First Impression*: Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

Friday, March 06, 2015

Hello ladies, 
today I'm back with my first impression of this absolutely gorgeous-looking Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. 

If you saw my February Beauty Buys then you already know that the Lič team surprised me with this palette when I placed an order of some Makeup Revolution products.
So what does Sleek say about it; This multitasking must-have creates a gorgeous all-over shimmer that instantly enhances the complexion with a fresh, radiant glow...  Now let's see what I say about it.

The packaging is absolutely stunning; a metallic, mirrored packaging (that's an absolute catch for fingerprints) with a big mirror and magnetic closure (and you know how I feel about magnetic closures, I adore them). It also comes with a brush, but mine didn't have it as I got a tester (I wouldn't use it anyway). 
You get 9g / 0.32 oz. and it retails for 16,95€ on Lič (my international readers can get it here).
You get three cream and one powder highlighters in the palette. If you go in with a bigger or fluffier brush, you'll end up with a bit of powder in the cream highlighters as the pans are quite narrow. I personally don't mind that, but I know that some beauty lovers get annoyed when this happens, so I thought I would point it out. 
The formula of these products is great, the cream ones are very creamy, almost slippery & wet on the touch. They're nicely pigmented, quite easy to blend and they all catch the light beautifully. My preferred way to apply them is with my fingers, and you really need just a tiny bit of product. 
The powder one is finely milled, not crazily pigmented so the application is great, cause it allows you to build it up and not end up looking like an Umpa Lumpa. 
The shade selection is quite interesting, and to be completely honest, when I first saw it I wasn't that crazy about it cause all the shades are quite golden and warm. To me this is a perfect palette for Summer, when I have a bit of colour to my skin and I know I'll use it a lot more then. It's the perfect way to achieve that bronzed goddess look.
Now a few thoughts about each individual shade (I apologise for the photos being so bright, when I was taking them the sun was coming in & out of the clouds) :

First up is the shade called Platinum (top left one). I think this is my favourite of the bunch, the shade itself it's right up my alley; a pearly white with pink iridescent glitters in it. It's very brightening and uplifting and works great as a brow bone highlight, or in your inner eye corners as well.
This one is also one of the shades I can easily wear when I'm at my palest.

Second shade on the top is called Royal Gold and it's my least favourite. It's a gold shade that has A LOT of chunky glitter in it, and because of that it also feels a bit patchy on the touch. When you blend it in, the only thing you're left with is that chunky glitter that transfers all over your face. It just looks too obvious & glittery on the cheeks for my liking, but it looks really pretty tapped on the eye lids, or on top of other eyeshadows. 

The third shade (bottom left) is called Renaissance Gold and is another golden shade, but this one has the least glitter in it. This one is currently too yellow for my pale skin (I'm really sorry you can see that), but I think I'll get a lot more wear out of it when I'm tanned. 

One thing I noticed with these cream highlights was that at the end of the day (around 8 hours of wear) they did fade completely and all that was left on my cheeks was glitter. Keep in mind that my skin is more on the oily side.

Last shade, and the only powder one, is called Antique Bronze. When I first saw it, I knew that I couldn't really use this one as a highlight, and I thought this would look way too orange on my skin as a bronzer. Turns out I was wrong, as I ended up really loving it and it looks great as a bronzer AND as an eyeshadow. This warms up your complexion like no other and since it has a some glitter in it, it gives you that gorgeous beachy glow. You don't really need to use a blush with it, and it makes you look like you just same home from a fabulous tropical getaway with that hot boyfriend you don't actually have.
Since the glitter isn't chunky and since I like to apply it with the Real Techniques Blush brush that's quite fluffy, it looks semi natural (not as natural as The Body Shop Honey Bronzer), the glitter doesn't come off that obvious, it just looks more like a sheen. It lasted a whole day, with only some minimal fading at the end of it.
I like this one a lot, it just gives a lot of dimension to my face. At least in my opinion.

All in all I think this palette would be a great addition to everyone's collection who loves warm, golden and quite noticeable highlighters. Considering you get four different shades that indeed are very multitasking, two different, yet good formulas, and a gorgeous packaging, I also think this palette is a great value for your money. I think it would be great if Sleek came out with a similar palette to this one, but with more pink toned shades.
I'm really thankful that I got a chance to try it out, cause I know I wouldn't purchase it myself and I can now see myself using the heck out of it in the Summer.

Have you tried this highlighting palette? 

Sanja ♥

*The product was sent to me to review. I didn't buy it with my money. But that didn't and won't ever affect my opinion about the product in any way. The review is based on my personal experience with the product.*

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14 komentarji

  1. Drug odtenek mi je najbolj všeč, ampak škoda da ima tako očitne bleščice. Nimam nič proti očitnemu shimerju, ampak tole res izgleda bolj kot prevelike bleščice za osvetljevalec. Zadnji odtenke izgleda super na tebi - kot bronzer seveda;) Embalaža je res čudovita.

    1. Ja, res so prevelike. Če bi bile malo manjše, pa da bi poleg njih ostalo še malo barve, bi vse skupaj izgledalo veliko boljše. Embalaža je pa meni res krasna :)

  2. Platinum in Antique Bronze izgledata super! Na zadnji fotki res deluje, kot da si ravnokar prišla s počitnic iz kakšnega toplega kraja :)

    1. Meni sta tudi ta dva najbolj všeč. Ah ja, ko bi le res prišla ;)

  3. Ooh what a beautiful palette, love that all the colours are so pretty! xo

  4. oo ful fajna paleta :) jaz bi jo pa kr za senčila uporabljala, ker ne uporabljam tolk "highlighterja" :D

    1. Jaz tudi mislim, da jo bom kar veliko za senčila uporabljala...Sploh ta drugi in zadnji odtenek :D

  5. Sleek products are so amazing! :)
    I have a question about your new template, where did you get it from? :)

    1. They really are, I desperately need to try some more :)
      I got it from Pipdig, he has a bunch of premade blogger templates to choose from :)

  6. It's such a pretty palette! Although I'm put off by the glitter, as I hate glittery highlighters but I really do love Sleek xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I don't like glittery highlighters as well, but these ones kinda grew on me (except the second shade), especially for a night out :)


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