First Impression*: L'Occitane samples & Amande / Almond Set

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello ladies, 
as promised yesterday, I'm back with my first impressions of some L'Occitane goodies that I got (marked with *) and bought.
So let's just jump into it.

L'Occitane first impressions

As I already said, I got a full size of the Pivoine Sublime CC Cream and also quite a few samples of the products that I really wanted to try out. I decided to share a few samples with my friend, since I was so impressed with everything, and I also decided to buy a cute Amande Set since I absolutely loved the scent of this range.

L'Occitane samples

- Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream* has a soft floral scent that I fell in love with immediately. It has a slight pinky tint to it, and the consistency is semi-thick & gel like, yet very lightweight. It feels really cooling on my face and sinks into the skin quite quickly, but it doesn't completely disappear into my skin. I feel like it creates a barrier between my skin and any other products that I might use on top, and I also feel like it locks in moisture really well. I do think it makes a nice base for make-up since it makes my skin really soft, smooth, semi-matte & velvety, and it also glides over pores and hides them a bit. My skin looks radiant and even, but I do feel like it's a bit too moisturising for me to wear it under make-up when I'm out & about all day long. I prefer to use it as a night cream or on no make-up days, and currently, I wouldn't repurchase a full size. 
You get 50 ml in the full size, the packaging of this line is absolutely stunning, and it retails for 38,10€. More information about it here or here (SLO).

- Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Essence* has the same scent, equally gorgeous packaging and slightly more pinky tint. The thing that I initially liked about both of the products, is how little you actually need to cover your whole face, which is definitely a great thing considering they're not the cheapest products out there.
It has even thinner consistency, it also feels a bit cooling on the face, but it sinks into my skin immediately, without leaving any ''residue'' after. For me, this works better as a make-up base as the Cream since it also gently fills in my pores, has a velvety semi-matte finish and leaves my skin feeling so smooth & soft that I can't stop touching it. Ever since trying it for the first time in the L'Occitane store, this has been on my mind 24/7 and I'm most probably going to splurge on it (as soon as I finish some current skin-care products). For 30 ml, you'll pay 44,70€. More here and here (SLO).  

L'Occitane swatches

- Immortelle Divine Extract* samples Mirela gave me since my skin showed to be dehydrated when she measured the level of moisture in it. It has a very, very thin & lightweight consistency and my skin drinks it up immediately. It has a quite strong herbal scent, that I'm not a huge fan of, but luckily I can't smell it any more once it's on my face. I also noticed that I have to use quite a bit more of it, as I do with the Perfecting Essence. The skin is once again, feeling very smooth, soft and firm, so I'm kinda thinking it might work under make-up as well (haven't tried it yet). Full size of 30 ml retails for 93,50€, which is A LOT, but it also promises to have some amazing benefits; here or here (SLO). I'm going to keep using up the samples that I have, and will report back once I use them up, to tell you if I saw any changes in my skin.

- Amand Milk Concentrate* is as the name would suggest, a thin & lightweight lotion with an amazing almond scent. It sinks into my skin really quickly, leaving it soft, nourished and moisturised. It again, promises to have a lot of great benefits (read here or here (SLO) and it retails for 43,70 € (200 ml) or 13,20 € (50 ml). As of now, I doubt I would splurge on the big size as I'm happy with body lotions from the drugstore.

L'Occitane Almond set

At first, I thought I was going to buy the Pivoine Sublime set that a lot of other Slovenian bloggers bought, but then I smelt the Amande range and it was love at first sniff. I obviously couldn't leave without some products from this range, so I decided to get this Amande set (Torbica užitka z mandljem) that comes in this cute plastic pouch and with 4 different products from the range. It retails for 20 €. 

L'Occitane Amande Shower Oil

I was so excited to finally try the oh-so-famous Amande Shower Oil but I think I expected too much from it, because it hasn't really won me over yet.
It has a sweet & nutty scent that's a bit more subtle than the scent of the next product. When it comes in touch with water, it emulsifies and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and with a lovely sheen & a nice scent. I do feel like I would use it up quite quickly, cause I had to use quite a bit of it when I tried it.
It's definitely a nice & luxurious product that I would probably save for pampering nights, but I don't feel like I'm missing out if I don't have it. Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind once I use it up.
Retails for 7,10 € (75 ml), 18,80 € (250 ml) or 27,50€ (500 ml). More about it here or here (SLO).

L'Occitane Amande Delicious Paste

On the other hand, the Amande Delicious Paste completely won me over from the first use. The scent is the same, yet stronger and a bit citrus-y as well. It's a quite thick paste with a decent amount of exfoliating beads in it. It's definitely not the harshest scrub out there (for example, the Aldo Vandini ones are more scrub-y and the Garnier one is less), but it gets its job done perfectly. It gets rid of any dry patches and dead skin cells, leaving you with the softest, smoothest skin ever. It's like touching a baby's bottom.  
The scent also lingers on the skin (my mum complimented it as soon as I walked out of the bathroom) and it made my skin look actually glowing, especially my legs. 
It does leave a bit of an oily residue afterwards, but just enough for my skin to feel enough moisturised and nourished, without the need to use a body lotion on top. I'm actually not bothered by this, since it's not so intense as with the one from Afrodita
I for sure know that I'll be splurging on the full size, once I use up the one I'm currently using. 50 ml retails for 10,70€ and 200 ml for 33,60 €. More here and here (SLO).

