Random Favourites vol. 8

Friday, June 05, 2015

Hello ladies, 
I know I usually do my random favourites on Sunday's, but I hadn't had the time to finish up another post and I also didn't want to not post anything today, so I decided to talk you through my May random favourites instead.

Biotrend tea, Skechers Flex Appeal

My first favourite and probably one of my most loved items right now are these Skechers Flex Appeal Memory Foam 11886 PROR trainers.
These are without a doubt THE MOST comfortable shoes I have ever owned and I want to wear them everywhere. I even wish I could sleep in them. Seriously though, that memory foam makes you feel like you're walking on a cloud. Plus they look really cute. Just go and try them on if you pass by them.
Another beyond cute item is the Dot Bamboo Jar that I bought when I was in Zagreb (in Konzum if anyone's interested). I was looking for a cute jar to keep my favourite tea bags in, and I couldn't find any that I really liked here. Lo and behold, I go to Zagreb, pop into Konzum and there it was - just waiting for me to take it back to Slovenia. I love the look of it so much that I now want a few more to keep everything in them.
Speaking about tea, my current favourite is this Biotrend Bio Mint - Apple Infusion from Hofer. I love mint tea and I love every tea that has apples in it, so this is a great combination for me. I have to admit that I was kinda disappointed by it at first, since I made a huge tea pot of it and I couldn't really taste any apple in there, but when I started making only a cup of it, I instantly fell in love since you can actually taste the apple which is what I was looking for. It also smells heavenly.

Olimje Čokoladnica, Samostan, Jelenov Greben

I'm also trying to say 'yes' to more things and I really want to take a few trips around Slovenia this year, so I have quite a few favourite moments from this past month. First up is the 1st of May trip to Olimje. 
1st of May is a public holiday here in Slovenia so me & my family always tend to go on a short trip, but this time a few things came up, so instead me & my friend decided to make the most out of it and we decided to go to Olimje. We first visited the Minorite Monastery  (read more about it here& their Old Pharmacy (photos at the far left), then we walked to the Chocolate Factory Syncerus (top middle & right photo) where we bought some quite expensive but delicious chocolates, and lastly walked to Jelenov Greben (bottom middle and right photo, more about it here) where we had a delicious lunch and I took a bunch of photos. It truly was a great day.
I obviously must mention my birthday. I mean, I got balloons and more importantly cupcakes with a 20 candle, which was absolutely hilarious (I'm obviously not 20 any more *cries in a corner*). I truly do have the best friends ever. Also, I tried mimosa's for the first time, and I have one word for it; yuuumy!
I also can't forget to mention the amazing L'Occitane pampering session that I had, it truly was an amazing experience. You can read about it here.
And lastly, another favourite moment happened last Saturday when I visited Odprta Kuhna (more here) for the first time. I actually thought we won't going to make it since we went in the afternoon just when it started raining, but luckily it stopped just when we arrived to Celje. I tried a raw iced banana-chocolate cake (pictured below) and the most delicious chicken wrap ever. And some mandatory wine. Now I really want to visit the one in Ljubljana as well.

Birthday, Odprta Kuhna
This time I don't have any movie or even more surprisingly, any TV show favourites. I haven't watched any movies recently and I'm bored with all of the TV Shows I still need to catch up with & still depressed over the fact that the first season of The Royals is already over. 
But I do have a few song favourites; my friend sent me this Dancing on my own cover by Calum Scott and I can't stop listening to it. I also really like Hozier - Someone new, David Guetta ft. Emeli Sande - What I did for love, Lost Frequencies - Are you with me and Jason Derulo - Want to want me. 
Oh, now I remembered another favourite moment - the Eurovision Song Contest.  And not because there would be so many amazing songs or anything like that, but mainly because of all tweets about it ( I was crying with laughter at some of them) and a few eye candies. But I do still listen to three songs from there; John Karayiannis - One thing I should have done (Cyprus), Guy Sebastian - Tonight again (Australia) and The Makemakes - I am yours (Austria).
Last but not least, favourite links & blog posts. I didn't know where to mention this, but I'm still loving Pinterest and I would love some new profiles to follow, hook me up!
It actually scare me just how much I can relate to this post from Thought Catalog. And to think I used to be all about the drinking & partying a few years back.
And now the blog posts; Finding your own way, when you feel totally lost & For those of us who overthink everything by From Roses, Introversion by Charli Marie, An honest outlook on blogging by Lipgloss & Lashes, Makeup on a budget; drugstore beauty by Taya My little beauty world.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this and please leave me some suggestions for great movies & TV shows.

Sanja ♥

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10 komentarji

  1. Vau, tako dolgo že nisem bila v Olimju, res je krasno. Moram dragega nagovoriti za kakšen nedeljski izlet.
    Haha, Evrovizija je bila zakon. Jaz sem pol nastopa vsakega zamudila, ker sem brala tvite, haha. :) Res je bilo zabavno, moramo drugo leto ponoviti. :)
    Pa hvala za link. <3

    1. Jaz sem tudi zdaj bila po več kot 12 letih in je res čudovito. Definitivno prepričaj dragega za izlet :)
      Jaa, jaz sem tudi bolj kot ne samo poslušala in se smejala ob tvitih :D
      Malenkost <3

  2. Kakšne zanimivosti in dogajanja- toliko stvari si uspela pogledati, obiskati in poslušati. Tudi jaz bi rada malo bolj raziskala Slovenijo, ampak vedno odlašam, nikakor ne morem dlje od Ljubljane ;) xx Maja

    1. Maj je res bil super mesec :)

  3. I'm loving Pinterest too - it's my favourite app to waste lots of time on haha xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. You're rocking with the whole Pinterest thing, girl! :D
      I can't stop re-pinning from you ;D

  4. Did you like the Belgian contestant from the Eurosong Festival? :D

    1. I have to admit that I didn't :D Did you?
      I finally liked our song, it rarely happens that I do :D

  5. Luškane superge! Jaz imam tudi 'memory foam' verzijo od Nike in so the best. Non stop bi jih nosila, če bi jih lahko. :D

    1. Vem kako ti je, jaz sem čisto obsedena :D


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