40 Life Lessons I Learned During My Uni-Years

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hello ladies, 
as you know I graduated from University this year and I spent four years studying in Ljubljana for my bachelor's degree. I just recently started visiting classes for my master's degree, but this will be a completely different experience and maybe I'll talk more about it some other time.
Since it's also October and some of you may have just started going to Uni for the first time (or maybe you're finishing it, it doesn't really matter), I taught I would share some life lessons I picked up in the four years of being at Uni. In no particular order, here we go:

  • Having karaoke and dance-off competitions in your car with yourself becomes a habit, as do mental breakdowns on the motorway and road rage.
  • You know that one hot guy everyone was drooling over on the first day? Well, you'll end up becoming good friends with him and he'll actually be one of your only ''school-mates'' you still keep in touch with.
  • Cliques are a real thing and it's beyond obvious who is a part of which group.
  • Guys are actually more friendly and helpful than girls.
  • It's better to be single, especially in the first year of Uni.
  • Your liver deserves a gold medal for surviving all those drinking games. 
  • Don't move in with your friends. Sooner or later you'll start getting on each-other's nerves, you'll change, grow apart and you'll probably end up not being friends with at least one person from that group.
  • Give student housing a chance even if only for a year. It's the easiest way to meet new people and there's always something going on (I definitely regret not doing this).
  • Having a personal space and knowing were to draw the line is crucial if you actually want to finish every year of Uni on time.
  • If you're going to study in a different city, leave your unresolved things back at home. Consider this as a new, fresh page in your book and don't drag your past mistakes with you. 
  • Speaking of past mistakes, delete that number from your phone. Being drunk and missing home is not a good combination for 3 am phone calls/texts.
  • Speaking of being homesick, skyping with your dog becomes a thing.
  • As does falling in love with at least one stranger on public transport, daily.
  • But that doesn't mean you won't still hate public transport.
  • Sticking with public transport, there are some crazy people living in this world and they all seem to enjoy taking the bus to places.
  • No matter how many presentations you have, you'll never truly get used to public speaking.
  • Working in groups is hell on Earth. You'll never be able to adjust your schedules, there will always be that one person who does everything the night before the due date and the rest of you will have to wait like idiots if he/she will actually finish it on time, etc. 
  • People will try to compete with you even if you couldn't care less about that. 
  • Hiding the facts & lying about not knowing the questions for past exams, having some informations, etc. just to try to get the best grade, is also a thing.
  • Networking is important. Do that, try to be involved in as many things as possible.
  • Make new friends, don't be depended on the group of people you already know. But at the same time don't loose touch with the friends back home / the ones who study in different cities. Chances are that those are going to be the ones who actually stay in your life.
  • Start working on your thesis/diploma very early. Yes, it can be done in a short period of time, but it's not worth all the lost nerves.
  • Go out, drink, party, but try to keep it at a reasonable level / don't let the studying suffer because of it. Try to remember that finishing Uni is your main priority, not setting a record of how many clubs you can visit in a week.
  • Don't feel like you have to do something just because everyone else is doing it. 
  • If you realise that you don't like what you're studying, change it as soon as possible. Don't stick with it just because it's easy, or because you have friends there, or because you don't really know what you want. You'll never be truly happy & successful if you do that.
  • Try to cook at home as much as possible, it's the cheapest & the healthiest way. But go out for some great meals as well, you'll probably discover some of your all time favourite restaurants.
  • Explore the city you study in. Even if you prefer your home town, there might be a few spots that will actually grow on you.
  • Everything is easier with a bit of wine, which also becomes the main thing you buy in the store. And remember, there's no shame in borrowing a wine opener from your 70-something old neighbours.
  • There's no such thing as not eating/stopping for a slice of pizza on your way home from the club/party.
  • There are some creepy taxi drivers out there, so always go home in groups.
  • Seminar papers will consume your life.
  • So do the thoughts about where all of this is going and if you made the right decision. 
  • Traineeship is very important, try to make the most out of it.
  • Living in-between two places is exhausting. Having some clothes here, some clothes there, packing on a weekly basis, commuting ...
  • If you have your car with you, make sure to get the plates of the city you study in. Trust me, I learned that the hard way.
  • If you can, live near by your faculty. It will be less tempting to miss the classes.
  • Try to go to as many classes as possible. Even when you don't feel like it. Yes, there will be times when you'll wonder why the hell you aren't sleeping right now, but there will also be times when you'll get some helpful informations about exams and such.
  • Make a habit of waking up early every day. This was something I struggled with a lot and the main reason why I skipped classes, but I've became such a morning person in the past year or so, and I'm actually thinking of making a blog post all about it.
  • You'll never truly know how to explain people what is that you're actually studying.
  • And lastly, your Uni years will fly by much faster than you think. So make the most out of them, have fun and enjoy your time there, even if you would rather be at home.
So here are all the 40 life lessons I picked up from my Uni-years. I hope you enjoyed reading this list and don't take it too seriously. I would love to know what you learned from your Uni-years?

