Review: Makeup Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush & Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ladies, brace yourself for a very photo heavy & long post. Grab yourself a cuppa and let's just dive into this review.

Makeup Revolution products review
Today I'll be reviewing the first two MAKEUP REVOLUTION products that I bought last month. The review on the other two products will be up next week, as will be a post dedicated to a few of my favourite eye makeup looks using this and the Iconic Pro 1 palette (if everything goes to the plan)

Makeup Revolution Blending Brush
MAKEUP REVOLUTION recently came out with their own line of brushes. Since you can never have too many blending brushes, I decided to try their Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush PRO E103. 
What they say about it: This brush is suitable for both powder and cream eyeshadows which can be blended with ease and precision. 
I bought it off Lič for 2,95€, but my international readers can get it off Makeup Revolution Store for £1,95 (currently out of stock).

Makeup Revolution Pro Blending Brush
The brush comes in a plastic pouch that also has a piece of paper with its name & description. 
The brush itself is all black with gold writing on its handle. The handle itself is very long, sleek and it becomes thinner at the end. It feels well made and, this might sound stupid, but it fits into the palms of my hands really nicely. 
It's supposedly made out of synthetic hair, but I unfortunately can't agree with the claim that it's super soft. The brush is really dense and the hair felt extremely harsh and stiff when I first got it. After a couple of washes, it did get a bit softer and not so stiff, but it's still far from being one of the softest brushes that I own.
Speaking of washing, it's very easy to wash, it dries up really quickly and although I've washed it quite a few time already, I haven't experienced any shedding yet.

Comparison MAC Zoeva MakeupRevolution
I'm used to using softer and more fluffier blending brushes, and here you can see the comparison with two of my favourite ones, MAC 217 and Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease. 
So for me, the name of this one was quite misleading and I really don't like it for blending. I find it to be too stiff and too dense, it tends to drag the eyeshadow rather than blend it, and it's too rounded to fit into my crease.
It's also too big for me to use it for any precise application and I've experienced quite a fall out if I've used it for packing on powder eyeshadows.
But I did find a purpose for it; it works great for applying cream eyeshadows. It works like a dream with them and since it picks up a lot of product, you kinda need just a dab of this into cream eyeshadows. You do however, need another brush to blend out any harsh edges. At least I do. 

Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette
Now onto the product I've been eyeing up ever since I first saw it on MAKUP REVOLUTION's instagram; Flawless Matte palette with 32 ultra professional eyeshadows.
I, again, bought it off Lič for 10,95€ (currently out of stock), but you can also get it from Makeup Revolution Store for £8.
The first thing that surprised me was the packaging. I was honestly expecting something a lot bigger and more bulky, but as you can see it's not much bigger than the Iconic Pro 1 which is their standard sized palette.
The packaging itself is otherwise the classic MAKEUP REVOLUTION packaging; doesn't feel that well made, looks kinda cheap, it scratches extremely easily, but it comes with a huge mirror (that won't stand up on itself), it's very sleek & compact, and the eyeshadows have names. 

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte
But the inside is much better looking and as you can tell, already very well loved. 
There are three reasons why I was drawn to this palette; I love matte eyeshadows, the shade selection is absolutely gorgeous and I was curious to see how the shadows would perform.
So let's talk about this last reason first.
This eyeshadows are crazily creamy. I was completely blown away by this, as the matte shades from their other, older palettes feel kinda chalky and dry. These ones feel so buttery and soft on the touch, that my friend was convinced they're cream eyeshadows. 
They are actually so soft that some of them are quite powdery / crumbly and the darker shades do have a bit of fall out.  All the shades are also easy to apply and easy to blend.

Flawless Matte eyeshadows
The pigmentation varies a bit, almost every shade in the first row is quite badly pigmented, but all in all I would say the pigmentation is really good for matte shadows. I never apply my eyeshadows without a primer, which also helps to make those badly pigmented shades a bit more vivid. I can wear these eyeshadows all day without any creasing (with a primer, that is), but I did notice that they do still look a bit faded at the end of the day.
The shade selection of this palette is absolutely stunning. For me, this has every matte shade I would ever need/ actually use. I also think the majority of these shades really complements my eye colour.
When swatched, some shades do come off looking very similar, but I think that every makeup junkie can justify even the tinniest shade difference. Am I right?

I won't go describing every single shade to you, cause this post will be too long even without that, you can obviously see how the shades look like on your own, and because I suck at describing different shades. But I will point out a few things I've noticed about some of these eyeshadows.

Flawless Matte Swatches
Flawn and Cool are poorly pigmented, and Cool also feels a bit drier on the touch. Antique and Soft look quite similar. 
Nutmeg is a dupe for Foxy (UD Naked Basics) & it's one of the shades from the first row that is nicely pigmented. Sand is extremely soft & the most crumbly.

Flawless Matte Swatches
These two columns have some of my favourite shades.
Pearl is one of the least pigmented shades, but it's also extremely similar to my skin tone and looks very similar to W.O.S.  (UD Naked Basics). Fawn also doesn't have the best pigmentation and Taupe & Bark look quite similar once they are blended out. Bark is also similar to Cover (UD Naked Basics 2) and Tease (Naked 2)
Matte is poorly pigmented, Muse is a bit powdery, Rosewood and Warm are Naked 3 worthy shades and two of my most used ones. Rosewood is also quite similar to Nooner (Naked 3).

