Disappointing Products #4

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hello ladies, 
after quite a long time, I'm back with another disappointing products post.
As always, just because something didn't work for me, it doesn't mean that it won't work for you or that I'm completely bashing on that product. I just want to let you know why these products didn't work for me. 

I'm sure that more products didn't work for me since my last instalment, but I probably already threw them away or mentioned them in my Empties. 
These are just the products that have recently disappointed me or that I've been trying out for awhile, but just couldn't make them work.
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Starting with a product that I said that I really like (here), L'oreal Mythic Oil. You can see that I really did try to like it, as I used a good third of it, but I noticed that the more I used it, the more my ends started to split. They started to look quite bad & dry, and every time I went to the hairdresser, I need to cut them off. Although I dye my hair and use heat on it I never had any problems with split ends, but since I ran out of the Orofluido oil and started using this one, my hair just isn't the same. I finally decided to give up on it and order a new bottle of Orofluido a few weeks ago, but I'm still waiting for it to arrive (FeelUnique's delivery is another thing that disappointed me recently, btw).
Another L'oreal product that I normally love is their Elnett de Luxe hairsprays. But this Volume supreme hold one just made my hair really sticky and greasy in a matter of hours. Luckily I always buy the small sized ones, and I now only use it if I know I'll be washing my hair the next day.
I mentioned the Alverde Aqua Feuchtigkeits-kur Meeresalge a long time ago (here), but since then they not only changed the packaging, but it seems like they've changed the formula as well. You used to get a pack of 7 small glass ampoule's that you would use for a week. One ampoule had enough product for one application and they were extremely moisturising. Now you only get this one bigger, rubbery ampoule that is really stiff, which makes is difficult to squeeze out the product and you don't really know how much is supposedly enough for one application. I could deal with that if the formula was still the same, but this just wouldn't sink into my skin properly and the next day my skin would be extremely oily. It also has a strong alcohol scent. A big let down. 

Next up are a few makeup bits.
First is the Bourjois Intense smoky Liner & eyeshadow in 62 Violet constelle that I got in LookFantastic Beauty Box. 
The colours itself aren't something I would gravitate toward, but i decided to give them a go and I was disappointed by the first swatch. The two shadows are rock hard and have almost zero pigmentation (see the swatch below). The silver one is a bit better, but still very badly pigmented. It also has a lot of glitters in it, and since the shadow is so badly pigmented, it looks like you're only applying glitter to your eyes. I won't even bother talking about the purple shade, cause it's almost non-existent (I had to layer it up to get that swatch below). 
The shadows also have A LOT of fall out, they're difficult to blend and you can't really build them up. I would definitely be throwing away this trio if I didn't like the gel liner so much. The liner is nicely pigmented, smooth and very long-lasting. It's a purple-y shade, but it kinda looks like a mixture of black, purple and brown. It looks really good with my eye colour, adds something something, and doesn't look as intense as a black liner. I think I'll try and depot it, cause I really don't have a use for the two eyeshadows in here.
I bought this HEMA Satin blush powder in 05 when I was in London. I was really drawn to the peachy/apricot shade and when I was swatching it in the store, it looked like a good blush. Well, this definitely has the right name, blush POWDER, as it is very powdery and badly pigmented. No matter what brush I use, this just disappears when I try to apply it on my cheeks. I'm not sure why the texture of this is so different from the one that was displayed in the store, but I think I'll try and scrape off the first layer and see if this will make a change.
Essence Say NO to dark circles colour correcting concealer in 30 bright rose was one of my desperate purchases. I don't really know why I though this would help to conceal my dark circles, but I definitely know that I was wrong. This actually makes my dark circles look even worse (although I'm not quite sure how this is even possible), it creases like crazy and I really regret buying it. I'll probably still keep it and use it as a brow bone highlight since it's that pinky shade that I like to use for that.
It kills me to have to include this next product on here and I really tried my best to make it work, but I just can't and it's time to admit that out loud. M.A.C. Snob you are officially one of my biggest regrets!
I have a bit of background story to tell about this one; I bought it when I was in Paris and I previously mentioned how I get really overwhelmed and make bad choices when I'm in a big store that isn't available in Slovenia. Well this time I was in a packed full M.A.C. store on Champs-Elysées with a tired 10 year old sister and a sales assistant breathing down my neck. I swatched a few lipstick shades and I really liked how Snob looked on my hand; a baby light pink with a slight purple undertones. But when applied to my lips, it unfortunately looks nothing like this, but more like a very light, pastel lavender shade. It doesn't suit me at all and it makes my teeth look crazily yellow. I tried working with it, using different lip liners, lip glosses, mixing it with other lipsticks, but it just doesn't look good.
Another thing that bothers me, it's the fact that it feels very drying on the lips, I have to really try to get an even application since it tends to drag on the lips. I have another lipstick in the same satin finish (Brave), but I have no problems with the formula of that one. 
I really don't know what to do with it, and every time I look at it I want to bang my head into a wall for purchasing it in the first place. I'll probably keep it and hope that I'll have enough products to back to M.A.C. at some point?

