Sunday's Chit-Chat: Random Favourites vol. 5

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Hello ladies, 
March is finally here which only means one thing; Hello Spring, I've missed you.
I just had a massive Spring clear out of my room yesterday, and now I feel so refreshed and ready to enjoy some sunny weather. 

After two moths, it's finally time to do another random favourites. This time I have a lot of things to share with you, and I'm sure I forgot about some things along the way as well. I seriously need to start doing these more often.

First up is the Russell Hobbs Mix & Go blender. 
I've been into smoothies for a really long time now and I've been using just a regular blender to make them, but ever since I got this one, I make smoothies almost every single day. I just recently got into green smoothies with spinach and I don't even like spinach otherwise. Let me know if you know any good recipes.
I love the fact that you get two 600ml bottles with it, so it's super easy and quick to make one smoothie for myself and the other one for my dad or my sister. You also get two lids with the bottles which makes it perfect to carry around with you if you have to go to school or work. Since it's so compact, it's also easy to store and clean. I'm truly obsessed with this thing. 
Next thing is Loyd Warming Tea Spicy Ginger, Lemon & Honey. I don't have the actual packaging any more cause my mum already threw it away as there was only one tea bag left, but I would probably say that this is my favourite tea of all time. We actually went through three packs in the past two moths since I made a mistake and even got my dad hooked on it. It just tastes so good and as the name would suggest, warming. I also think this really helped me when I had a nasty cold in January.

This time I have  A LOT of favourite TV Shows; Scandal, The 100, Arrow and The Mindy Project have been on point recently and I can't get enough of them. I've also been loving Hart of Dixie and State of Affairs, which has sadly already ended and it doesn't look too promising for the second season.
I also have two favourite movies - Blended & The Maze Runner and four songs that I've been listening to on repeat;  Adam Lavine & Chris Jamison - Lost without U, Jessie Ware - Say you love me, Alice Kristiansen cover of Wildest dreams and MAX & Madilyn Bailey cover of Love me like you do. 

And now onto probably my favourite thing in these two months; my journal/diary.
I bought this notebook last year in Tedi for really cheap and it's made in the same way that my ''blogging'' notebook from Accessorize that was quite expensive.
I started writing in here last April for a few days, then stopped until I had my traineeship which was in June and then I wrote a page or two every now&again. But one of my New Year's resolutions for 2015 was to keep a journal for an entire year since I tend to be very forgetful and this way I can look back in the future and remember all the details that I chose to write down. It's also a great way to get out all the things that might be stressing you out so that you don't over-analyse them in your head.
It actually became some sort of a habit, writing down everything that comes to my mind before going to bed. Sometimes I also like to write down quotes that I find that day and I can relate to, and every day I also write down at least one thing I'm grateful for in that day. This helps me to appreciate even the tiniest things that I would normally take for granted. 

My favourite moment has been purchasing a new template. I really couldn't be happier with how everything looks now and I definitely regret not doing it sooner. One thing that I forgot to mention about it, is the fact that I decided to let go of GFC, so now you can follow me on Bloglovin'.
Extraordinary by Jennie MayIt's OK by Little Glitter, and December inspired beauty by Mateja's Beauty Blog. 
Lastly a few Youtubers I've enjoyed watching recently; KathleenLights, Ben Brown, Steve Booker & Steve Booker Vlogs, and FleurDeVlog. I also really liked Spark; A visual poem by Meghan Reinks and The girl code by Superwoman. 

Have you done a post similar to this one recently? I would love to read it. 

Sanja ♥

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  1. Replies
    1. It's really good, definitely worth buying if you love making smoothies :)

  2. Blokec je ful cute! :) Jaz mam tudi doma celo goro takih blokcev, v katere randomly pišem dnevnik/feelings ipd in se mi zdi da to tko pozitivno in terapevtsko deluje name :)

    Mislim da še nisem omenila, ampak super template, mi je res res všeč! :D

    1. Meni se tudi zdi, da veliko bolj pozitivno razmišljam sedaj ko redno pišem...Mi je kar žal, da nisem že prej začela :)
      Hvala :)


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