Sunday's Tag: Addicted to blush

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hello ladies, 
today I'll be doing a tag that feels like it was made for me; addicted to blush tag. 
You all know that I proclaimed myself as a blush addict a long time ago, and blush is my without a doubt my favourite makeup product.
This tag was created by Kat (Kitsch Snitch) who I love watching & reading, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I'll be doing it as well. Since then quite a few bloggers have answered these questions, but I would still like to tag everyone who is reading this, especially my Slovenian bloggers.

addicted to blush tag
I own quite a few blushes and it was really hard to choose my answers so I cheated a bit, but I know you won't mind.
Honestly, I could choose the same blushes for quite a few answers, but I wanted to include as many different ones as I could.
So here are my answers:

What colour blush suits you the most?
The pink ones, especially those muted/natural pink tones. I also think those darker reddish shades suit me because it looks like I'm naturally blushing. I just have to stay away from anything that is too peachy/ has a lot of orange tones in it.

Pressed/cream/loose blush?
I love my cream blushes, but I have to say that I love pressed ones even more. And I haven't actually tried any loose ones yet. Need to change that in the near future.

Physicians Formula, Illamasqua blush
Favourite shimmery blush?
I'll cheat a bit and name two, since one isn't available in Slovenia. That one is Physicians Formula Happy Booster-Natural, which is very natural looking and doesn't have as much shimmers, and the other one is Illamasqua Powder blusher-Morale which is a lot brighter, very different from my other blushes, and has a lot of shimmers in it, but still doesn't look over the top.

Terra Naturi Royal Apricot
Favourite matte blush?
I did have a bit of trouble choosing this one as I own quite a few matte blushes, but I decided on Terra Naturi Rouge puder-Royal apricot. Although it is an apricot shade, it still has enough pink tones in it for me to like it. I think it looks great on my skin tone and it's very natural looking.

Bourjois Rose Tender
Favourite cream blush?
This one was probably the easiest to choose, hands down the Bourjois Cream blush-03 Rose tender. It so smooth, easy to blend, long-lasting and I love the pinky shade with tiny silver glitter. I'm really surprised I haven't hit pan on this one yet.

blush GOSH, NYX, Essence
Favourite drugstore blush?
C'mon how can I choose this one when the majority of my blushes are from the drugstore? 
I managed to narrow it down to three; GOSH Natural Blush-43 Flower Power which has some battle wounds as I've dropped it and it's sadly not available in Slovenia, Essence Silky touch blush -Adorable which is one of the first blushes that I bought and also one of the most used ones, and NYX Pinched, which has again got just the right amount of pink and coral in it.

Benefit Rockateur
Favourite high end blush?
I don't own a lot of high end blushes (another thing that I would like to change), but I think I'll have to go with Benefit Rockateur. I know it looks very boring and kinda ugly on the swatch and if I were to judge by it, I would never bought it, but when it's on your cheeks, it just looks absolutely stunning and natural.
I have this one in the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot box o'blushes but if I ever run out of it, I know I'll be repurchasing it asap.

Illamasqua Hussy
Favourite bright blush?
Um, I think that would have to be Illamasqua Powder blusher-Hussy. When I first got this one, I was really doubtful if I will be able to pull it off as it looks extremely bright/almost neon in the pan. Thankfully, it blends out amazingly and gives your cheeks a perfect 'pick me up'. This one is a great option for those days when you feel like your skin is looking very dull and needs some life.

Essence, Hema, blush
Biggest blush disappointment/regret?
This one was very easy as well, and I actually have two; HEMA Satin Blush Powder-05 and Essence TE Like an unforgettable kiss Duo blush-Nothing but lovestoned.
Both of them are quite dry, extremely poorly pigmented and almost impossible to build up. I even tried scraping the first layer off the Essence one, but it made no difference at all.

Catrice, Makeup Revolution, blush
Best blush packaging?
When I was choosing the answer to this one, I noticed that I don't actually own any blush that has a spectacular packaging. Which is weird as I'm otherwise a massive sucker for gorgeous packaging. 
I would have to say that I love the look of Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts, but I think that Catrice Defining blushes have the best packaging in terms of storing; small, compact and sleek.

What's on your blush wish list?
My blush wish list is forever growing, but my current top 3 are Hourglass Ambient Lighting paletteMakeup Geek blushes and Max Factor Creme Puff blushes. 

