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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Hello ladies, 
I'm finally writing this post that I promised a few months ago; the currently obsessing over, lipstick edition.
I won't lie, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to lipsticks - I just can't stop buying them. The fact that I always gravitate toward the ''same'' kind of shades isn't very helpful either, so I've been trying to do my best and stay away from the drugstores.

lipsticks, favourites
 But I've been also very good at rotating between my lipsticks and not just wearing the same one every day, and because of that I found some new favourites and rediscovered some old ones.
My new organization ''system'' is also helping a lot with that (you can read about that here) so today I have eight of my current favourite lipsticks to share with you.
I also know that some of them might look very similar, but trust me when I say that they're all actually quite different in real life.

L'oreal Color Riche L'Extraordinaire liquid lipstick, Rose Finale, swatches
 1. L'oreal Color Riche L'Extraordinaire liquid lipstick in 102 Rose Finale is currently my first choice whenever I want a glossy pop of colour. For some reason it looks quite more vibrant and Barbie pink on my lips than it does in the tube or swatched on my hand, but I'm surprisingly not bothered by that. These are quite pricey for what they are, but I really like them formula wise (here's a full review) and the shade selection is quite good. I'm just waiting for a discount as I would like to add another shade to my collection.

MAC, Faux, swatches, dupe, p2, Kärtnerstrasse
 2. M. A. C. Satin lipstick in Faux was a random purchase. When I went into M. A. C. I had a mental note with the lipstick shades that I wanted to get and this one definitely wasn't one of them. But I swatched it on my hand & on my lips and I had to have it.
Faux is described as 'muted mauve-pink', but on me is more of a brownish pinky shade. Satin finish is also my favourite finish when it comes to M. A. C. lipsticks. This shade is a bit similar to Brave (which is one of my all time favourite lipsticks), but that one is a a darker, deeper more rosy shade. BUT I did find a dupe colour-wise for it in my collection; p2 Pure Color Lipstick in Kärtnerstrasse. I can't actually tell the difference between the two on my lips (p2 is on the left side of my lips, under the matching swatch, Faux is one the right), only the p2 one is a bit creamier, has a more glossy finish and isn't as long-lasting than Faux. 
I actually think that shades like this are my perfect ''nude'' shades, since they don't make me look dead but also aren't that far from my actual lip colour.

MAC, Syrup, swatches
 3. M. A. C Lustre lipstick in Syrup is my go-to, every day, quick, running out of the door lipstick. It's creamy, moisturising, has a glossy finish and isn't crazily pigmented or too long-lasting.
I always thought that Syrup would look to purple on me, but I was oh so wrong. M. A. C. describes it as 'cloudy pink', but it's actually a muted mauve shade (it looks a bit less pink than it does on the lip  swatch).
I definitely didn't expect to like this one as much as I do, my only complain about it is the fact that it gets on my teeth almost always a few minutes after I apply it. But I got used to checking & removing it, and after that it's all good.

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours, 31, Beige shooting, swatches
4. Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours lipstick in 31 Beige shooting is an amazing drugstore lipstick. The formula is impeccable; creamy, very pigmented, long-lasting and with a satin finish. It's a dusty rose shade, that looks a bit more pinky than rose on my lips.
I definitely want to get more shades from this range.

Maybelline Color Sensational, 250, Mystic mauve, swatches
5. Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in 250 Mystic Mauve has a very similar formula to the previous one, but slightly more glossy finish. It also feels a bit more ''moisturising'' on the lips and I love the scent of Maybelline lipsticks. The shade is also a bit darker and more brownish-mauve.

 L'Occitane, Pivoine Sublime, tinted lip balm, Rose Plum, swatches
6. L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime tinted lip balm in Rose Plum is technically not a lipstick, but for me is also too pigmented to be classified as a 'tinted lip balm', although it is very moisturising. Two coats of this and you have a full blown, creamy red lipstick.
This was a birthday present and I absolutely love it. Since it's so creamy and not so opaque as M. A. C. Russian Red for example, it's way easier to pull of at day time. It also has pink undertones which I really like as I think these kind of shades really suit me. My only complain about it, is that the application isn't the easiest. The fact that it is so creamy but pigmented at the same time, and that the bullet is rounded means that it's kinda difficult to avoid Miranda Sings appearance. That's why I like to use a lip brush with it, or even more often the Essence Longlasting lipliner in A girl's dream that also makes it a lot more long-lasting.

Bourjois, Rouge Edition Velvet, 10, don't pink of it, swatches
7.  I LOVE Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets. So much so, that I currently own five of them. the formula is just amazing (well except with the Grand Cru, but that's one is worth the hassle). But I have to say that 10 Don't pink of it! is my favourite shade from them. Look at it, it's such a 'me' shade - a muted pinky nude. This one looks almost identical to my actual lip colour.
Of course it's not available in Slovenia yet.

Rimmel, Apocalips lip lacquer, Celestial, swatches
8. Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Celestial is an old, but rediscovered favourite. The shade is kinda vibrant, but kinda still very neutral. It manages to brighten up your face and for some reason, make your lips look really plum and nice. It's also pretty long-lasting which is another bonus.
Awhile back I saw that Manhattan has identical lipsticks to these, they just have different names.

lisptick, swatches, MAC, Bourjois, Rimmel, L'Oreal, L'Occitane, Maybelline
Here are also the swatches of all the lipsticks mentioned together. Numbers are in the same order as lipsticks mentioned above. 

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about my current favourite lipsticks and I would love to know what is your current favourite lipstick.

Sanja  ♥

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  1. Perfect so :) Vse bi mela, why do you do this to me :/ :)

    1. Muahahahaha, zato da še drugi malo zapravljate ;)

  2. Aaaah sami lepi! Apocalips Celestial je sploh popoln! :)

    1. Ane? Sploh ne vem zakaj sem čisto pozabila nanj :D

  3. So many gorgeous colors here in this blogpost! I have Syrup as well, it is indeed a perfect quick lipstick choice and suits everything!

    1. Right? And I was so sure it won't look good on me :D

  4. Tok sem si želela Don't Pink of it (in Happy Nude Year) naročit, pa ni bil na zalogi na Boots :( Zakaj za vraga ni teh barv pri nas?! 31 Beige shooting me mika že odkar se mi zdi, da je Sara pisala o njej. Odličen izbor :)

    1. Priznam, da je meni Don't pink of it veliko ljubši kot Happy nude year :D
      Ej mogoče pa še pridejo, čez par let ;)
      Ja, Sara je tudi pisala o njej, samo na njej malo drugače izgleda kolk sm vidla :D

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  6. Replies
    1. Potem pa hitro v trgovino hehe :P

  7. Maybelline, L'Occitane in Bourjois <3

  8. I understand the your obsession with lipsticks, they are like a drug I cant stop getting new ones but of course they all are a similar shade as well. I thought I was the only person who did this haha !

    1. You, girls, are not alone :D I have the same kind of addiction ;)

    2. Oh yes, lipsticks are worse than crack :D But it's always ''nice'' to know there are a lot of us, lipstick addicts out there ;)


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