Flawless Matte Swatches
Shell is the other least pigmented shade and it also feels drier than the rest. Warm is also a bit crumbly, but not as much as Chrome. 
I really like these two columns as well, especially Burnt, Mud and Bear.

Flawless Matte Swatches
Cork is another less pigmented shade and Leather, Older & Earth are all a bit powdery / crumbly.
Stone is one of the shades from the first row that is quite pigmented, but also powdery. 
Charcoal and Carbon are both poorly pigmented & drier, but are also the shades I would very rarely use anyway. 

So if I were to tell you to get one of these items, I would tell you to get the Flawless Matte palette.
 I have to say that I did read quite a few good reviews about it before I got it, and I've also heard that they've changed the formula of their eyeshadows, but I honestly wasn't expecting them to be as good. I was really pleasantly surprised by this palette and it has been my go-to palette for the past 3 weeks. Yes, the packaging could be better, but it's the inside that counts, right? And for such a low price (around 0.34€ per eyeshadow), you really can't go wrong with it.
As far as the Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush goes, I'm unfortunately not the biggest fan. I know I'll get a use out of it with my cream eyeshadows, but I also know I could do without it. 

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts on them?

Sanja ♥

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17 komentarji

  1. Čudoviti odtenki. :) Na nekaterih slikah od drugih so se mi vsi odtenki zdeli enaki, tukaj pa se lepo vidi, da ima vsaka nek drugačen podton. Nisem fanica mat senčil, ampak tale paleta bi bila priročna. Sploh če delaš makeup na kom drugem:). Tudi pri Flawless paleti so eni odtenki na občutek prav kremasti. Res zanimivo:).

    1. Jeej, super, da si opazila da so res drugačni. Sem se hotela to pokazat :)
      Res je priročna, tudi če ti mat senčila niso všeč. Pa še zelo poceni je :) Je pa super, da so poboljšali njihova senčila...

  2. Ou mai gawd, čisto moje barve so not. Pa še mat. *shakes head* I don't need it, I don't need it. But I want it :D Samo mogoče ne toliko kot čokoladno paletko.

    1. Eh, you need it :P
      Meni je čokoladna tudi všeč, ampak me ful moti, da sta tiste dve senčki večji kot ostale, haha :D

  3. Nice product with lot of varieties.

    1. It sure does have a ton of varieties :)

  4. Jaz mam tudi tale čopič in meni tudi ni všeč za blendanje ali v očesno gubo, škoda. :/ Sama ga zato najraje uporabljanje za osvetljevanje na 'browbonu' in potem prehod med osvetljenim delom in drugo senčko rahlo zabrišem. Za kakšna večja blendanja pa res ni. Moram probat zdaj še po tvojem predlogu, kak se obnese pri nanosu kremnega senčila. :)
    Mi je pa tisti drugi čopič 'contour' mislim da je, všeč za zabrisovanje v zunanjem V kotičku. Pa osnovni čopič mi tudi ni tak slab. Mam že oceno v planu. :)

    1. Meni je za nanos kremnih senčil res super, poročaj kako bo tebi :) Se pa že veselim tvoje ocene, ker sem se jaz tudi odločala med tem blending čopičem in tem contour :)

  5. I, too, was wondering about the tiny shade differences - but still, I think I'm gonna get it. GREAT review : )

    1. Thank you, I glad that you liked it. I hope you'll like the palette as well, please let me know if you get it :)

  6. I'm just sitting here with my mouth wide open! Such nice colors! :o

    1. Right? They really nailed it with the colour selection :D

  7. Paleta je prav luštna, če si ljubitelj takih senčil. Sama bi raje tako paleto v samih barvah, haha. :) Pri nevtralnih mi je dovolj kakih 5 ali 6 senčk, ker imam pri njih vedno isti sistem ličenja. :D Upam, da bomo videli kak makeup s to paleto. :D

    1. Prehitro sem oddala komentar, sem ti pozabila povedati, da si se res super potrudila s to oceno, bravo. :)

    2. Res je, jaz pa ravno barvno ne bi nikoli uporabljala :) Makeupi pa prihajajo v bližnji prihodnosti, če bo vse šlo po načrtu :)
      Pa hvala :D

  8. ojej, nevarno dobro zgleda tale paletka, ampak kaj ko imam že tooooliko paletk (pa nisem niti beauty bloggerka, kot sem že potarnala eni punci pod komentarji tudi, hehe)... sem ful ljubitelj mat senčk, sploh naravnih, zemeljskih in toplih barv, tako da je ta res mikavna....

    super ocena in swatchi drugače :)!

    1. No, če si ljubiteljica takih odtenkov potem jo res potrebuješ :P Pa kaj če nisi beauty bloggerka, lahko pa vseeno prevzameš ''našo'' mentaliteto in najdeš izgovor za nakup še ene palete ;)


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