Review: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 & Blushing Hearts

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello ladies, 
today I'm back with the second review of the MAKEUP REVOLUTION goodies I bought last month. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the first one.

Makeup Revolution
Of course I couldn't just get one eyeshadow palette and since I don't already own enough neutral shades, this one was the obvious choice for me.
One of the eyeshadow palettes that has been on my wishlist for a really long time now, is the Lorac Pro but since that one is extremely hard to get when you live in Slovenia, and since MAKEUP REVOLUTION did a dupe for it, I of course had to get my hands on the Iconic Pro 1.

Blushin Hearts Bursting with love
And the other product that I just couldn't pass by was one of their Blushing Hearts Triple baked blusher from 1 ♥ Makeup line. I decided to buy their new shade, called Bursting with love which also has (as the name would suggest) three different shades; a white-pinkish highlighting shade, a muted rose shade, and a hot pink shade.
You get 10g of product in the packaging and I bought mine off Lič for 5,95€ (currently it's marked down to 4,95€), but my international readers can get it off Makeup Revolution Store for £4,99.
The first thing that I have to say about this blusher is that it looks absolutely stunning. Everything about it screams cute & girly to me, and I love that.
Although the packaging is made out of cardboard, it still feels quite sturdy but since it is also quite bulky, I wouldn't really say it's travel friendly. It's also not the best for storing, especially if you don't have a lot of storage space, but since it's so pretty to look at, you can always display it somewhere.

swatch Blushing Hearts
Next thing I love about this blusher is the formula; it's smooth, finely milled, not powdery or dry, and has an amazing pigmentation. All three shades are quite shimmery, but none of them has any chunky glitter in them. The only shade that has a bit of glitter (but very tiny ones), is the lightest shade.
You can of course use every shade on its own (but not with a very fluffy brush), and you can see how each shade looks like on my hand swatch. But I like to gently swirl my brush in all three shades (mainly in the second two) to get that gorgeous pink shade that you can see on my cheeks. As you can see, I don't even need to add a highlighter, cause the lightest shade from this blusher adds enough glow to my face.
Although it's nicely pigmented, it's also very easy to blend out / sheer down if you apply too much of it. This blush does fade a bit on my cheeks throughout the day, but the colour is still noticeable at the end of it.

Iconic Pro 1 palette
The Iconic Pro 1 palette supposedly has the new super-elite formulation of eyeshadows. MAKEUP REVOLUTION says that they have more impact, they're easy to blend, soft and butter-like application, to create the super-elite performance eye looks. This palette also comes with their PRO 1989 Double-ended eyeshadow brush.
The first thing I noticed was obviously the packaging, which they nicely improved. The black matte lid just adds something different and also looks a bit more expensive, but the whole palette also feels a lot more sturdy and better made. The lid with the big mirror stays in the position you put it, which is another thing that's different from the rest of their palettes I own. This is great if you're doing your makeup on the go or for travelling. 
This one retails for 8,95€ (Lič or for £6,99 (Makeup Revolution store).

PRO 1989 Double-ended brush
The next pleasant surprise was the brush that comes with it, the PRO 1989 Double-ended eyeshadow brush.
I almost always throw away all the brushes that come with palettes, as they normally add those sponge applicator ones, but this one actually looked pretty good. And that's not the only good thing about it.
It has a flat side that works great for packing on shadows and it's also great for highlighting the brow bone. 
But the biggest surprise was the other, tapered side. It's soft and since it's so small, it's the perfect size for getting right into my crease. I also love using this side for applying shadows in my outer-v area, and for smudging out my lower lash line.
It washes up nicely, dries quickly and so far, I haven't experienced any shedding. 

Iconic Pro 1 shades
The palette itself has 8 matte shades and 8 shimmery shades. The colour selection is perfect for any neutral lovers out there, but also has some interesting and different shades. I also love the fact that you get the same amount of matte and shimmery shades which makes this palette very versatile and a perfect pick for on-the-go.
Compared to the Flawless Matte palette, the matte shades in this one aren't as creamy or as buttery as the ones from Flawless Matte, but they're still very smooth.
But the shimmery shades are very buttery and have an amazing sheen to them. Not one of them has any chunky glitter, but they're all very shimmery and they look gorgeous on the eyes.

