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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello ladies, 
guess who's back, back again? Meeeee! :)
Hopefully you didn't completely forget about this little place and if you don't follow me on social media & are interested in knowing what has been going on for the past month, there will be a ''life'' update going up on Sunday.

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Although I've been gone for over a month, I didn't give up on shopping. How could I? I was also sent quite a few products and now it's finally time to share everything I've accumulated in August & September with you.

makeup, Essence, Catrice, Revlon
First up are the make-up products I bought on my own, including the most gorgeous looking blush I've ever seen - Essence TE Happy girls are pretty multi colour blush in 01 You sweeten my day! I haven't actually used it yet cause it's too pretty (don't judge me but I'm actually thinking about buying a second one to actually use), but I'm assuming I would/will like it as the shade is right up my alley. I also bought another blush from limited collection, Catrice LE Lumination powder blush in C01 Flushed-Fiction. This was totally Mateja inspired purchase, but I'm absolutely in love with it. Another Mateja (& Sara) inspired purchase was the Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in 830 HD Rose. So far I only wore it once, but it looks like a great, balmy, every day shade you constantly carry in your handbag. Also, the Planica ice-cream smell is just addictive.
I picked up the Essence TE Happy girls are pretty sheer lipbalm in 02 Live, laugh, love and repeat! for the same reason, it looked really balmy & quite sheer swatched on my hand, but it actually gets quite opaque on my lips. At first I thought I won't like it for that reason, but I've actually been obsessed with it. This is pretty much the only lipstick I've been wearing for the past two weeks. I also got one more thing from this trend edition, their Ultra slim eye pencil in 02 The choco side of life. I've been looking for a twist up, matte, dark brown eyeliner for awhile now, but I never seemed to find the right one until I picked up this one. It's exactly what I've been looking for and it stays on all day. Since it is so slim it's unfortunately really easy to break, so this is another thing that I'll probably pick up a back-up off.
It's no secret that I'm a fan of Essence's lipliners so after reading that 12 Wish me a rose is a dupe for MAC Please me and 11 In the nude for MAC Velvet Teddy & Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, I had to get both of them. So far I have no complaints.
I also needed a new, every day mascara and since I haven't tried any from Catrice, I decided to try their Glamour doll volume mascara. I mainly bought it because it has a rubber wand, which are my favourite, but I'm not too crazy about the actual mascara. I don't know why, but I seem to have a major problem with smudging when it comes to really cheap mascaras (Essence, S-he, and now Catrice), so I've been wearing it only on my top lashes. But other than that, it's a nice every day mascara that defines your lashes, gives them a bit of length, volume and lift. The formula is also extremely dry, so maybe I just got a fault one.

shower gel, Afrodita, Balea
Over the weekend I was buying some champagne in Tuš (as you do) and I noticed they had a 40% off Afrodita shower gels. Of course I had to pick up some. I got the oil shower gel Acai Berries with vitamin C which is one of my favourite scents ever, and Mystic Argan which I haven't tried before.
I also noticed that Balea has a Vanilla & coconut shower gel so of course I had to get it.
I'm trying really hard not to start hoarding shower gels again, otherwise I would pick up multiples of all these three scents.

