Shopping My Stash #3: Lipstick edition

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello ladies, 
today we're going to talk about my second favourite make-up products; Lipsticks. 
My lipstick collection is quite large and lipsticks are one of the products I just can't stop buying. I've noticed that I've been gravitating toward the same few ones for a really long time now, and I finally decided it was time for a change.

Shopping my stash, lipsticks
My make-up organisation system consists of two sets of drawers; a cheap three drawer set from JYSK that I also use as my vanity, and the Ikea ALEX 9 drawer. In the ALEX one I keep the majority of my make-up (and some other things as well), and in my ''vanity'' I keep the products I actually use on a day to day basis.
I got used to switching around these products in my vanity on a monthly basis, which allows me to rotate between different products and get as much use out of my stash as I can. 
This system has really been working for me, so I wanted to do something similar with my lipsticks. I ordered this Acrylic lipstick organizer from Ebayand from now on I plan to rotate between my lipsticks on a monthly basis as well. Today, I'll share the first 12 of them with you.

Essence Come Naturally
1. Essence Longlasting lipstick in Come Naturally; I've mentioned that this was a bit of a fail purchase as the shade doesn't really work with my skin tone, but I want to start playing around with it and get a few wears out of it before I fully switch to more Spring appropriate shades. I already found one way to make it work for me; with the Essence Lovely Frappuccino lip liner. 
The lipstick itself is really creamy, which I like, but I really hate the strong scent of crayons. It also looks more grey on me in real life than it does on this photo.

Revlon Honey Flower
2. Avon Ultra color indulgence lipstick in Honey Flower was a blogger inspired purchase. It looked so gorgeous on Petra that I just had to have it. On me, it looks a lot more peachy, which I wasn't a huge fan of at first, but I think it's a lovely shade for Spring and adds a pop of colour to my face.
I do still wish it would look more a bit more pinky.

Maybelline Mystic Mauve
3. Maybelline Color Sensational in Mystic Mauve is right up my alley. I bought it two months ago and I know I'll be wearing it a lot. It's pigmented, creamy, has a lovely smell and looks gorgeous on. 

Maybelline Mauve Mania
4. Maybelline Color Sensational in Mauve Mania is another lipstick that will probably soon become my favourite. For me, this is the perfect Spring shade and I cannot wait to start wearing it way too often.
Although this two seem to be from the same line, this one has a much sweeter scent and is a bit sheerer than the previous one. It needs two to three coats to be fully opaque. 

Revlon Berry Smoothie
5. Revlon Lip butter in Berry Smoothie is an oldie but a goodie. I completely forgot how much I used to love these, especially this shade. It's just a no-brainer and it goes with everything. Perfect for everyday minimal makeup too. 

Catrice All that she wants
6. Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick in All that she wants is another shade that I would like to get a few wears out of. It's a brownish red shade that's quite dark and has some tiny shimmers in it. It's crazily pigmented so the application is quite difficult and I definitely prefer using a lip liner with it.

Essence Stay Matt Soft Nude
7. Essence Stay matt lip creams are another very neglected products that I used to love. I decided that the shade Soft nude will be the first one to get another chance. 

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Happy Nude Year
8. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Happy Nude Year was a London purchase and I haven't really worn it a lot since then as it's more of a Spring/Summer shade.
Bourjois is definitely misleading when it comes to their ''nude'' names, as this one is far from being nude, and on me it also looks a lot different from the bottle. You can see that it looks like a vibrant, coral-pinky shade and I'm really excited to see how it will look with a tan. 

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Grand Cru
9. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Grand Cru was featured in my last haul, so of course it made to cut. I assume I'll get a lot of wear out of this one every time there will be some sort of a special occasion. I also figured out the easiest way for me to get an even application; I make sure that my lips are completely dry and I use the E.L.F. Bitter lip liner with it. 
It does look even darker in real life.

L'oreal Caresse Romy
10. L'oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Romy is a product that I always tend to gravitate toward in Spring. It gives a gorgeous tint to your lips, feels like you're not wearing anything and leaves a gorgeous stain that doesn't budge. 

Rimmel Apocalips Celestial
11. Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Celestial. I'll admit, I completely forgot I own these and I used to love them, especially this shade. It's about time I remember all the reasons why I love it so much. Just looks at the shade itself, is absolutely stunning. 

E.L.F. Coral lip colour
12. E. L. F. Matte Lip Colour in Coral. I'm not a huge fan of this shade, especially when I don't have a tan, but I decided to try and wear it more. I think it's an easy shade to mix with other lip products and it won't be too hard to experiment with it since I have quite a few new lip liners.
Another thing I don't like about this one, is that it is quite drying and dragging (I own two other shades, but I don't have the same problem with them). 

So these were the first 12 lipsticks that I want to wear in this month or so. I really think this is a great way to start wearing all of your lipsticks, and hopefully I'll stick with it.

Do you have any lipsticks that you need to start wearing more often?

Sanja ♥

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6 komentarji

  1. Oh ja, Berry Smoothie je res odtenek, ki paše na vse :) Meni ga je mami ukradla in celega porabila :)
    Sestrična ima Happy Nude Year in čeprav res ni nude, na njej izgleda peachy-pink, res lepo :)

    1. Res je, jaz sem že čisto pozabila nanj.
      Meni sploh ni jasno kako mame vedno uspejo dejansko porabit šminke do konca. Moja jih ima polno in jih stalno menjuje, ampak ji še vseeno uspe porabit do konca nekatere :D

  2. You have such beautiful photos! I LOVE the look of that Essence Nude - what a pretty shade xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Oh Gemma, you just made my day with this comment. It means so much coming from you! Thanks <3

  3. Vse bi mela :) Sploh Maybelline Color Sensational Mystic Mauve zgleda fajn. Pa Berry smoothie. In Grand cru :) Mava kr podoben okus za šminke :D

    1. Hehe, Mystic Mauve je zakon! No pa sej ostale tudi :D


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