July Sparkles

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hello ladies, 
how are you all on the last day of July?
Hopefully better than me. I somehow managed to wake up with this horrendous cold today and I'm feeling absolutely awful.
But I won't be talking about that right now, instead I'll share my favourite beauty products that I've used this month.

July favourites, beauty, makeup
 As far as beauty is concerned, July was a great month. I fell in love with some of my older products once again and I also discovered some new favourites. So much so, that a few of these products managed to already become staples in my beauty stash.

Soap&Glory, Krasna, Maybelline, nail polish, skincare
 Since I've been wearing make-up more regularly again and for long periods of time, I'm trying to get back into a routine of using face masks on a weekly basis. My current favourite one is definitely The Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed which is a self heating deep pore detox mask. 
This mask does an amazing job at clearing out blackheads & tightening my pores, and it also helps to prevent breakouts/get rid of the ones you have a lot faster. The fact that it heats up and changes colour just makes it even more fun to use.
In my latest haul I mentioned that I'm going to talk about Maybelline Super Stay 7 days polish in 505 Soho, so hot in my favourites. So here it is. I knew I wanted a red nail polish from this line as I know they last forever on the nails, have an amazing, opaque consistency and a semi big, flat brush. So when I saw Soho, so hot which is a classic red with pink/fuchsia undertones I knew it was the one. I wore it for 8 days with minimal chipping (I definitely think topping it off with their top coat that I mentioned in the haul helped with that), it looked as glossy as the first day, and I got a ton of compliments on it. It has already become one of my favourite reds from my nail polish collection.
I have one more skincare favourite; Krasna Osvežilni tonik sivka in čajevec (Refreshing toner with lavender and tea-tree). When I bought this in May, I wasn't sure how I'll get along with it cause I really don't like the scent of lavender, but once you start applying this on your skin, the scent of tea-tree luckily starts to get stronger, and now that I got used to the scent of this toner I actually really like it. I also think it does a great job at preventing breakouts (I noticed that I didn't get the usual hormonal breakouts on my chin around that time of the month since using this) and combined with other skincare products that I'm using, it's definitely helped to clear out my blackheads.
I also really like the packaging, it looks expensive and minimal, although the bottle is actually plastic.

I heart makeup, GOSH, Deborah, eyeshadow
 Now onto the make-up favourites.
First up is the Makeup Revolution / I ♥ Makeup Naked Chocolate eyeshadow palette. I'll be doing a full review on this palette soon, but I just had to mention three shades that have been my go-to ones in July; Smoothly which is a pink-toned white, Tob-le-rone a slightly darker taupe and Milky, darker mauve-y shade. All of them are matte, but compared to Naked Basics, these do have a slight sheen to them, especially Smoothly.
I also finally started using Deborah Milano Secrets of the smokey eye eyeshadow palette in 2 Nude Beige. When I got this one I was a bit disappointed, but I didn't really give it a fair try. The shadows are quite soft, but I also find them a bit powdery and a bit harder to blend then high-end eyeshadows. But all in all, it's a good, compact eyeshadow palette, and I love the fact that I actually us all 6 shades.
This month I've been especially loving the first three; a shimmery champagne-white, matte yellow nude shade and a cool-toned, matte taupe (amazing crease shade!). These two matte shades also have a bit of sheen to them, the same as the previous eyeshadows from Naked Chocolate.
I also just had to mention the GOSH Mineral Waterproof eye shadow in 003 Brown once more, cause it's already one of my favourite cream eyeshadows. I just can't get over the longevity of it, and the shade is stunning as well. It's a shame I only picked up one shade in Seiersberg.

Hoola, Benefit, Bourjois, Kardashian Beauty, bronzer
 Another month, another favourite bronzer(s). 
As I mentioned in my June Sparkles, The Body Shop bronzer got too light for me, so I switched to Benefit Hoola and Kardashian Beauty Cabana Bronze in 520.
I use Hoola whenever I want something between a bronzer and a contour as this bronzer is completely matte and has neutral undertones. It's pigmented enough, so you don't need to build it up, but it's not so crazily pigmented that you would need to be careful with the application. It's also very easy to blend.
And Cabana Bronze comes in use whenever I want that ''bronze goddess-straight from the beach'' look. 
It's warmer, lighter and a bit more orange than Hoola (that is, all three shades mixed together) and it also has some tiny shimmers in it that give your cheeks that healthy glow. This is the reason, I prefer wearing this one on its own, without any blush! I know, I even surprised myself.
This is not the cheapest bronzer out there and the packaging is cheap-looking (my plastic lid is all scratched), but you do get three shades in it and the bronzer is also really big.
I like to mix all three shades depending on how tan I am; currently I'm mixing all three shades together somewhat evenly, when I get tanner I'll mainly use the darker two shades, and if I use it when I'm completely pale, I mainly only use the first, light shade.
Another product that I wasn't sure about when I bought it but grew to like it, is the Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 Nude Velvet. I do think I was right, and this will look too peachy for my liking on my pale skin, but now, with a bit of colour it looks really nice. The formula, longevity and blending is a dream with these Bourjois blushes.

