February Sparkles

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hello ladies, 
February is almost over and it's time to show you the products that I've been loving this month. 
But first, I would like to thank you for such amazing comments on my last post, especially for all the get well wishes, as I'm finally feeling healthy again.

Once again, I don't have a lot of things to talk about, as truth be told, yesterday was the first time this month that I actually wore a full face of makeup.
I definitely need to change this since I have so many new-ish things that I still haven't played around properly.

I bought this CadeaVera (CV) Young Milder Reinigungsschaum after hearing Julia Graf and Sara talk about it. It was sitting in my drawer for awhile now, as I've been trying to use up the L'Angelica cleansing mousse, but I gave up on that one and started using this one instead. 
Although this is also a foam cleanser, it's a lot more gentle and not drying at all. It also feel softer and fluffier on the touch, has a lovely sweet&fruity scent and is really affordable. You can get it in Műller.
I've been using it as my daily cleanser and it does a great job at cleansing your skin & leaving it soft and smooth, but I haven't tried removing a full face of makeup with it yet. 
The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry hand cream was a gift from the lovely Astrid. First of all, this smells HEAVENLY! Sweet yet sour, and so refreshing. I could honestly just smell this the whole day.
But the reason I've been using it a lot, is because my hands have been so dry recently, especially my palms, so this has been living on my desk. It's really lightweight, gel-like texture, it's sinks into the skin really quick, yet does a great job at moisturising. C'mon now, we need The Body Shop here in Slovenia!
In my Updated Nail care routine I told you that I've been in a 'red nail polish' phase recently, and this hasn't changed yet. I used to wear red nails all the time in high school, and after that I only wore them every now and again. But every time I do, I remember why I love red nails so much, they just look so elegant and lady-like on your hands. 
My current favourite red shade is this 404 Scarlet Vamp from L'oreal that was also featured in my nail care routine. It last for about 4 days, needs 2 thin coats and has a flat & quite big brush. 

Now onto a few makeup bits.
Remember the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless mascara from The battle of new mascaras in my stash?
Well, I have to take that downside I mentioned there back. Now that it got even drier, it actually stopped smudging on me. I haven't changed anything in my makeup routine, so I think this could be the only reason for that. It also does a better job at separating and lengthening my lashes. It truly is a great every day mascara.
NYX Powder blush in Mocha was a rediscovery for me. I bought it quite awhile ago but I barely used it, cause it's quite harder and less pigmented than the shade Pinched I also have, and I was kinda disappointed by it. But since I've been wearing minimal makeup, I've been loving using this one. Since it's not so pigmented, it's completely matte and because of the shade itself, it looks like you're naturally blushing, which is what I want. And who knows, maybe I just need to get through the first layer for it to fully shine with its pigmentation. 
Sticking with the naturally looking theme, my go to lip product this month has been Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil. This gives just a tiny, tiny bit of a raspberry tint to my lips. Just enough for them to not look completely ''bare'' and a bit more plump. 
Like the other Burt's Bees lip balms that I've tried, this one is also very nourishing & moisturising, and also has a lovely pomegranate scent.

Swatches on top L to R: 
NYX blended and layered a few times, Burt's Bees lip balm.

Bottom L to R:
CV cleansing foam and The Body Shop hand cream.

What was your favourite product this month?

Sanja ♥

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16 komentarji

  1. joj, Frosted Cranberry je moj najljubši vonj <3, ampak imam samo majhen tuš gel, losjon ter milo in šparam z njimi :D

    1. Res nenormalno diši. Imam jaz tudi milo in ga tudi šparam za ''težke'' trenutke :D

  2. Meni je sicer všeč lahka tekstura TBS kreme za roke, ampak se mi zdi, da ni najbolj vlažilna, ampak bolj primerna za nekoga, ki nima zelo suhih rok, vsaj po mojih izkušnjah. Blush pa je prekrasen. :)

    1. Res ni najbolj vlažilna, ampak trenutno je dovolj za moje suhe dlani. Se pa strinjam, da mogoče ne bi bila dovolj za nekoga, ki ima redno zelo suhe roke :)
      Blush je pa res krasen, upam, da bo s časoma postal še malce bolj pigmentiran :)

  3. I'm so happy to see that you like the handcream! :D
    It does indeed smell amazing!
    I've been looking at that Burt's bees lipbalm in the store so much but I never picked it up... Maybe some day soon, I will :D
    That L'oréal nail polish looks amazing! :)

    1. I love the hand cream and don't get me even started on the smell. I'll need to start using it very speringly so I don't run out of it :)
      Try them, I really like Burt's Bees lip balms :)

  4. Blush <3 Noro lep je.
    V petek grem končno v Lj in definitivno v Muller, torej bom kupila to CV penco :)

    1. :) Upam, da ti bo všeč pena, pa če slučajno v BTC, zavij še v Yves Rocher...se najdejo super zadeve tam :D

  5. Super izdelki :) ravno iščem cleanser za obraz in tale izgleda super, ga moram kupiti :)

    1. Poročaj potem, če ti bo všeč :)

  6. Great♥


  7. I’m in love with your blog! Interesting posts, beautiful photos & design! It’s really amazing!
    Great job! I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you so much Diana for this lovely comment :)

  8. Oooh, Mocha is such a great shade, It looks like it would be very pretty and Nyx blushes are so good!
    Lovely post!
    Elephant stories and more

    1. It's an amazing shade and looks super natural yet uplifting :)


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