Sun Dance, Melvita, Toni&Guy, Amour
While browsing the shelves in DM, I noticed this Toni & Guy Straight & Shine Smoothing Balm for sleeker, straighter hair. I'm a sucker for anything that promises that and the fact that it was 30% off just showed that it was meant to be mine. I've used it twice so far and unfortunately I can't say it completely transformed my hair, but I do think I saw a minor change. Or maybe I just really wanted it to work. Will report back after I try it for a longer period of time.
Melvita is closing their stores in Maribor in Ljubljana so they're having 30% off everything in there, so me, Sara, Tatjana and Anna went to see what they got when we were in Ljubljana last week. I just recently ran out of their Argan Oil and after contemplating for awhile, I gave in & decided to buy their Pulpe De Rose plumping radiance duo. I have yet to try it, but I've heard only great things about it.
I'm a big fan of Armani Code perfume although I haven't wore it for 5/6 years after it was my go-to scent for going out in high school. I still have a tiny bit left and since I'm currently not prepared to repurchase it, I decided to try the cheap knock off in the form of Amour 72 perfume. The idea is the same as with Refan (which I actually really like as they tend to last a really long time on me), but I have to say that I definitely prefer Refan over Amour. Although the scent is completely identical to Armani Code, the longevity is just not there. This scent disappears after around 2 hours, which is quite disappointing as all perfumes seem to last for much longer than that on me. Luckily I only bought the smaller size (15ml for 5€), but I'll be sticking with Refan from now on. 
Oh look, we have one more Mateja inspired purchase, the SunDance Selbst Bräunungs Tonic (self-tanning toner). I was very scared to use this, but since my face gets paler way faster than the rest of my body, I needed something to keep the tan going. Luckily my fear was for nothing as this is a very gradual & fool-proof tanner. I usually needed 2 to 3 days for my face to match my body again, and now I'm kinda curious to see if this would actually work on the legs & arms as well, not only on my face & neck.

Oriflame, Eleo, Smoothening oil
Now onto the things that I got.
First up is this Oriflame Eleo Smoothening oil that is a part of their new Eleo line enriched with Argan & Rose oil, Natural Burdock and Vitamins. Within this line there are also a hair mask, shampoo, conditioner and protecting oil. So far I really like the packaging and the scent, but a detail review with how this actually performs will be up after I try it properly.

Freedom makeup, eyeshadow palette, lipgloss, eyeliner
Lič team has been spoiling us with new make-up again, this time from the brand Freedom Makeup London. I got their PRO 12 Stunning Smokes eyeshadow palette that has some pretty-looking shimmery & matte shades, their PRO Melts Lipgloss in Smooth that is very bright  & opaque, and their PRO Eyeliner in Waterproof Black that actually looks promising. Will do a full review as soon as I can.
Vse slovenske bralke pa lahko do konca meseca oktobra izkoristite 15% popust s kodo FREEDOM15.

Essence, TE, Urbaniced
I was also extremely excited when I got a package from Essence. Their trend edition collections are usually really good, so I was excited to try out their ''new'' one called Urbaniced. Since I'm extremely behind on my posts, this collection is actually already out / is being replaced by Happy girls are pretty, so if you see something you like, hurry up and try to find it. If everything goes as planned, I should have a first impression post on these products up on Friday.

Aussie, Miracle Moist, Shine
Lastly, the award for the cutest PR e-mail and package goes to Aussie. They just became available in DM's here in Slovenia and I was so happy to get the chance to try out some more of their products. Before this I only tried two Aussie products and I loved both of them, and I have to say that these three products are also turning out to be very promising. I chose to try the Miracle Moist shampoo & conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle Shine deep treatment. There will be a full review in a few weeks time. Last week I also attended their event, but more on that some other time.

Hopefully you enjoyed my ''comeback'' and let me know what have you been buying recently.

Sanja ♥

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  1. O super paletko Freedom si dobila,res je lepa. Končno nazaj!! :D

    1. Sem ti rekla :D SPloh tista sparkly vijoličasta me mika, upam da bo kvaliteta tudi vredu :)

  2. *pulls out her Revlon Rose lipstick and puts it on* Yup, you're right, ta Planica vonj te čisto zasvoji :) Ej pa jaz sem umor za tvojo denarnico :D Boš me morala nehat brat :P Si me spomnila, da sem nameravala Essencev lipliner in the nude kupit, sem čisto pozabila nanj.

    Pa welcome back! Smo te pogrešali :)

    1. Ti bom raje kr račune začela pošiljat ;) Jaz sem najprej mislila, da mi odtenek ne bo všeč, pa me je čisto presenetil :)
      Hvala *blushes* sem jaz tudi vas pogrešala :)

  3. Welcome back, girl! :D
    That Freedom palette looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, I need to write you the longest e-mail ever so we can catch up a bit :D

  4. The Freedom palette looks lovely!

    1. Hopefully it'll perform as good as it looks :)


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