Sunday's Chit-Chat: My experience with Lasik eye surgery (#2)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello ladies,
as promised I'm back with the second part of my LASIK eye surgery experience.
Although today is Monday, I decided to keep the title of the post the same as yesterday's one, but I'm sure you won't mind that.
So let's continue from where we finished yesterday.

When we were waiting for our taxi to arrive, my eyes started to feel really heavy and tears were streaming down my face, and I honestly couldn't wait to arrive to our hotel, put on PJ's and go to bed. I kept my eyes shut the entire way to our hotel, which was luckily, very close. I did feel like an idiot, wearing sunglasses while it was cloudy and rainy outside, but I didn't really care.
Once we got to our room, I jumped into my PJ's and went to bed. Although it was quite dark outside and my mum closed all the blinds in the room, the light still really bothered me. I couldn't fall asleep with my sunglasses on, so I loosely covered my head with a jumper. After that I fell asleep right away.
I do kinda regret not asking if I could've gotten a later appointment, since that way it would already be darker outside and the day wouldn't be as long. But I did sleep through majority of it, so it wasn't that bad after-all.
The nurse told me to keep my eyes shut as much as possible and to make sure I don't open only one eye at the time, or open them crazily fast. So that was what I did, napped. I had to use the eye drops every 2 hours, so my day turned into 2hr naps.
After I woke up from the first nap, I actually couldn't open my eyes since they were glued together from all the eye drops and stuff, so I freaked out a bit, but it only lasted for a few seconds since tears started streaming down my face once again. At this point my vision was still a bit blurry, but already much better. I was expecting my eyes to be very red, but they weren't red at all, just quite puffy. I haven't experienced any pain or the feeling of ''sand'' in my eyes (the nurse said this is a common thing after the pills start to wear off), but my left eye did burn a tiny bit. I started listening to music on my iPod and took another nap.
After 2 more hours, my vision wasn't blurry at all and I could see the brand of the TV on the wall. My left eye didn't feel soar any more and the ''crying'' also stopped. I listened to some more songs and to 2 episodes of the Big Bang Theory that my mum was watching (it was actually quite funny cause I knew what was going on, since I already watched both of them).
I have to say that by this time, I was kinda over keeping my eyes shut, cause I didn't really want to nap any more, I was feeling really good and I could see everything. One of the hardest things for me was also keeping my hands away from my eyes, since I'm used to rubbing them and all that.
But I kept my eye shut, chatted with my mum, listened to some more songs and even had a mini freak out, because everything was so good. Yes, you read that right, I freaked out because I wasn't in any pain, because I could see perfectly and because my eyes weren't red. My mum probably though I was going mental. I slept through the whole night without any problems, or without waking up. I also didn't take any of the pills I was given.
The next morning I had my first exam at 8:30. It felt so weird going outside with my sunglasses on and without washing my eyes. But it was also quite funny, cause when we arrived to the Clinic there were a lot of people wearing sunglasses inside, and a bunch of them without sunglasses. It was pretty obvious who had the surgery the previous day.

The first check-up went by really quickly. I got some more eye drops, had to read the letters (my reading was 100% successful), she checked my eyes and once again told me not to wash them for 1 week, how to use eye drops and to avoid screens. We booked another appointment on Wednesday and drove home. The whole way back home, the sun was shining like crazy, which really bothered me, but luckily I had a hooded sweater on (and of course my sunglasses) which really helped to block out the sun. I did nap quite a lot that day and my eyes did feel quite dry.

The days post-surgery were quite boring to be honest. I never though I would get bored of napping, but I did, so I mainly listened to music, took short naps, walked around the house and played board games with the family. As I said, I wasn't allowed to wash my eyes for a week (I found the best way to avoid getting water near my eyes, was to wash my face with a face cloth), but the tear drops helped to clear out any gunk that build up around my eyes. I had to avoid all physical activity for a month, but I was allowed to go out for drinks and short walks, I had to wear my sunglasses everywhere and avoid dust & smoke, and not use any products near my eyes (including make-up) for 3 weeks. The doctor also told me that I could start gradually getting my eyes used to screens after a day or two, but I decided to avoid them completely until my second check-up (I only took a few peeks at my phone).
I also had to use the antibiotic drops 4 times a day, and tear drops 6-8 times a day. I found that the easiest way for me to remember that, was to make a bunch of alarms on my phone.
The light still bothered me a lot, so I kept the blinds in my room closed at all time, but other than that, I haven't experienced any pain or distress. Just occasional headache if I was in a bright place for too long and puffy eyes.
On Sunday (two days post surgery) I went out for drinks with my friends which was really nice since it kept me busy for awhile and I got to be outside in the fresh air.
I did notice that my eyes got a bit itchy now & again, mostly around the time when I had to use the eye drops again. I also usually got tired around midday which was when I took naps.
I have to say that I did really miss being on the computer or at least being allowed to read. I also missed my skincare routine and being able to wear at least concealer under my eyes in public. But that's just a tiny price to pay for getting your vision back.

