Shopping My Stash #2: Nail Polish edition

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello ladies, 
last week or so I was organising my nail polish collection and I've noticed that I have quite a few nail polishes that I haven't even worn yet. 
Then Aida did a Shopping my stash post and I've remembered that I haven't done one in awhile (my first and so far only one has been in September 2013, here), so I thought why not do one with these nail polishes.

I know that it's really bad that I own nail polishes that I haven't even tried yet although some of them are more than a year old, but my collection is quite big, I tend to gravitate toward the same nail polishes more or less, so some of them just get a bit neglected.
But I'm determined to try all of these in the next couple of weeks to see how I'll like them.

1. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 672 Jaded. I have three shades in this range and I really like the other two, so I'm not sure why I haven't tried out this one yet. When I was swatching it, I noticed that it's a lot more watery than the other two, it needed three coats (and I could probably even apply the forth one) while the other two only need one to two coats. But I do really like the packaging, the flat brush and the shade itself.

2. The New Black in 3108. This one was a gift from the Modna hiša Ikona event awhile ago and I know why I haven't used it yet; it has a tiny, tiny brush. On the nail wheel it needed 3 coats and this combined with the tiny brush that it has, I have a feeling I'll be painting my nails for a week. The shade of this one is lighter and more mint than the previous one.

3. Essence TE Bloom me up! in 03 Blooming Tender. A peachy shade that has a bunch of iridescent glitter in it. 
It needed two coats, but the application was really streaky. 

4. Catrice LE VISIONairy effect lacquer in C01 Mystic Moments. This was a last month purchase and it needed 2 coats. It's a silver shade, but I just recently noticed that it has a bunch of tiny red/purple-ish glitters in it. 

5 & 6. Sinful Colors Professional in 1382 Holiday Rebel and 1381 Decadent. 
I got this two in my 2013 Secret Santa swap, and I always want to wear them over the Christmas holidays but I keep forgetting about them. Especially Holiday Rebel seems like the perfect Christmas-y top coat. 
Both have different shaped and sized glitter pieces in them, both 2 coats on nail wheel.

7. S-he in 005. How gorgeous does this one look in the packaging? Well, I gave up on trying it on my nails after Taya did a review on them. 
I used 3 dabbing coats on the nail wheel to try and get a few flakies onto it, as the brush barely picks up any of them. I regret not using a base colour under so you would be able to see it better, but oh well. I kinda doubt I'll ever use it as it seem such a hassle getting it to look nice.

8. Essence TE Happy Holidays snowflake topper in 01 Let it snow. This is another nail polish I doubt I'll ever use and I'm actually thinking of throwing it away. It has a snow-globe effect, it has two metal balls and when you shake it up, there are a ton of different coloured glitters in it. But the problem is getting this glitter onto your nails, which is almost impossible. The brush just doesn't catches them for some reason. I tried to get a few of them onto a black nail polish so you can kinda see how they look. 
Really regret buying this one.

9. Essence TE Ice Ice Baby in 04 Icebreaker. I'm not sure if this is meant to be worn very sheer or as a top coat or what, because it's extremely watery and I applied 5, yes 5 coats onto the nail wheel and you can still see that it's not completely opaque. But I kinda like the shade, a light blue with tons of pink and purple-ish glitters. 

10. Lady Venezia makeup factory in 079. I bought this one in a China shop as I don't have any dark blue nail polishes that are so glittery. The glitters are green and it looks really nice when the light catches the bottle. On the nail wheel with two coats (the first polish, but the second shade) it doesn't actually look that dark, but I'm hoping it will be darker on my nails and I'll probably need three coats. I'm really curious to see how this one will last as it was very cheap. I think this will be the next one I use on my nails.

Here are all the swatches together:
Sally Hansen, The New Black, Essence, Catrice,  Sinful Colors Professional 2x,
S-he, Essence 2x, Lady Venezia. 

I'm planning on swatching all of my nail polishes to have a better view of all the shades, but I'm curious to know if you would be interested in seeing my nail polish collection? Do you have any unused nail polishes?

Sanja ♥

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18 komentarji

  1. Sami luštni lakci,meni sta najbolj všečna prva dva v mint barvi in pa tale od Essence 03 Blooming Tender:) joj tile lakci se tako hitro naberejo:):) Lahko bi delali take luštne majhne verzije, da se malček prej porabijo..tako pa ga uporabiš 1-2x in potem začne samevat:) Ti slediiiimmm:)*

    1. Se strinjam ja, ampak ponavadi so pri teh majhnih verzijah tudi čopiči zelo majhni, kar pa meni ni všeč :)
      Hvala, upam da ti bodo tudi bodoče objave všeč :)

  2. Ooo modra odtenka sta res top!


  3. LOL, midve mava eno čudno navezo zadnje čase, tudi jaz imam že kak teden poslikan post z laki, ki jih še nisem uporabila :D Samo moram si vzet čas, da grem po nail wheel :D pa hvala za link share :)

    1. Aja pa tale dva modra lakca sta ful huda :D

    2. Haha, no me prav zanima katere imaš pa ti neuporabljene :D Malenkost :)

  4. Replies
    1. Bomo videli kako se bosta na nohtih obnesla :D

  5. I LOVE the first 4 colors. I have an addiction to mint green polishes :D
    very nice post, girl!

  6. Great blog♥

    How about follow each other?
    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
    My Blog:

    1. Thanks you, if you like my blog you can of course follow me and I'll gladly check out your blog as well, but I don't do follow for follow. Sorry.

  7. Essence ic ice baby je fuuul lep :3

    1. Ko bi le bil bolj pigmentiran....

  8. Replies
    1. Res je škoda, da jih tako zanemarjam :D

    2. Jaz ponavadi uporabljam te lake, ki jih nazadnje kupim, na one ''stare'' pa čisto pozabim, že pozabim kako zgledajo na mojih nohtih :D


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