September Sparkles

Friday, October 02, 2015

Hello ladies, 
it's already October which means that it's time for September Sparkles.
I decided to skip the August ones as I hardly wore any make-up, but this month I have a nice selection of make-up and beauty products.

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Since I decided to combine the monthly buys of August and September, I decided that I'm not going to do another one for a few things that I bought since then, but I'll talk about two products that I did bought since and that have already completely won me over.

Blushes, Catrice, The Balm, Frat Boy
First up are the two blushes I've been reaching for the most in September.
Catrice Powder blush from LE Lumination in the shade C01 Flushed-Fiction is me in a blush form. A neutral, dusty rose shade with shimmers that looks extremely natural on the cheeks. It gives you that healthy flushed glow from within, and it's the perfect every day shade. It's similar to I'm Nuts About You which is one of my all time favourite blushes, but that one is darker and more mauve/rosy.
And on days when I wanted something brighter, I opted for The Balm Frat Boy. This baby has been on my WL for ages, but I never actually bought it. That was until The Balm finally became available in Slovenia and I got the chance to swatch it. I obviously don't need to point out that it went straight into my basket.
It's a vibrant peachy pink shade that has a lovely sheen to it. It's really smooth and pigmented, so a little goes a long way. It gives your cheeks a lovely flush of colour and makes you look more awake. I'm thinking of doing a whole review on it, so let me know if this is something you would be interested in reading.

Urban Decay, Naked, Essence, Happy girls are pretty
I'll admit it, with the amount of eyeshadows that I own, I've been neglecting the Urban Decay Naked palette. But when I did my friend's make-up in August and used it on her, I instantly remembered why it's one of my favourite and most used palettes - it's just perfect. The shadows are gorgeous, buttery soft, easy to blend, pigmented and long-lasting. What more could you ask for (except one or two more matte shades)? 
Since then this has once again become my go-to eyeshadow palette and I especially love wearing Sin, Sidecar (I found a completely new admiration for it when I used it with a wet brush, absolutely stunning!) and Toasted.
Another staple in my make-up routine is the Essence TE Happy girls are pretty ultra slim eye pencil in 02 The choco side of life. I'm completely obsessed with this one, I wear it constantly. It's a great dark brown shade that's completely matte, very creamy, pigmented and long-lasting. It gives your eyes definition, makes your lashes look fuller, but doesn't look as harsh as a black eyeliner. 

Armani, Yves Rocher, Perfumes, Sally Hansen, nail polish, Avon, hair mask
Armani Code perfume is a bitter-sweet favourite for me. It has been my go-to scent for going out in high school and I haven't worn it in about 5 years until this month. I never believed/understood how some people claim that perfumes remind them of past moments, etc. but now I do. This perfume definitely has a lot of memories attached to it and whenever I smell it, it makes me cringe a bit, but IT JUST SMELLS TOO GOOD! I only have a tiny bit left, which also sucks since it's very expensive and I hate buying perfumes for myself. Here are the notes.
The perfume / eau de toilette that I'm not using sparingly at all, is the Yves Rocher Malaysian Coconut. This smells like coconut (well obviously) and it's my ''every day, running errands'' scent / body spray. It's not very long-lasting in the sense that I can't smell it on myself quite quickly after I apply it, but I tend to get compliments on it long after I think it has already disappeared from my body/clothes. It also goes really well with the Yves Rocher Monoi perfume if you like to layer your fragrances.
I can now officially say it: Sally Hansen Insta Dri is my favourite top coat. It dries your nails in no time, makes them crazily glossy and actually pro-longs the wear of the nail polish. I loved the Seche Vite but it always made my nail polish chipped way faster than usual and sometimes it also shrunk it, but with this one, I don't have any complaints. It of course isn't available in Slovenia, but that's nothing new. I bought mine in Seiersberg shopping centre in Austria.
I won't talk much about the Avon Advanced Techniques Absolute Perfection BB Treatment Mask because I just did a review on the entire line (here), but I had to include it cause I've been using it religiously for the past two months.

