Beauty Buys Of The Month #10

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello ladies, 
today I have a very modest, but still exciting monthly beauty haul to share with you.
I was thinking of skipping it since I only bought four things, but I did receive a few great things in the mail and since you don't all follow me on Instagram, I wanted to share them here too.

beauty buys, haul, makeup
 I've been trying to cut back on buying new beauty product this month (and for the upcoming months as well) since I don't really need anything and I have so many new products to play around from the first beauty blogger conference. I'm actually really proud of how good I was this month and was actually surprised when I saw that I managed to only buy four products.

Essence, Avon, perfume, eye liner
 I talked about the Essence Nail Art Nail polish remover in my latest empties and I've mentioned how I always have one in my stash. Since I nearly used up another one I, of course had to repurchase a back up.
I also placed an order from Avon. I got their new Attraction for Her fragrance cause I fell in love with the scent at the beauty blogger conference. I also got the matching body lotion with it, but I gave it away since I already have so many body lotions in my stash. 
Attraction for Her is described as an unstoppable, long-lasting scent with blackberry, magnetic musk, vanilla and amber (more notes on Fragnatica). On me, it's a deep and more musky scent rather than a fruity one. For some this might be a more evening appropriate fragrance, but I tend to wear that kind of perfumes in my day to day life. I would also agree that it's long-lasting, but then again, I don't have a problem with perfumes lasting on me. It also seems to be a quite intriguing scent since I tend to always get compliments on it when I wear it. I'm also a big fan of the different-shaped bottle.
I also finally got their Kohl Eye Liner in Cobalt Blue that has been on my wishlist ever since I saw it on Petra's blog. I'll admit that I'm still getting used to the colour, since I'm a ride or die neutral fan, but it's growing on me. The formula itself is amazing though, very pigmented, soft, smooth, long-lasting and easy to smudge. They also have a rubber smudger on the other side which is surprisingly great as well.

Avon, Nutra Effects, Balance, samples
 Another thing from Avon that has been on my radar for awhile now is their Nutra Effects Active Seed Complex Balance daily cream. I own the Hydration creams from this line, but I wanted to try out the Balance one as well since it's targeted toward combination to oily skin. I only used it twice so far, but I do like it. The real test will be when I wear it under my make-up on those long working days. Will report back once I use up all the samples.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company, false lashes, tweezers
 This one has a bit of a story to it. In my last empties post I included a set of The Vintage Cosmetics Company Nancy lashes and I mentioned how I didn't really get along with them cause I suck at applying false lashes. Behold the next day I was contacted by the lovely Clare who is a co-founder of the company saying that she's sorry to hear that I didn't get along with them and that she would love to send me some new and improved lashes to try and compare to the old ones. She also kindly included this tutorial that I found really helpful.
First up, I have to say I was completely blown away by her friendly approach. I actually couldn't believe that she contacted me and offered to send me their products when my first opinion wasn't really positive. I truly believe that this shows just how much they value the opinions of their buyers and that they really do want to make sure their products are the best they can be.
She send me one pair of false lashes from each style they have (you can see and purchase them here) and also a pair of their slanted tweezers (here).
I have to say that the new packaging of the false lashes looks much better than the old one and the included glue seems to also be much better. And the slanted tweezers are the cutest and the sharpest tweezers that I ever owned.
Will do a full detailed review on all of the products once I properly try them.

Eucerin, pH5, body lotion
 I was also sent the Eucerin pH5 body lotion. It's targeted toward sensitive skin and supposedly helps to protect your skin from the outside factors such as the wind, low temperatures, dry air,... It also claims to restore your skin pH balance, help to promote skin regeneration and keep your skin moisturised for 24 hours. It retails for around 10€.
So far I only tried it once and I have to say it's a lovely and very moisturising body lotion that also has a great scent. Will definitely report back once I use it a bit more and I'll also get my sister to use it since she does have an extremely sensitive skin.

Avon, Cobalt Blue, Kohl eye liner, swatch
Here's also a swatch of the Avon Cobalt Blue Kohl Eye Liner. You can see how it looks just drawn on and how it looks smudged.

What have you been buying this month?

Sanja ♥

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6 komentarji

  1. Si bila res pridna ;) Hvala za omembo, me veseli da ti je všeč Avonov svinčnik. Sem prepričana, da se ti bo najlažje navadit na barve s svinčniki. To je tak no fuss izdelek. Kako lepo od podjetja, da so te kontaktirali. Malo kdaj vidiš tako dobre PR prakse v realnosti. Večim res ni mar za slabe ocene in se niti ne potrudijo približati kupcu. Še več takih ;).

    1. Se meni tudi zdi, da se bom najlažje tako navadila na barvo ja, pa še ni takšen in your face odtenek :)
      The Vintage Cosmetics Company so pa res zlatim jaz sem bila čisto šokirana nad njihovo prijaznostjo. In res je, še več takih :)

  2. Končno si prišla do konkretne velikosti tega tvojega parfuma :D In vau za trepalnice & prijaznost!

    1. Jaa, sem ga morala kupit, ker preveč dobro diši da ga ne bi imela, haha :D

  3. Kaj pa vse ostalo, kar si dobila na konferenci? Modest haul je rekla :P (just kidding)

    Drugače pa vse pohvale Clare, da ti je poslala vse te trepalnice, če bi bilo več uvoznikov takih, ki bila sodelovanja med blogerji in uvozniki in tudi vse ostalo res drugačno in boljše v tej blogerski sferi. :D

    1. Vidiš, tisto se pa nisem spomnila vključit, ker imam že vse pospravljeno na različnih koncih. Now I feel bad :/
      Se popolnoma strinjam, ena podjetja imajo res enkraten odnos do blogerjev :)


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