L'Occitane Amande Delicious Hands

This is my second hand cream from L'Occitane and the same as the rest of Amande products, this one too, smells great, just a bit more subtle and creamy. I really like the packaging and currently all of my hand creams have a similar one (Aldo Vandini & The Body Shop). 
This Delicious Hands cream itself ticks every box for me; it's lightweight, creamy, moisturises without leaving a greasy residue, sinks into the skin really quickly and has a nice scent.
30 ml retails for 7, 60 €. More here or here (SLO).

L'Occitane Amande Velvet Balm

Lastly from this set is the Amande Velvet Balm. 
It has a more floral & sophisticated scent that lingers on the skin, and a bit of pink/nude tint. It's also lightweight, but it's thicker than the Milk Concentrate yet it still sinks into the skin quickly. I was surprised when it felt a bit cooling on my skin, but it leaves it feeling moisturised and nourished. This one also claims to have a lot of anti-ageing benefits, so I'm curious to see if I'll notice any changes on my body, read about it here or here (SLO). 200 ml retails for 49,80€.

L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime CC Cream

And lastly, a few words on the Pivoine Sublime Skin Perfecting CC Cream* with SPF 20. As I said there are two shades available, and I decided to choose the clair - light one. If you're interested in reading what L'Occitane claims about it, you can read it here  or here (SLO).
The packaging itself, is in my opinion, absolutely stunning; sleek, colourful yet elegant, and in a squeeze tube. Even the box it comes in is gorgeous! You get 30 ml in the tube and it retails for 28,50€.
This too, has that peony floral scent, but it's not overpowering, which is another thing that I really like.
I was really surprised when I saw that this comes out completely white, but it also has some tiny beads and it starts turning into a light wash of colour once you start rubbing it in between your fingers or on your face. Because of that, the application is ridiculously quick & easy.
As the name would suggest, this is a skin tone perfecting cream, so if you're looking for something that has a decent coverage (like the Bourjois CC Cream for example), look away. But you can always use it in combination with something that has more coverage, and it still works great.
But if you're looking for something that will even out your skin, cancel out any redness and minimize the look of pores, this is for you. 

L'Occitane CC Cream

I've been wearing it almost every day for the past week and a half, and it's safe to say I'm completely obsessed with it. 
I'm still into the whole minimal make-up look thing and this couldn't be more perfect for that. It looks like you're not wearing anything on your face, it has a semi-matte finish that makes your skin look healthy, fresh, natural and radiant. It feels really velvety and smooth on the touch, which is another amazing thing about it. It's like your skin, but better.
I tend to pair it with concealer under my eyes and on a few scars that I have left from breaking out, and if I know I'm going somewhere, I'll set it with a setting powder, use a bit of blush and I'm good to go. 
The thing that really surprised me, is the fact that I can wear this all day (as I'm writing this, I've been wearing it for 10 hours) and I won't have to re-apply the setting powder cause for some reason, I just don't get oily. My skin does get a bit more glowy throughout the day, but not greasy glowy. And I also noticed that by the end of the day it looks exactly as good as when I first applied it (no weird fading or cakey-ness). I'm really amazed by this.
I can safely say that this is the product that I love the most from the bunch and I can definitely see myself repurchasing it in the future.
For me, the only downside of it currently, is the fact that this shade will soon be too light for me, but I can always pick up the medium shade as well.  
Definitely worth checking out!

L'Occitane CC Cream swatches

Here you can see how it looks squeezed out of the tube (top left), the start of blending it in (top right),
a bit more blended (bottom left) and fully blended (bottom right).

In za konec še par besed o Izboljševalni CC kremi Popolna potonika v slovenščini. 
Naj že na samem začetku povem, da naravnost obožujem to kremo in, da sem jo v tem tednu in pol nosila skoraj vsak dan.
Že samo pakiranje in embalaža CC kreme sta prekrasna, k temu dodamo še prijetno nežen vonj potonike, in za konec še poenoteno, sijočo, mehko kožo, ki izgleda čisto naravno čez celoten dan. Zame, definitivno zmagovalna kombinacija.
Pri tej kremi sta me zelo presenetili dve stvari; dejstvo, da krema iz tube pride čisto bele barve, in da kljub temu, da je moja koža mastna, čez dan ne potrebujem ponovnega nanosa pudra v kamnu, saj mi krema ne naredi tistega mastnega sijaja. Všeč mi je tudi, da se lahko ta krema z lahoto nadgradi z drugimi izdelki, ki koži dajejo več prekrivnosti.
Če iščete nekaj, kar bo poenotilo vašo kožo, prekrilo malce rdečice in pore, a kljub temu izgledalo kot, da na obrazu nimate ničesar, potem je CC krema Popolna potonika brez dvoma vredna nakupa.