Iconic Pro 1 shade names
The pigmentation, again, varies a bit, but all in all, the pigmentation is still on point and better then before. The matte shades aren't as pigmented as the shadows in Flawless Matte palette, but the shimmery shades almost look like foiled eyeshadows.
The matte shades are a bit powdery and have a tiny bit of fall out. They also fade throughout the day. But I haven't experienced any of that with the shimmery ones.
All of the shades are easy to apply, blend and build up.

I'll do the same thing as I did in the previous review, I won't describe every shade, but I'll point out a few things that stood out to me.

swatch Iconic Pro 1
Luna, Enigma and Pitch are the poorly pigmented matte shades, with Enigma being the least pigmented and the most powdery shade of them all. Personally, I'm not bothered by the fact that Pitch isn't an opaque black shade, but some of you might have a problem with this.
I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation of Ghost as it rarely happens that a matte, white shadow is nicely pigmented. 
Fade is my favourite shade of the bunch.

swatch Iconic Pro 1
Dawn and Breathe are the two shimmery shades that aren't as pigmented as the rest of them.
Getter is extremely soft and crumbly, but it's also very pigmented.
But the last four shades in this palette are the stars of the show. They're all crazily pigmented, smooth and soft. Addicted is a bit drier compared to the rest, but still has an amazing pigmentation.
Stage and Player are very different shades from anything that I have in my collection and are two of my favourite shades, especially Stage.

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with both of these products. I'll for sure be getting another shade or two of the Blushing Hearts and I also want to try their Hearts Highlighters.
As far as the eyeshadow palette goes, or better yet both of them, I was really shocked by how much I like them. I always used my Urban Decay palettes over the other MAKEUP REVOLUTION palettes that I own, but I know that Iconic Pro 1 and Flawless Matte will keep on receiving a lot of love from me and I would recommend them to everyone.
MAKEUP REVOLUTION, you really raised your game!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts on them?

Sanja ♥

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12 komentarji

  1. Super ocena. :)
    Zdaj pa mika tale blush, ker so res lepe pinky barve, pa prvi odtenek mi je res interesanten, ker da lep sijaj. :) Drugače imam pa jaz en njihov highlighter v srčku (Goddess of Love) in sem res res zadovoljna.
    Sem pa zelo čakala tvojo oceno te paletke za oči, ker me mika. Barve so res prekrasne in meni je od teh mat tudi najbolj všeč Fade. <3 Sicer sem si pred kratkim privoščila njihov Naked chocolate paletko, ampak to bom definitivno dala na WL, ker me je ocena prepričala. :)

    1. Hvala Sandra!
      Blush je pa res prekrasen, imam pa jaz ravno ta highlighter tudi nagledan :)

  2. Super ocena...srčka se spravljam že dlje časa naročit pa mi še ni ratalo. Paleta je ČUDOVITA, vendar imam že 5 podobnih. Je pa res wow, ena izmed lepših <3

    1. Hvala! Jaz sem tudi zelo dolgo imela te srčke nagledane, pa se nikoli nisem zraven ''spravila'' in jih naročila :D

  3. Blush izgleda čudovito na tebi:) Glowy! Jaz bi imela ta blush v nekem ultra peach odtenku, hehe:) V paleti so mi všeč najbolj shimmer senčila. Škoda, če praviš, da mat senčke niso tak dobro pigmentirane kot v Flawless. Se mi zdi, da ima Flawless res presenetljivo dobre mat senčke:).

    1. Hvala, mogoče bi pa tebi bil bolj všeč Peachy keen odtenek :)
      Ja res ima Flawless Matte super mat senčke, se mi zdi, da če jih ne bi s tisto primerjala, se tudi nad temi ne bi ''pritoževala'' :)

  4. Wow, some of those shadows (like stage and too grey) and beautiful! At least in the swatch... I wish I could buy these here in Canada!

    1. They're gorgeous and not only in the swatch :) You know you can actually buy it, cause Makeup Revolution Store delivers internationally :)

  5. That eyeshadow palette is so amazing! :o
    The blush looks very pretty on you! :)

    1. It's really good and thanks girl :)


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