Here are the swatches of these makeup products; 
HEMA blush, M.A.C. Snob, Essence correcting concealer and the Bourjois Intense smoky trio (liner & the two shadows).

As you can see, it took me awhile to learn that Balea Wellness Fuß Butter with Lemongras & minze wasn't working for me. I bought it because I ran out of my previous foot cream and I liked the foot bath salts version of this. When I started using this my feet weren't that dry, but the more I used this the drier they got. I wasn't using it sparingly as it's cheap, quite lightweight for a ''butter'' and I thought that my feet really needed the moisture. Turns out this was the reason they were getting so dry, and when I stopped using it my feet got back to normal. I cannot wait to throw this away since it's only gathering dust.
Last but not least is a product that I never thought would be featured here. I've been buying Yankee Candle products for years and I haven't bought one that I wouldn't like. That was until I started burning Sparkling snow. When you smell it from the outside it smells kinda fresh but still sweet, and this was probably the reason why I got it, but when it started to melt, it smelt exactly like a freshly cleaned toilet. And although this would be a great scent to have in your bathroom, it really isn't something that I would like my bedroom to smell like. 
I'm really sorry, but I just don't like you.

Have you been disappointed by a certain product recently?

Sanja ♥

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18 komentarji

  1. Replies
    1. Jap, ampak me je zdaj izučilo in imam vedno seznam s stvarmi, ki jih hočem zraven :D

  2. Jaz imam tole L'oreal olje in fajn pomaga mojim suhim konicam. Zgleda, da je res odvisno od las.
    Mi je pa zelo žal za MAC šminko, ker po swatchu izgleda zelo, zelo lepa + glede na to, da njihove šminke niso glih poceni, ne bi smela imeti tako slabe formule. :/
    Žal pa meni to Balea maslo tudi preveč ne odgovarja, ker ne naredi čisto nič za moja stopala.

    1. Res je odvisno od las ja....A ne, da izgleda ful lepo na swatchu? Ah ja....

  3. No, ti si zgrešila s Snob, jaz pa z Viva Gaga in YSL RV 7, ki sta zelo podobna hladna svetlo roza odtenka. Can't make them work...

    1. A veš, da sem dejansko imela tole YSL že celo večnost na WL....Sem takoj zbrisala :D

  4. Z Bourjoisovimi senčkami imam tudi jaz slabe izkušnje - bleščice, bleščice, bleščice =/ Tako da jih niti ne gledam več ;) Je pa res škoda za šminko, izgleda res čudovito!

    1. Joj, te so res grozne. Sem ravno zdajle uspela spravit liner ven iz embalaže, da lahko ostalo vržem v empties :)
      Res je škoda, da ne izgleda še tako čudovito na mojih ustnicah...

  5. I think this is the first ever disappointing products posts that I have EVER seen a MAC lipstick in haha.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    1. Haha, it killed me to have to include it in here, but I just can't make it work for the life of me :D

  6. Meni so tudi Bourjoisove sence grozne. Pa še 2 verziji sem kupila, ker so bile znižane :@ Mogoče lahko šmink prodaš.. Kak moj butik al pa kaj takega :)

    1. Uf, škoda :/
      U, dobra ideja, na moj butik se sploh nisem spomnila. Morem prvo videt, če bo slučajno eni prijateljici všeč :)

  7. Glede Essence say no to dark circles se popolnoma strinjam.. pa še bleščice ima notri da zgleda kot da imam pod očmi fall out od senčil :/

    1. E, bleščice sem pa čisto pozabila omenit...Res je en big fail.

  8. I love Bourjois lip products, their healthy mix foundation is amazing, they make gorgeous blushes, lovely eyeliners... But they can't make eyeshadows at all! I swatched so many different colors and palettes in stores but I have never seen them making a decent one. I think that it so weird! :p
    Too bad that MAC lipstick didn't work on you :(

    1. Their lip products are seriously amazing, but as you said, not so much the eyeshadows...They better start working on that :D

  9. Joj Mythic oil je med mojimi top olji :D
    zdej pa poznam eno osebo ki ji ni všeč :D
    Meni se pa zadnje čase zdi da YK voski ne dišijo več tako intenzivno, ali sem se pa že preveč navadila, samo redno menjam vonje.

    1. Hehe, moji lasje so očitno preveč navajeni Orofluido olja :D
      A res? Meni se ne zdi, čeprav je pa je odvisno od vonja, ker nekateri res malo manj intenzivno dišijo kot drugi...Tale je na žalost med bolj intenzivnimi in mi res ni prijeten vonj :D


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