Beauty Buys Of The Month #7

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello ladies, 
I'm back with one of my favourite posts to write - beauty buys of the month.
This month I was mainly ordering things online and my main shopping was done in Seiersberg, Graz where I managed to not go overboard for once in my life. Of course I managed to pick up a few more bits here and there, so I have a nice variety of products to show you.

Beauty buys, haul
 As always, I'll include some short first impressions about the products that I've already tried and keep you updated with them as time goes on. If you want to see some separate reviews on certain products, feel free to let me know.

Johnny Organic, L'Occitane, Essence, Bourjois, Zara
 Let's start with the miscellaneous products I bought in stores here in Slovenia.
I was eyeing Johnny Organic products for a really long time as I've been only hearing good things, and since I learned not so long ago that they're a Slovenian brand. I didn't even know they were sold in stores (I only saw them on Lič until I randomly found them in Beautique (the ''Mercator'' drugstore). I decided to try out their Antioxidant Cacao & super foods body scrub. Their products are 100% natural, organic, raw, vegan and this scrub is supposed to actively target cellulite, stretch marks and acne.
I actually just tried it for the first time and I'm blow away; my skin has NEVER felt smoother or softer, and I didn't even use a moisturiser on top. But it's also very messy, the packaging is not the best for a body scrub and I'm curious to see how long it will last me.
I also visited L'Occitane to buy my friend a present, but of course I had to pick up something for me. I'm still obsessing over the scent of their Amande/ Almond range, and I couldn't resist buying the Cleansing and exfoliating delicious soap. I also got two samples of the Pivoine Flora Beauty milk.
I've been seeing a bunch of nail swatches with the Essence The gel nail polish in 24 Indian Summer and although I was almost a 100% this would look more orange on me than it does on the majority of people, I just had to have it. I love the formula of these nail polishes, but I was definitely right about the colour of it as it does look more orange than coral on my skin tone, but I still kinda like it.
I also needed a new white nail polish, so I just picked up the Essence The gel nail polish in 33 Wild White Ways.
I first saw the Bourjois La Laque in 2 Chair et tendre on Sara's Instagram (she also did a whole post dedicated to it) and I fell in love. It looks gorgeous on her, but when I tried it, I didn't really know how to feel about it as I think it makes my cuticles look kinda dirty and the application also wasn't the easiest. I do need to try it again, as I was in a very weird mood that day and I changed my nail polish three times as I didn't like any of the shades, lol. Will definitely report back on it, probably on my Instagram.
I also got a new fragrance from Zara, their Woman Oriental. I'm actually a big fan of their fragrances as they're very affordable, smell nice and are long-lasting on me. This one is no exceptions and I've been wearing it a lot in July. I've read that some compare it to Chanel Chance, Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, D&G The one desire... Here are the notes from Fragnatica.   

Yves Rocher, Monoi de Tahiti, coconut
 I didn't think I was going to the seaside this year, but when this luckily changed, I needed to get the Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti dry body oil again. I absolutely love how this looks on tan legs, plus it's moisturising, doesn't leave you greasy and smells heavenly. Definitely one of my Summer must haves.
After reading that their Malaysian Coconut eau de toilette smells so good that Petra wants to eat it (here), I knew I had to get it as well. I definitely agree with that, as it does smell amazing (well if you like the scent of coconut, obviously) and I would also agree with her on the claim that it's not very long-lasting or strong. That's why I like to use it as a body spray on days when I don't want to wear a perfume. 
Two of my friends also ordered the dry body oil and to avoid paying for the shipping, I also bought the Vanille lip balm which smells heavenly. 
We also got a few gifts, and I kept this Spa set that includes a loofah, face cloth, foot scrubber and a foot brush. 