Sanja ♥

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13 komentarji

  1. I recognize myself in soooooo many of these lessons! Yes indeed, the hot guy became a great friend, wine is important and it is definitely better to be single (I wasn't the first year and my whole relationship changed). Pizza (or fries) on my way home from a party? YES.

    Good luck with the master's degree, sweety! :D

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad you like it :)
      Thank! <3

  2. Se strinjam z veliko večino zgoraj napisanega :D
    Sploh nism vedla da si ti tudi na FDV bla, se ne spomnim da bi te kadarkoli vidla :D

    1. Jaz tudi nisem vedela, da si ti na FDVju, no saj Aide tudi nikoli nisem videla haha :)

  3. Najprej cestitke za uspesno opravljeno diplomo! Mene se to vse caka na zalost :D verjetno mas malo vec izkusenj s prevajanjem iz ang literature, kaj right wing bi se v slovenscino prevedlo kot desnica? Hvala ti za odgovor, vem da je cudno to sprasevat na nekem blogu, ampak berem neko psiholosko teorijo in mi ni cist jasno, zdaj pa sem brala tvoj blog in se spomnila, da bi lahko mogoce tebe vprasala. Drugace pa super blog, ga z veseljem prebiram, sploh sparkles ali pa random chit chat so moji najljubsi posti :)

    1. Hvala, me veseli, da rada prebiraš moj blog. Glede diplome pa verjamem, da bo tudi tebi uspelo :)
      Right wing je desnica ja...Ni čudno sploh, ti kar vprašaj, jaz bom pa že odgovorila če bom vedela :) Upam, da nisem prepozna :)

    2. Hvala ti, nikakor ni prepozno :)

  4. Definitivo super in poučna objava za naslednje leto ko grem na faks :D

    1. Me veseli, to je bil tudi moj namen :)

  5. Zabavno branje :) V veliko točkah sem ti kimila zraven :D Najbolj pa, da se ne moreš navadit zjutraj vstat. Jaz sem bolj nočni človek in je to moj večni problem. Kolikorat sem se morala na predavanjih koncentrirat samo na to, da sem se pretvarjala, da še lahko gledam, čeprav so se mi oči avtomatsko zapirale :).

    1. Joj, to je moj problem tudi če se naspim :D Ne vem zakaj, ampak takoj ko mi nekaj neha biti zanimivo, komaj držim oči odprte :D

  6. "Sticking with public transport, there are some crazy people living in this world and they all seem to enjoy taking the bus to places." Temu sem pa na glas nasmejala in se čisto strinjam :D Skupinsko delo je pa itak moja največja nočna mora. Veliko sreče na magisteriju!

    1. Če pa res no :D Število weird-otov, ki sem jih v 4 letih videla na busu v Lj je off the charts :D


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