Revlon, HD Rose, Essence, Sheer Lipbalm, Make Up Factory, Velvet Rosewood
Let me just tell you that it's been a long time since I've been so passionate about some lip products that I'm about these three.
If it wasn't for Mateja and Sara I would probably pass by a great every day lipstick that is the Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in 830 HD Rose. It's the perfect every day pink shade that still looks noticeable and semi-bright. It's extremely comfortable to wear, feels like a tinted lip balm, which has been amazing since I've been having very dry lips due to a cold I can't seem to shake. Due to its creaminess it's not very long-wearing, but I don't mind that since you can easily touch it up any time, every where and without a mirror. My only complain is the packaging, since I can't seem to get the lipstick back into the tube without smudging it all over the lid. But that too will soon pass when I use it up a bit more. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it smells like ice-cream Planica. I warn you, you'll be tempted to eat it.
Essence TE Happy girls are pretty sheer lipbalm in 02 Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat! is pretty much the same thing as the Revlon one, just much darker and more on the mauve-y/brownish side. Not sure why it's called ''sheer'' cause this looks fully opaque on my lips in two swipes. Perfect shade for Autumn and Winter.
Last but certainly not least, Make  Up Factory Mat Lip Fluid in 61 Velvet Rosewood. I'm going to make a bold statement now - I think I prefer this one to Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's. The formula is impeccable; extremely pigmented (one swipe is more than enough for a fully opaque lip), so lightweight I don't even feel it on my lips, very long-lasting (it survived a drinking night out - 8 hours, without a problem), doesn't transfer onto things and has a gorgeous mat finish that doesn't settle into the lines on your lips. I actually miss wearing it now that my lips are so dry, because it does cling to dry patches.
Oh, and the shade is gorgeous as well. I deep, dark marsala (Kylie Jenner lips without lip fillers). I'm planning on doing a whole separate post on it, cause I think it deserves some more praising.

And now the swatches.
1 Revlon HD Rose, 2 Essence Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat!, 3 Make Up Factory Velvet Rosewood, 4 Toasted, Sin & Sidecar, 5 Essence The choco side of life, 6 Catrice Flushed-Fiction, 7 The Balm Frat Boy.
And on the left side you can see how Essence Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat! and The choco side of life look on me.

What was your favourite product this month?

Sanja ♥

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15 komentarji

  1. Kok rada tvoje sparkles preberem :) Tvoj okus za mejkap je še najbolj podoben mojemu. 61 Velvet Rosewood pa Happy Girls šminko rabim, pa sploh nisem bila v drogerijah že mesec. Dobila sem paletko od theBalm Nude'tude in je gorgeous, še bolj mi je všeč od Naked, tako da me zdaj mika vse kar imajo, Frat Boy je na prioritetni listi. Basically, kar nimam iz te objave, bi ti vse ukradla :P

    1. Hvalaaa <3
      Res rabiš ja, že vem, da bo Velvet Rosewood izgledal ah-mazing on you :) Joooj neee, jaz sem ravno v sredo videla, da so jih zopet dobili v Celju, ker so zadnjič bile vse pobrane...Res ne rabim še ene palete senčil :)

      P.S. Pogrešale smo te včeraj ;)

  2. Me je presenetila Essence šminka. V trgovini je niti nisem probala, ker sem mislila, da je lip balm. Zanimiv odtenek :). Yves Rocher je itak zakon. Veselim se ocene Makeup Factory glosa, ker mi je zdaj ta tvoja bold statement izredno zanimiva :D

    1. Meni najprej ravno za to ni bila všeč, ker je po swatchu na roki izgledala vleiko bolj sheer in sem jo zato kupila haha :) Se bom potrudila, da bo ocena čimprej na blogu.

      P.S. Tudi tebe smo pogrešile včeraj :)

    2. To bi bila zame največja prednost te konference, da bi vas vse spoznala. Samo zaradi tega sem na začetku kolebala :). Upam, da bodo še kdaj kakšni dogodki, ko se bomo končno v živo videle :)

  3. Škoda, da ni na voljo v Sloveniji Sally Halsen nadlak. A njihovi laki so podobni rang kot Essie ali dražji?

    1. Res je škoda, ker so njeni laki meni super, sploh tale nadlak. Je pa podoben rang kot Essie ja :)

  4. Mene bi najbolj zanimali oceni MUF Mat Lip Fluida in The Balm Frat Boy blusha :) Na sploh so mi The Balm izdelki (od preizkušenih) presenetljivo dobri.
    Armani Code sem tudi jaz uporabljala za posebne priložnosti v prehodu iz gimnazije na faks in stekleničke kar nočem porabiti do konca, ker na vonj veže toliko spominov :)

    1. To je zaenkrat moj prvi njihov izdelek, ampak že vem, da ne bo zadnji :)
      Haha, vidim, da nisem edina :)

  5. Damn, jst rabim to MakeUp Factory šminko <3

  6. Tudi sama imam Naked paletko in opažam da jo uporabljam dosti manj kot ostale paletke in senčke ki so veliko cenejše .. me je pa zelo presenetila Essence šminka ker izgleda res super .. sicer je pa čez Make Up Factory šminko ni .. izgleda čudovita ;)

    1. Ta Essence šminka je res tak skriti zaklad :D

  7. Aaaah, the Naked palette. Time for me to dig up that old friend again as well ^^
    great post, as always!

    1. Right? I don't know why we neglect it if it's so amazing :D


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