March Sparkles

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hello ladies, 
another month has almost passed and it's time to share my favourite products with you once more. Something very exciting is also happening / has already happened today; I had my Lasik eye surgery! There will be an update going up on Sunday where I'll have a bit of explanation for all of you, so stay tuned for that. 

March Sparkles
I have to say that this month was quite an interesting one, I started using some new(ish) products and I also re-discovered some old ones.

 First up, an oldie but a goodie, Essence Silky Touch Blush in Adorable. I've been trying to use it up, so it has been very well loved in March. It was featured in my Addicted to blush tag, and I really fell back in love with it recently. It's a gorgeous pink shade that looks lovely on the cheeks, it's not crazily pigmented, but two coats with the Real Techniques Cheek brush gives just the right amount of colour to my face.
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick in Nudist was already featured in one of my favourites, but I just can't stop wearing it. I'm kinda obsessed with it, and I need to hide it from myself. But it has just the right shade and texture for an every day, ''no makeup'' makeup, which is what I've been loving. It's not too glossy, but it gives just enough shine to your lips, it's a bit moisturising (but it tends to cling to dry patches) and the shade has just the right amount of brown, peach and pink in it. And it smells amazing.
If you have read my review of the MAKEUP REVOLUTION Flawless Matte palette than you might have seen this one coming. This has been my go-to eyeshadow palette this month and I just can't get enough of those gorgeous-looking and buttery soft shades. This is without a doubt my favourite MAKEUP REVOLUTION product so far. 
I'm slowly trying to go through my concealers, so I re-discovered my love for the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream in 21 Ivory. I completely forgot how brightening and natural-looking this is, and I'm hooked on it once again. It doesn't have an amazing coverage, but for a day to day, minimal makeup look, this is more than enough.  

Got2b, Body Polisher, Macadamia comb
 I finally started using The Body Shop Body Polisher this month and this thing completely blew my socks off. It changed how my skin feels and looks from the first time I've used it, and this was the best £4 that I've ever spent. I pour a bit of Garnier Oil Beauty Nourishing Scrub on it, and rub it all over my body in circular motions. It is quite harsh and it makes my skin quite red (like dry brushing for example), so I use it once a week. But my skin has never felt smoother or softer. It's also helping with those tiny red bumps I have on my upper arms (I think the right term is keratosis pilaris). It's supposedly made with recycled polyester, it's really easy to wash and dries quickly. The next time I'll be anywhere near The Body Shop, I'll definitely be stocking up.
I saw Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumania Volume refreshing styling powder over at Mateja's blog a couple of times and I finally remembered to buy it a few months ago. I just started using it this month and I quite like it. For me this is somewhere in between a dry shampoo and a texturising spray, and I like to use it on second or third day hair when my hair just need a bit of refreshment, lift and a bust of texture, but not as much as I would get from a regular dry shampoo and Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce. And I'm kinda addicted to the scent of it.
I'm still rocking my curly hair and I've noticed that I've been grabbing the Macadamia Healing Oil Infused comb every time I curl them. It just helps to loosen up the curls and it also helps to get rid of any frizziness. I got it in a Look Fantastic beauty box and although I thought it was kinda useless at first, it definitely grew on me.

swatches, Nudist
And here are the swatches.
Top from L to R: Nudist, CC eye cream, Adorable blush.
Bottom, Nudist on my lips and here you can also see that it did cling to some dry patches.

Which products have you been loving in March?

Sanja ♥

*I'm currently not able to apply to the comments due to my recovery from Lasik eye surgery, but I'll try to respond as quickly as I can*

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6 komentarji

  1. MAKEUP REVOLUTION Flawless Matte palette izgleda res čudovito <3 Moj najljubši marčevski izdelek je zagotovo Ombia maskara (iz Hoferja), ker je res čudovita ;)
    xoxo, Nyx

    1. A res? Mislim, da morem malo prečekirat Hofer :D

  2. Ravno včeraj sem še enkrat kupila Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream :). Definitivno eden izmed najboljših korektorjev za pod očmi predvsem zato ker izgleda tako naravno. Samo količine pa ne bom nikoli prebolela :D

    1. Količina res sucks, ampak če je pa tako fajni izdelek :D


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