Sunday's Chit-Chat: Random Favourites vol. 6

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hello ladies, 
how was your week? Hopefully it was really good.
I was really busy this week, but I managed to get hit by a wave of productivity and motivation, which is always a good thing.

Random favourites
 It's time for another random favourites, and this month I have quite a few things I've been really loving.
So let's just dig in.

LG G pad 10.1, Mr. Tea man
 First up is the LG G pad 10.1 that I bought two months ago on a friend's recommendation. I got it a lot cheaper through Mobitel Program Zvestobe, but it's not available there any more.
But I love this thing, it works great, the battery lasts insanely long and it's much bigger than my old tablet. 
I've been spending too much time on Pinterest (please let me know if you have it as well, so I can go crazy and re-pin a bunch of stuff from you), playing games (let me know if you have any suggestions) and downloading free books from Amazon Kindle & slowly getting through them. 
The case is from Ebay, if someone's wondering.
Next thing that it's also from Ebay is this Silicone Tea Infuser / Mr. Tea Man. I mean, c'mon how cool does he look just hanging there on the cup? This is definitely the perfect addition for my tea addiction.  
Sticking with the drinks and food theme, I've been obsessed with pomelos again, and I've discovered the yummiest taste of mashed cauliflower. My mum made it for the first time a few weeks ago, and ever since than I'm daily dreaming about it. I'm drooling just writing this down.
I also haven't eaten meat for around a month now, and I don't even miss it. 

I also have a few song favourites;  Nicki Minaj ft. Skylar Grey - Bed of lies, Kodaline - All I want, Fifth Harmony - We know & Sledgehammer.
I also have two favourite TV Shows and one movie. The shows are The Voice, which I haven been watching since the start, and The Royals which is a new show that aired last week, but I absolutely loved the first episode and it looks very promising. The movie that I really liked is Cinderella, which I went to see on Friday. I absolutely loved the movie as Cinderella has always been one of my favourite fairytales, but I do think they could have picked a more handsome Prince, or at least kept his shorter hair.

Accessorize, Tedi
The next thing is super random, but hey that's what random favourites are for. I'm talking about these paper clips from Tedi. I love the two colours and the cut owl pot they come in. They just add something more exciting to my thesis notes.
The last actual thing I've been loving are these earrings that I got from a friend. I think they were from Accessorize and they look really cute yet elegant on.

My favourite moment happened yesterday, catching up with one of my oldest friends. She's currently studying in Germany so it's always nice to see her, but she's also one of those people who always tells me just the things I need to hear at that moment. She just knows how to kick my ass back to the right path.
Lastly, a few of my favourite posts; Toxic Relationships & Frenemies; How to Spring clean your social life by Jessica Says, Being a little fish in a big pond by Charli Marie (I also love her Youtube channel) and 14 Things it's time you forgave yourself for from Thought Catalog.

What are some random things you've been loving recently? And don't forget to leave me your Pinterest username in the comments.

Sanja ♥

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14 komentarji

  1. Kak so lepi uhani <3 Pa posodi za sponke je noro luškana, morem it pogledat, če jih ima naš Tedi tudi (sponk imam sicer že mali milijon, ampak rabim to posodico) ;).

    xoxo, Nyx
    ( )

    1. Heh, no upam, da jih bodo imeli :D

  2. Mislim, da sm ravno na tvojem twitterju vidla, da omenjaš to serijo The Royals, pa sem šla pogledat prvi del in mi je bil kul :) Tko da, thanks to you, mam zdej še daljši seznam serij, ki jih rada gledam hehe.

    Moram pa tut rečt, da mi je ful všeč, da na koncu dodaš linke do najljubših objav. Res so zanimive za prebrat, pa še nove bloge odkrijem :)

    1. Haha, malenkost ;) Z veseljem še komu podaljšam seznam :D
      Hvala, morem začet še bolj redno shranjevat objave, ki so mi všeč, ker jih vedno pol pozabim omenit :)

  3. Replies
    1. It's definitely worth going to see it :)

  4. That teaman is so adorable, makes for such a cute photo! I wanna buy something like that!

    1. You can get it for very cheap from Ebay :D

  5. Love the tea infuser - so cute! xo

  6. THAT TEA INFUSER IS ADORABLE. I drink tea roughly everyday, so I really don't know why I haven't invested in a cute/quirky tea infuser yet! I LOVE KODALINE!! I discovered them a year ago, and am thinking of going to see them in concert next month! Their debut album is flawless, and some of my favourites include "Way Back When", "Brand New Day", and "High Hopes"!

    1. Well, I think you definitely should :P
      I'm so not familiar with their music, I'll definitely check out your favourites.


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