Estee Lauder, Sally Hansen, Maybelline, skincare, nail polishe
 Now onto the beauty things I bought in Seiersberg. 
The first thing that caught my eyes instantly was the Estée Lauder Stay Young. Start Now. set. 
I've been wanting to try some of the Estée Lauder skincare pretty much since I got into beauty, but it's very expensive. This kit was only 29,45€, which is a complete bargain considering you get to try out 5 of their products; their Advanced Night Repair Eye, Advanced Night Repair (I have high hopes for these two, although at the same time I really don't want to like them. My wallet would thank me if I didn't), the Perfectly Clean multi-action foam cleanser/purifying mask, DayWear advanced multi-protection anti-oxidant creme for normal/combination skin SPF15, and Pure Color gloss in 06 Magnificent Mauve (which will probably end up with my mum or sister as it's too glittery for my liking). I'm probably going to do a first impression/review on this set.
I'm also trying to find an alternative to Seche Vite because although it dries my nails in seconds, it also makes my nail polishes chip way faster, which I'm not a fan of. So in pursue for ''the one'' top coat I picked up the Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat & Maybelline Express Manicure quick dry protecting top coat. Since I love their Super Stay 7 days polishes so much, I also picked up another shade called 505 Soho, so hot. Hint; I'll talk about it in my favourites.

Primark, GOSH, Max Factor, Maybelline, iQ Cosmetics
 The only ''beauty'' thing I picked up in Primark were their P.S. Love This 2pk Neon nail buffer. I have no clue if these will actually be any good, but we shall see.
I also bought the GOSH Forever lip shine in 002 Sweet Moments, which is a great 'my lips but better' shade. It's very creamy so it glides on like a dream and it also feels moisturising on the lips. Because of that it's not the most long-lasting, but I actually don't mind that. I only wish the lipstick bullet was a bit bigger so the application was quicker.
Ever since reading Claudia's post on the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liners I wanted to try one, but of course these aren't available here in Slovenia yet (correct me if I'm wrong), so when I saw them in Graz, I instantly grabbed the shade 04 Pink Princess. It's a deep rosy-pinky shade that looks absolutely gorgeous on its own or paired with other lipsticks. The lip liner is very creamy, which I like, it doesn't feel drying and survives drinking & eating (&drooling as I wore it to the cinema when we went to see Magic Mike XXL). I definitely regret not getting more shades, especially Mauve Moment.
If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I absolutely love the GOSH Mineral Waterproof eye shadow in 003 Brown. It survives 14 hours of wear without smudging or even slight fading. Not to mention that it was extremely hot outside and that I was working. If that's not impressive, I don't know what is. The application is also extremely quick & easy, it glides on the lids and blends like a dream. It's also one of those 'one shade does all' colour which is greatly appreciated in the early mornings.
The Maybelline FIT me! concealer in 15 was a repurchase as I'm running very low on mine and it's my favourite high coverage concealer from the drugstore, yet still isn't available in Slovenia (what's new?). 
And the last thing that really caught my curiosity was the iQ Cosmetics Pure Perfection Concealer Kit. I haven't tried it yet, but I can tell you that I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy & pigmented the shades were when I was swatching them.

Avon, setting spray, foot cream
 I also made an Avon order and I bought their Makeup setting spray which I was wearing for the past week and I do like it as it definitely prolongs the wear of my make-up, but I also wish it did better when it comes to keeping your face mattified throughout the day.
I also got two of their Foot Works Healthy creams as my dad stole the one that I previously had. I got the Intensive callus cream and Peppermint reviving leg gel, which I love using after I'm on my feet for the entire day.

Avon, Advanced Techniques, BB, haircare
 Avon was also kind enough to sent me another package, this time their whole Advanced Techniques Absolute Perfection BB 10 benefits with advanced shield technology hair care range. In this range there are a shampoo, conditioner, beauty balm and treatment mask. I only used these products a couple of times and so far my impressions are good, but I'll be using them for a few weeks more before I post a whole review.

