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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hello ladies, 
how are we all doing?
Today I'm going to share my updated nail care routine with you. I did one back in 2013 (here) and I think it was time to do an updated one as a few things changed since then.
Before I start, I would like to point out that if you want to see any of the photos better and in more detail, just click on them.

I also have another reason for writing this post. The lovely Abbey from Julep contacted me in December, asking if I would want to take part in their latest project and share with my readers how I 'winterize' my nails. Since I was planning on doing an updated nail care routine anyway, I thought why not share some of my tips to 'winterize' your nails as well.

Step 1 is obviously removing the old nail polish. As you can see my nails were really desperate to get cleaned as the polish was already really, really chipped.
Since I was wearing a combination of a red nail polish and a very glittery accent nail, my obvious choice was Essence Nail art ultra nail polish remover. This is my go-to nail polish remover for times when I'm wearing glitters, reds or any other shades that are difficult to remove. Although it's acetone-free, I find it to be a lot more effective than other acetone-free nail polish removers which I normally use. It's still very affordable and you can get it in Müller.
I pour a generous amount of it on a cotton pad, press it down on each nail, wait a few seconds, wipe it off and say goodbye to chipped nail polish.

Step 2 is clean and re-shape.
Although I usually manage to get all the nail polish off with one cotton pad per hand, I like to use another one with a bit of nail polish remover just to go over each nail again and make sure that I really got everything off.
Then I wash my hands with warm water and soap, just to get the nail polish remover off and soften up my cuticles.
I previously mentioned that I never had problems with my cuticles, but this has recently changed, so I use a 'no-name' cuticle trimmer to get rid of any excess cuticle. 
Since my nails are currently short and I want to keep them that way, I use one of my many nail files to re-shape them and if necessary, shorten. I'm not picky when it comes to nail files, I usually buy the Ebelin ones, but this one from Konad was the most 'photogenic' one that I own. 
After that is, once again, time to wash my hands with warm water and soap.

Step 3 has recently been the most important one in my nail care routine; moisturise that cuticles!
I mentioned in my January Sparkles that my cuticles have been very dry, peeling and bleeding due to the cold weather, so Essence Caring nail oil that I was using for years, wasn't enough any more. I decided to finally get Lush Lemony Flutter and I couldn't be happier about it. This completely saved my cuticles and I've been using it almost every night, I actually just keep it on my desk so it's always within my hands reach.
When I'm doing my nail care routine, I make sure I apply a quite generous amount of it. I leave it on for a couple of minutes, until it turns into a more oily consistency, then I rub the rest of it in. 
Not only does this nourishes and moisturises your cuticles, which is a must in this cold weather, it also smells divine.

And after that we are done with my nail care routine. Here you can see a more close up of before and after.

I know I said, we're done, but there's actually one more step.
Step 4 which consists of something I do daily, especially in the Winter - moisturise your hands, and something that usually follows after I complete my nail care routine - choosing a new nail polish shade.
As my night time hand moisturiser I'm currently using the Yves Rocher Collection Cacao Cocoa & Pistachio nut hand cream. This was a part of their 2013 Christmas collection but since I had way too many hand creams open and half used, I'm just now using it up. It's quite lightweight, very moisturising, absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't leave that greasy residue on your hands. 
My current on-the-go hand cream (meaning it lives in my handbag) is Aldo Vandini's Pure Hydro Handbalsam Baumwolle & Weiße Magnolie. This has a similar texture to the previous one; moisturising, absorbs quickly without being greasy, but it's even more lightweight and smells like a perfume. It's small and compact, so it's great for carrying around, and the sleek packaging reminds me of L'Occitane and The Body Shop hand creams. I got this as a gift in a set of three awhile ago, so I'm not sure if it's still available. 
Abbey also send me a colour swatch of some trending winter shades from Julep (see below), but I wanted to share some of my current favourites as well. As I'm one of those people who wear nail polishes according to the seasons, I think that one of the easiest ways to 'winterize' your nails is to choose some dark or winter-esk looking shades.
I'm really into any kind of red shade at the moment, and Revlon 570 Vixen and L'oreal 404 Scarlet Vamp are definitely one of my all time favourite ones.
I've also been loving Look by Bipa Special effect Nr. 6 Metallic Violet, O. P. I. Meet me on the star ferry and Essie Jiggle hi, Jiggle low.

And there you have it, my updated nail care routine with a few tips on how I 'winterize' my nails. Now the only thing left is to hope that Julep starts to ship internationally as I can't stop drooling over their nail polish colour page.
Take a look at it, I'm sure all nail polish addicts out there will understand me.

How do you 'winterize' your nails?

Sanja ♥

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6 komentarji

  1. I'm in love with Lush products at the moment and that Lemony Flutter looks great!
    Fab post,

    Alice x

    1. Thanks Alice, you should definitely check out Lemony Flutter as well :)

  2. super postopek. Moj je približno enak, le da si po odstranjevanju starega laka takoj namažem novega. Prvo utrjevalec, potem barvnega. In šele potem na obnohtno kožico nanesem olje za nego. :))


    1. Hvala Nina :) Jaz pa ponavadi kak dan vmes počakam, ali pa vsaj čez noč...Drugače pa tudi jaz obvezno najprej uporabim base coat :)

  3. Very nice post! I always wanted to try OPI's Meet Me On The Star Ferry, it seems like such a unique color :)

    1. Thank! It's gorgeous and I don't have anything just like it in my stash, definitely worth buying :)



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