Once again, a huge thanks to L'Occitane Slovenija for this amazing opportunity, for the samples & for the CC cream. You definitely got a new regular costumer and I cannot wait to try out some more products.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them?

Sanja ♥

*The product marked with * were given to me. I didn't buy them with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the products in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the products.*

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14 komentarji

  1. Jaz sem bila presenečena nad tem kako mi je všeč ta CC krema. Ne maram teh BB in CC krem, ker imam rada kar dobro prekrivne pudre. Ampak ta CC krema pa res naredi super naraven pa vseeno izenačen ten kože. Imam zelo rada za kakšen hiter makeup oziroma ko hočem kaj bolj naravnega.:))

    1. To mi je pa super slišat, ker jaz sem ravno obratno in redko kdaj nosim kaj res dobro prekrivnega :)

  2. CC je supef, samo jaz jo imam na sumu, da mi malo masi pore :(
    Verjetno sem se edina na tem svetu, ki ni probala Amande tus gela :P

    1. U, to pa ni fajn. Upam, da ugotoviš, da ni kriva CC krema :)
      Ma nisi, jaz sem ga tudi šele zdaj probala :)

  3. Kolekcija mendelj je meni TOP, že več let ga spremljam in vedno se najde kj fajnga, da premami nakup v full size:):).

    1. Res je super, moja denarnica pa se že joče ;)

  4. Se strinjam s tabo glede olja za prhanje. Tudi jaz sem očitno preveč pričakovala od njega, ker me ni ravno 'sezulo', ko sem ga preizkusila. Ima res prijeten vonj in kožo pusti zelo mehko, ampak jaz sem pričakovala da bo bolj gost, ker vendarle gre za olje. Pa za prvo uporabo sem ga porabila kar nekaj (imam tudi potovalno verzijo), sem pričakovala, da se bo ga manj porabljalo, če gre za olje.
    Me pa mika tale piling in nasplošno je tudi meni mandelj kolekcija najbolj interesantna.

    Sem pa tudi jaz zelo, zelo navdušena nad CC kremo, sploh ker imam rada nekaj kar le izenači ten, zato tudi pudrov ne uporabljam zelo pogosto. Tudi na meni je precej obstojna, čeprav imam mastno kožo. Drugače pa nad njo dam še Rimmel Stay Matte matirni puder, ki mi da še malce dodatne prekrivnosti in rdečilo + potonikino meglico za obraz, pa super izpade. Končno nekaj kar na meni izpade naravno pa še izenači ton. <3

    1. Jaz sem tudi pričakovala, da ga bom manj porabila. Zato mi je tudi škoda kupiti full size. Je pa meni piling res enkraten, in si ga bom kljub visoki ceni definitivno kupila.
      S tole CC kremo so res v nulo zadeli! :D

  5. Meni je prijateljica kupila tale mandljev set in tudi jaz sem preveč pričakovala od olja za tuširanje... Me ni prav nič navdušilo. Bi si upala trdit, da mi je od Nivee olje za tuširat precej bolj všeč, samo kar ima L'Occitane-ovo veliko lepši vonj. Me je pa prav tako navdušil piling, samo ne vem, če sem pripravljena toliko plačat za piling (jaz jih načeloma zelo hitro porabim). :)

    Za CC se pa še odločam - po eni strani mi je fantastična, po drugi pa ne. Me je skoraj bolj prepričala BB krema iz Immortelle linije. Moram kmalu objavit mojo oceno testerjev... ;)

    1. Sem že mislila, da bom edina, ki ne razume hype okoli tega olja. Morem pa torej sprobat to od Nivee, če praviš da ti je boljše :D Ja, piling je res drag, ampak jaz ga nameravam uporabljati bolj za pampering nights, in poleg njega imeti še enega cenejšega :D
      Zakaj ti pa ni všeč? Meni je bila BB krema tudi super, morem naslednjič vprašat, če bi lahko dobila še kak tester od nje :)
      Ja, le hitro, da vidim kaj praviš :D

  6. L'Occitane je res super znamka s super stvarmi. Cena je edina kar me moti, ko te konkretno udari po žepu. Ampak je vredno :) xoxo

    Visit me:

    1. Cene so res dokaj visoke, zato je pa toliko boljše, da so prijazne in dajejo testerje, da lahko sprobaš kaj je vredno nakupa in kaj ne :)

  7. Krema za telo-tale mandljeva je booooooožanska, piling pa tudi :D ampak jaz se morem držat stran od njihovih trgovin, ker me spet kar neki fleša, ko dobim plačo kr tja zavijam ;D zdej od nege sem pa še bolj nora.
    No CC kremica me je navdušila, imam pa ta tedn izbruh malih drobnih črnih mozoljčkov in ne vem kje je problem, upam da ne v CC kremi :/

    1. Jaz sem zdaj od nege tudi čisto navdušena nad njimi :D Se bo treba brzdat...
      Joj, sem brala na skupini, da vas je nekaj dobilo mozoljčke...Res upam, da se kje drugje skriva razlog za to...


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