I had my second check-up on Wednesday (5 day post surgery) and this was also the day I started feeling like myself again. My eyes weren't puffy any more, the brightness outside didn't bother me any more, I went to the hairdresser to get my hair washed and blow dried (at this point no amount of dry shampoo could help me) and then went to Zagreb with my dad. In the evening I also watched TV for the first time (for about half an hour).
We arrived there quite early and there was no one else there so I was called in instantly (this is another thing I have to add about the Clinic, I always arrived early for my appointments and I didn't have to wait to be called in not once!). The check-up itself was done in literally 5 minutes. The doctor checked my eyes and my dioptre, I had to read the letters once again, she asked me if I had any problems/pain and assured me that it was normal that the vision on my right eye was not as clear as on my left eye. She told me that everything was healing perfectly and said that I'm allowed to wash my eyes. She also told me that my vision will be getting sharper and sharper in the next month and that it's perfectly normal if my vision sometimes gets a bit blurry. She also gave me another prescription for the antibiotic drops (I had to use those until the 10th of April) and told me that everything was perfect.
Although she told me that I was allowed to wash my eyes, I decided to wait until the weekend since I wasn't going anywhere. But when I did, I felt like I was reborn.

After my second check-up things started to get back to normal slowly but surely. I gradually started using the computer again (but I made the screen really dark), I could wash my eyes (I still preferred to do it with a face cloth) and I was still using eye drops 4 and 6-8 times a day. I also started washing my hair a week post-surgery, but I made sure nothing came near my eyes, but I still wasn't using any skincare.
The funny thing was that I kept on reaching for my glasses when I woke up and thinking about not going to bed with my contacts in. One time, I actually searched for my glasses all around the house, before realising that I don't actually need them. Even now I still occasionally do this.
On the 10th of April I stopped using the antibiotic drops, but kept on using the tear drops 6-8 times a day.
I sometimes had troubles focusing the picture (especially if I was reading), but I just had to blink a few times and everything was back to normal. Another things that I started noticing was that my pupils got really dilated at random times, so I made a mental note to ask my doctor about this.
Also, another thing that I have to mention (it's perfectly normal & goes away with time) is that sometimes you can have a bit of troubles driving at night (the lights of passing cars apparently look quite shiny to you), but I didn't experienced that.

My third check-up was on the 28th of April and me & my friend decided to make a short shopping trip out of it as well (they do have M.A.C. in Zagreb now after all).
This time the check-up was a bit longer (around 15 minutes probably), but everything went smoothly again.
The doctor once again checked my dioptre and if my eyes were healing properly, I had to read the letters and she also measured the pressure in my eyes. She said that my vision is 100% and that everything couldn't look better. She also told me that dilated pupils are completely normal and that this should stop with time (and I have to say that by now this has stopped), and asked me if I have any other questions and if I was feeling okay.
She told me that I don't have to use the tear drops regularly any more, only when and if I feel like my eyes are getting a bit dry. Since everything was looking great, she also told me to make another appointment in Autumn (your fourth check-up is usually around the 3 month mark) and to call them if I had any problems or additional questions.

It has now been a month and a half since my LASIK and I honestly couldn't be happier about the whole experience. Everything was pain free, my vision is great, I can finally see clearly without any ''help''.
I do still use the tear drops occasionally, my eyes usually feel quite dry in the morning or late at night, but I'm back to my ''normal'' day to day routines. I also use sunglasses on a regular basis now, which is a good thing any way.
I really think I made the right decision choosing Clinic Svjetlost and I would recommend them to anyone. Since I'm quite paranoid and since I stress out about everything, I really appreciate welcoming  & friendly environment, and especially the staff. I strongly believe that the staff itself had a major role in me having such a positive attitude about the whole thing.
I also know that the surgery itself is quite pricey (especially since you pay everything at once), but I know that I used up this amount of money for my glasses, contacts, etc a long, long time ago. Plus it will save you a lot of money in the long term.
If eye surgery is something you're considering on getting, I would highly recommend you to check out your options, go for a consultation and save up for it. I really don't think you would regret it.
I also hope these two posts were helpful to everyone who's thinking about it and will also hopefully help to calm you down a bit, if you're having any doubts.
As I said, I was absolutely terrified of it and reading positive experiences really helped me go through with it.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Sanja ♥