Dove, Manhattan, Smart girls get more
 I was also lucky enough to be one of the winners in Taya's giveaway and I got the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Pflede Scwereloses öl shampoo (Pure Care Dry Oil shampoo) that I was planning on buying at some point anyway as I loved the conditioner so much, the Manhattan Sweet & Tasty lipgloss in 35W Swiss Milk Chocolate that smells & tastes so good I want to wear it just so that I can lick it off my lips, but it's unfortunately too shimmery for my liking, and the Smart girls get more nail enamel in 4 (I think this is the shade) that has a serious potential to replace my beloved Flormar Supershine in nr. 33 that I still haven't repurchased.

swatches, GOSH, Maybelline, Essence, Bourjois, Max Factor, Manhattan
Here are the swatches.
Top photo from left to right; Maybelline Soho, so hot, Essence Wild White Ways, Essence Indian Summer, Bourjois Chair et tendre and Smart girls get more 4.
Middle photo: GOSH Brown, Maybelline FIT ME 15, Max Factor Pink Princess, GOSH Sweet moments, Manhattan  35W Swiss Milk Chocolate, and Estée Lauder Magnificent Mauve.
Bottom photo: all the shades from iQ Cosmetics Pure Perfection Concealer Kit.

Have you tried any of these products yet?

Sanja ♥

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  1. Sem se kar bala, da bo Manhattan glos prešimrast, ampak niso imeli testerjev in sem kupovala na slepo. Jaz pa nisem bila preveč navdušena nad Johnny Organic pilingom. Čisto preveč je messy in če primerjam z Afroditinim pilingom, mi je slednji boljši, čeprav Johnnyu priznam, da res naredi lepo mehko kožo. A tebe je medtem, ko si ga imela gor, kaj koža srbela? Ker mene je čisto med vsako uporabo nenormalno srbelo in ga nikoli nisem mogla imeti na sebi 5 min, kot priporočajo, vedno sem ga sprala prej.

    1. Meni je žal res prešimrast, čeprav mi je pa sam odtenek všeč. Se morem še malo poigravat z njim :)
      Res je messy ja, ampak mene je zdaj ob prvi uporabi res čisto navdušil, še nikoli nisem imela tako gladke in mehke kože :) Ne, mene ni nič srbela ali kaj drugega, sem ga brez problema imela 5min na sebi. Mogoče ti pa kakšna sestavina ne odgovarja?

    2. Mogoče, čeprav dvomim, da bom ugotovila, ker po navadi sploh nisem občutljiva in nimam z nobenimi pilingi/kremami/losjoni/geli za tuširanje problemov.

    3. Hotela sem napisati, da dvomim, da bom ugotovila, na katero sestavino (to je to, ko priehitro klikneš pošlji).

    4. To je res težko ugotovit ja, je pa škoda, ko ni ravno najcenejši :/

  2. Joj oprosti če ti Chair et tendre ni všeč. Jaz res nisem lakoholičarka in so mi ponavadi vsi laki podobni po teksturi, je pa res malo gost. Hm...kožo naredi temnejšo ampak sem vzela kot dobro...amater :')
    Za YR balzame pa sem slišala da so baje dobro hranilni - poročaj.

    1. Eh, kaj ti je. Sej pomoje mi bo všeč, samo še enkrat ga morem sprobat. Če ne prej kot pozimi, ko bom spet čisto bela :)
      Bom poročala :D

  3. The Zara fragrance sounds so lovely! xx

    1. It's amazing, go give it a sniff when you're near Zara :D

  4. Za EL set sem ti über jealous :D Avonovo BB kremo za lase sem včeraj videla v katalogu in se mi takoj zdela zanimiva.

    1. Ne vem zakaj pri nas nimajo nikoli takih setov, ali pa jih jaz spregledam :D
      Ja, sliši se zelo zanimivo, se morem še malo poigravat z njo, da vidim kaj je v bistvu njen namen in kako se dejansko obnese :D

  5. fuuul me zanima kakšne so te stvari od avona. :D sem si jih želela naročiti, to novo kolekcijo za lase. kakšen review mogoče??


    1. Definitivno bo ocena, samo čez par tednov, da celotno kolekcijo dodobra stestiram :)

  6. Very nice beauty products! ^^


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