Avon, Maybelline, Essence, lipstick, lip liner
 I promised to do a ''currently obsessing over lipsticks'' awhile ago, and I'm still planning on doing that, but I had to mention a few lip products that I've been loving and that won't be featured there.
Avon Ultra color indulgence lipstick in Honey Flower looks a bit too peachy for my liking on its own (although it has been growing on me), but has an amazing formula, so I've been pairing it with Maybelline ColorSensational lip liner in 132 Sweet Pink, which is probably my favourite nude pink lip liner, or with Catrice Longlasting lip pencil in 070 I got you babe! which is a darker, deeper rosey shade (I can't find it currently, that's why it's not featured here). 
I've been also loving the Essence Longlasting lipliner in 06 A girl's dream. They really did good with these lip liners; I love the formula of them, packaging and how long-lasting they are on me. I've been wearing A girl's dream on its own, or paired with other lipsticks, like Manhattan 54L Soft Mat lipcream or L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Rose Plum tinted lip liner quite a lot in July.

swatches, I heart makeup, GOSH, Deborah, Kardashian Beauty, Hoola, Bourjois
 And here are the swatches.
Top photo: 1 Cabana Bronze, all three shades mixed together, 2-3-4 Cabana Bronze from the darkest to the lightest shade, 5 Hoola, 6 Bourjois Nude Velvet.
Bottom photo: 1 Smoothly, 2 Tob-le-rone, 3 Milky, 4-5-6 Deborah Nude Beige first three shades from the lightest to the darkest, 7 GOSH Brown.
swatches, Essence, Avon, Maybelline, lip liner, lipstick, nail polish
Top left: Avon Honey Flower with Maybelline Sweet Pink.
Top right: Maybelline Soho, so hot.
Bottom left: 1 Avon Honey Flower, 2 Maybelline Sweet Pink, 3 Essence A girl's dream.
Bottom right: Essence A girl's dream.

What was your favourite product in July?

Sanja ♥

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14 komentarji

  1. ta lak res super zgleda :) škoda da nisem pred špoingom v Grazu vedla za te lake, bi si ziher kakega kupla :)

    1. No si pa za naslednjič zapomni, ker so res fenomenali :)

  2. Ta čokoladka je čudovitih odtenkov, sama sem dobila podobno :) Edino kar me malo moti je, da so si nekateri odtenki preveč podobni. Mi je pa odtenek Avonove šminke lep, že nekaj časa iščem takšnega. Imam pa poleg ostalih Essence svinčnikov za ustnice tudi ta odtenek. Ga zdajle poleti največkrat uporabim :D

    1. Ja, to se mi zdi da je pa že čisto ''značilno'' za Makeup Revolution palete, da so si nekateri odtenki malo preveč podobni..
      Avonova šminka ima pa super teksturo, tako da če ti je odtenek všeč, je definitivno vredna nakupa :)

  3. Naked Chocolate se moram spravit naročit :) Vzela sem to od Catrice pa so mi barve prelepe, samo za zdaj nisem navdušena na pigmentacijo, pa upam, da je ta boljša.

    1. Naked Chocolate ma dobro pigmentacijo, sicer je pri njih vedno tako, da so nekatere bolj pigmentirane kot druge, ampak mi je všeč, da so tudi mat senčke dobre :)

  4. Gorgeous nail polish! Nice post to read, as always ^^

    1. The nail polish is amazing, I'm so in love with it :)
      Thanks girl xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Mia, the lipliner is really nice :)

  6. Krasen izbor. Tole znamko Krasna še zj nevem zakaj nisem kj kupila, pa sem bl k natural usmerjena:), tako da res moram pogledat, če bi kj ustrezalo moji suhi koži. Tale MR bela čokoladica je tudi pri meni pogosto v uporabi, itak sem malo nora na kožne, nude odtenke in sem zadovoljna z njo. Essence liplinerji 1A;) poceni ampak kokrkoli jst obrnem zame super:):)

    1. Sem prepričana, da bi se pri Krasni kaj našlo za tvojo kožo, Essence je pa res v polno zadel z njihovimi liplinerji, tudi zame :)

  7. Lovely post - and I do still need to try Hoola, cant believe I've not!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I was late to try it too, but it's definitely worth buying. Now I kinda want to try the oh-so-famous Laguna as well :)


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