Catrice Illuminating blush, MAC Stay Pretty
Number 1 holy grail blush?
This one was so, so, so difficult  and I couldn't choose just one, cause I love Catrice Illuminating Blush-I am nuts about you and MAC Pro longwear blush-Stay Pretty equally. If somehow my blush collection got stolen, I would run out to re-purchase these two (and have a mental breakdown in the meantime).
The Catrice one is also one of those shades that don't look all that much in the packaging and in a swatch, but they reveal their true beauty on your cheeks. It also gives them a gorgeous sheen and looks very natural. The MAC one is crazily long-lasting and it's my go-to shade for parties, going-out and things like that, cause it goes with everything, it suits me, and I know it won't budge from my cheeks. 

I think this was the hardest tag that I've ever done, I had a lot of trouble trying to narrow things down. 
I hope you enjoyed a peek into my blush collection and remember that you're tagged as well. Hopefully a lot of you'll decide to do this tag, cause I can't wait to see your choices and add some new blushes to my WL.

Sanja ♥

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20 komentarji

  1. Super TAG in tvoje izbire ♥ ga bom tudi jaz naredila :)

  2. I am obsessed with blush so I love this!!

    1. I hope you'll do this tag then, would love to see your choices :)

  3. Happy that I found your blog! Really like it!
    It’s so beautiful!

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. Super tag! Hourglass paletko zelo priporočam! :) Sredinski odtenek v njej, Incandescent Electra, je najbolj popoln <3.

    1. Joj, ne me še bolj mamit :P Upam, da si kmalu pridem do nje :)

  5. Imaš pa veliko peach odtenkov!:D Si mi dala kar nekaj idej za naslednja rdečila:). Se pa strinjam s tabo glede Essence te Kiss kolekcije, jaz bi ta blush najraje vrgla v koš. Popolnoma jezna nad tem kako slab je:/. Bom mogoče jaz tudi naredila tale tag:)).

    1. Sem se sama presenetila, da nisem izpostavljala same rozaste :D Jaz sem se odločila, da ga bom imela na ''razstavi'', vsaj za pogledat je lep če že ne druga :D
      Jaa, naredi ga, bi z veseljem videla tvoje izbire :)

  6. Jaz poznam eno drugo verzijo blush taga, ampak mi je tale bolj všeč. Mogoče naredim oba, ali pa samo tega, prej prej pa še objavim kolekcijo (upam, da kmalu, zdaj bo več časa). :)

    1. Priznam, da mene ne bi motilo če bi kar oba naredila :) Se pa že veselim objave o tvoji kolekciji, me že prav zanima :D
      Morem jaz tudi kdaj v prihodnosti vse pokazat :D

  7. Very nice tag! :D
    I love blush as well!

    1. I really hope you decide to do it as well :)

  8. Še ena blush obsedenka tukaj ;) Je to kar pravi tag za mene, upam, da bo čimprej čas za to objavo ;)

    xoxo, Nyx
    ( )

    1. Jeej, se že veselim branja :)

  9. Nuts About You sisters forever, right :D Rockateur bi imela, pa noben ne pošilja Benefita več k nam, razen uradna stran and there is no way in hell I'm paying for shipping :/

    1. Right :D Mi2 bi lahko kaki fan club za tale blush ustanovile :P
      Sploh mi ni jasno zakaj ne pošiljajo Benefit izdelkov k nam. Čisto zgrešeno...

  10. Waaau, koliko lepih blushov. <3 Sama sicer nisem (pre)velik fan blushov (čeprav mam občutek, da se to počasi spreminja :P ), ampak mislim, da čisto vsi obnemimo in se slinimo ob tvoji zbirki. :) <3
    Sva isti, kar se odtenkov tiče, tudi meni najbolj pristajajo rozasti, 'moram' pa se izogibat preveč mareličnih/breskvastih/oranžnih odtenkov. :)
    Tudi sama obožujem Catrice I'm nuts about you, od teh tvojih pa so mi zelo všeč še MAC Stay Pretty, Illamasqua Morale & Hussy in Essence Adorable (zadnjega res rabim!). <3

    1. Hehe, Sandra hvala za tvoj komentar :)
      Upam, da ti bodo všeč, če se odločiš za nakup katerega izmed teh :)


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