10 Things That Made This Week Awesome

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hello ladies, 
after two weeks of scheduled posts, I'm finally writing a new one and I have to say, it kinda feels weird. 
And I decided the best way to ease myself back to regular blogging would be with another 10 things that made this week awesome. I always love doing these, so here we go.

  • The Royals & Bones: I decided to mention these two as a one, since they're both TV series. Honestly, words cannot describe how obsessed I am with The Royals/Prince Liam (aka William Moseley). Every time I watch an episode, I cannot wait for it to be Monday again.
    And I just had to include Bones since they're finally back after the longest pause and I've always loved this show.
  • Garlic mushroom quinoa & waffles: Two food favourites from this past week. I found the recipe for the first one on Pinterest, but it's from Damn Delicious and it was just that, damn delicious. I made it just for myself, cause I thought no one would like it, especially not my dad. Turned out that I was wrong, as he loved it and eat half of my portion. And you know something that doesn't involve meat is seriously good, when he likes it.
    And waffles are from my local coffee place and it was my first time trying them, I did like them but they were crazily filling. 
  • Having an extra day with my family: This Monday was Easter Monday which meant that everyone had an extra day off, and you know me, I just love spending time with my family.
  • Primark opening a store relatively close; I was chatting with my friend about a potential road trip to Ikea & Seiersberg again, and I saw that Primark will be opening there on the 9th of July. No need to say that the road trip is postponed, right? Although this still isn't in Slovenia,  it will be the closest one to where I live. Excitement levels are high!
  • Getting back on track with being productive: These two weeks I've been taking it really slow to let my eyes heal and recover. But I have to say it actually feels really good, getting back to my usual routine and doing work for my thesis. Next thing on my to-do list is Spring cleaning of my room, especially my wardrobe. 

  • This quote: was another Pinterest find and I'm in love with it. I just love reading it, and especially the last part is definitely something I need to remind myself on a day to day basis. When I was searching for a source to link it up, I came across the full version. It was actually written by another blogger, Jessica from Today was meaningful. You can read it here.
    I can for sure relate to this post and I'll probably share a few of my own thoughts about 'the future & age'  with you soon, as I already have a few things written down.
  • Sunny & warmer weather: no explanation needed, I can't get enough of it & it's glorious!
  • Having my hair braided: I suck at braiding, like I can barely do a regular braid, but I love having my hair braided, especially a French braid. And this is where my mum comes to the rescue.
  • Ordering Glam Guide by Fleur De Force: I'll be honest, I think it's ridiculous that almost every Youtuber is coming out with a book and that whole 'Zoella ghost-writing thing' was pathetic, but Fleur is one of my favourite Youtubers and I loved how her book looked from the first time I saw it. I finally decided to purchase it and I cannot wait for it to arrive.
  •  Seeing someone I used to have a crush on: I haven't seen him in a really long time and now I saw him twice in two days. He's still really, really good looking *winky emoji*. 

What made your week awesome?

Sanja ♥

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10 komentarji

  1. Omg omg omg Primaaaark!!!! :) Kok super! :) (now you've made my week awesome!) :)

  2. Where will primark be opening? I didnt see anything online

    1. In Graz (Austria), Seiersberg shopping center. If you go to Primark website - our stores, you can see the countdown :D

    2. Thank you so much:)

  3. Prvič berem tvoj blog amapk mislim da sem našla sorodno dušo.
    - Zmeraj ko omenim William Moseley-a me vsi debelo pogledjo dokler se ne spomnijo Narnije
    - Tudi sama sem obsedena z primarkom in sem ga tudi obisakala v Londonu ampak tm je pravi kaos (oblačila so čist zmešana pa gardarobe so čist razmetane)
    - Slika deluje super tako da si niti ne morem predstavljati kakšn je bil šele okus:)
    - Zanima me kaj meniš o tem ko je Zoella objavila svojo knjigo in ker je imela ghost-writerja. Nekako dojamem da ima vsaka slavna oseba ghost-writerja ampak kar me najbolj moti je to da so pisali da je imela boljšo prodajo kot Rowlingova z prvim delom Harry Potter-ja, kar je bedno saj Rowlingova takrat sploh ni bila slavna in je tudi sama napisala knjigo tako da se to sploh ne bi smelo primerjati.
    Mislim da sem se malo preveč razpisala ampak upam da ti to pove kako me je navdušu tvoj blog post

    1. Definitivno se nisi preveč razpisala in me veseli, da ti je moj blog všeč :)
      Glede Zoella škandala, pa mene sploh ne bi nič motilo, če bi ona že na samem začetku to jasno in glasno omenila. Ne pa, da se je vseskozi ''pretvarjala'' da dejansko piše knjigo in s tem zavajala svoje gledalce. Pa tudi potem ko je vse prišlo v javnost, bi lahko podala neko dejansko razlago in opravičilo. Žalostno je, da se na tak način potem izkoriščajo najstnice (ker ima baje itak največ zelo mladih gledalcev) in da se one tako vzgledujejo po njej, ona pa samo dobiva denar na račun te naivnosti.

  4. Have fun with that Primark :D
    They opened one in Brussels as well, but it's so busy and messy all the time... It's quite hard to shop there :p

    1. I can imagine, the one in London on Oxford Street was always so busy, you could hardly move in there...Hopefully this one will be better :D


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