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13 komentarji

  1. Sem z veseljem prebrala oba dela objave. Jaz tudi nosim očala zdaj že nekaj let. Prej sem nosila leče in dobila ekstremno suhe oči, tako da od takrat naprej samo še očala. Jaz bi verjetno bila čisto ista, paničarila na vsakem koraku. Zato še zagotovo nisem pripravljena, bi pa vsekakor enkrat tudi to preizkusila. Me pa zanima, a ni to tako, da lahko greš na operacijo, ko ti določena dioptrija stoji na istem mestu vsaj dve leti? Se ti lahko zdaj vid še vedno slabša, po operaciji? Moram reči, da se mi je zdelo skoraj hujše obdobje po operaciji, nič računalnika, knjig:) Jaz sem imela neko operacijo na mrežnici zaradi neke napake in tudi nekaj dni brez vsega, nisem več vedela kaj naj delam:).

    1. Ja in seveda odlično, da se ti je tako super izšlo. Ne morem si predstavljat kako je spet super videt brez očal. Če je zadeva uspešna, je vsekakor vredna svojega denarja:)

    2. Me veseli :) Ja, obdobje po operaciji je res bilo ekstremno dolgočasno, ampak you gotta do what you gotta do :P
      Ja, dioptrijo bi pa naj imel približno isto vsaj eno leto (oz se ti ni spremenila za več kot 0.50), čeprav koliko se jaz spomnim me tega niti niso vprašali. Vid se ti pa lahko še vedno slabša ja, obstaja neka majhna verjetnost, da ti dioptrije ne spravijo čisto na 0, pa tudi potem obstaja neka čisto majhna verjetnost, da bi se ti zopet poslabšala, ampak se da v tem primeru še enkrat naredit operacijo. Ti pa to že na samem prvem pregledu povedo.
      Pa seveda potem okoli 50 leta pri večini ljudi nastopi tista starostna daljnovidnost kateri se pa tako ali tako redko kdo izogne...

  2. Oh, tudi moje sanje so it enkrat na to operacijo. Odlično si tole spisala, si bom nekam shranila. Bi pa isto kot Petra imela težave kaj delat brez računalnika in TV, sploh zvečer, ker spim po pet-šest ur na noč. Podnevi je pa itak vedno delo :D Ti si imela potem praktično enako situacijo kot jaz - različni dioptriji in astigmatizem. Jaz imam višjo dioptrijo kot mi dovolijo zamenjat šipice in prodat leče poledično nikoli ne vidim čisto ostro (zvezde gledat najbolj pogrešam. Bedno, ampak resno. Pa znakov na cesti ne vidim dosti hitro). Cena se mi zdi pa razumna glede na to kaj pridobiš. Samo zanima me če na kliniki govorijo samo hrvaško, ker čeprav jo razumem, jo govorit ne znam.

    1. Mislim, da sploh nisem vedela, da imaš ti tudi dioptrijo :D
      Ma sej tisti teden že nekako preživiš (drugače se tudi ne smeš nekaj naprezat, in celo priporočajo da si prvi teden na bolniški, če hodiš v službo), mogoče malo več gnjaviš vsem ljudem okoli tebe, da te kratkočasijo :D
      Meni se cena zdi tudi razumna, ampak skoz dobivam komentarje ko se s kom pogovarjam, da kako drago je to (večinoma tisti, ki nikoli niso imeli očal / leč).
      Veš da to pa res ne vem, koliko sem jaz slišala so govorili samo hrvaško, ampak razumejo slovensko, tako da ti jim kamot v slovenščini poveš in te bodo razumeli. Jaz sem sicer večinoma govorila hrvaško, ampak črke sem pa v slovenščini brala dol iz table :D Tak, da to ti ne rabi predstavljat nobenega problema :)

  3. Love the bottom right glasses! So cute!!

    xo, mikéla /

    1. Yep, those were my last pair and the only ones that I really loved. I sometimes even miss wearing them :D

  4. Lovely detailed post, sounds like a really great experience!

  5. I'm so pleased the results were what you were hoping for! The thought of laser eye surgery scares me so much, I'd be much too scared of anything going wrong! x

    1. I have never in my life been so scared as before this surgery, but all my fears were (thankfully) for nothing :)


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