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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello ladies, 
how has January 2015 been treating you? I can't believe this is my first post of 2015 and we're already almost half way through January. Crazy!
After coming home from my New Year's getaway, I decided to take a week off blogging to catch up on some sleep, recharge my batteries and do some changes to my blog. As you can tell, it didn't go as planned since I got extremely, extremely sick. It was horrific, but I'm finally feeling much better.

So I decided to come back in ''style'', and with ''style'' I mean with a ridiculously long post. Brace yourself!
Hopefully you won't mind it, but since I had too many favourites, I decided to do another Best Buys ''series'' as I did last year here and here (I was still loving the majority of these products in 2014).
As I said last year, I'll try and keep the reviews short & sweet, with a lot of links to more detailed ones for those of you who'll be interested in reading them. 
If there's a product I haven't reviewed yet and you would like to read my thoughts on it or just see some swatches, please let me know. 

  • Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream: This is hands down my favourite base. It gives me enough coverage, feels like nothing on the skin, looks great, doesn't make me look too oily or too matte. I have the shade 31 Ivory and here's a detailed review.
  • This year I also found a foundation that I really like and it's the L'oreal True Match in C2 Rose Vanilla. I use this one on ''special'' occasions when I want a medium to full coverage, it blends nicely, doesn't feel heavy or look cakey on the face. But it's definitely not something I would wear on a daily basis. 
  • Lo and behold, the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer is magic in a bottle. Why, oh why did it took me so long to get it? This is hands down the best primer I've tried so far and I don't feel the need to try any of the others out there. It's not too thick, doesn't have that silicone feeling, glides on the skin like a dream, makes your foundation look flawless and keeps my face matte. I've actually been using only this and the Catrice setting powder as my base for the past month & a half, and I'm in love. Thank you Mateja for raving about it.
  • You know about my hunt for the perfect concealer that has lasted for years? Well, I found one. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer changed everything. It covers my dark circles perfectly, it's creamy, blends like a dream, long-wearing... The only downside is the price, but I'll look pass that for the sake of my dark circles. I have the shade Light 2 Vanilla.
    Oh, I actually burned my face on the curling wand on the last day of 2014 and this was/is the only thing that covers the scar.  
  • Another great and budget friendly concealer that I discovered in 2014 is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the shade 15 Fair. It doesn't have as high coverage as the NARS one, but it comes very, very close. It does an amazing job at covering dark circles and pimples. Review.
  • I raved about the Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder a couple of times, so I won't bore you again with it. It's my favourite setting powder so far; keeps my face matte, doesn't add any colour, doesn't looks cakey or powdery, hides my pores and makes my skin look amazing.

  • 2014 was a year of Catrice blushes. I bought quite a few of them and wasn't disappointed in not one of them. They are pigmented, smooth, easy to apply & blend, and long wearing.
    My favourite ones have been; Gradation Blush in C01 Waterloo Sunrise ( LE Creme Fresh), Illuminating Blush in I'm nuts about you (review), and Defining Duo Blush in C05 Meet Nudy ( LE Une, Deux, Trois, review).

Some other best blusher buys are also:
  • INGRID Cosmetics Satin touch Mineral blush in the shade 1. I'm not sure if you can see, but I made quite a big dent in this already. It's such a lovely shade that looks very natural on the cheeks and goes with everything. I find myself reaching for it a lot. Review.
  • Terra Naturi Rouge Puder in 04 Royal apricot really surprised me. A lovely shade with nice pigmentation. What more could you want?
  • And the favourite of the last couple of months: Maybelline Colorama Blush in 501. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo is my baby. I'm actually surprised I haven't hit pan on the contour shade Heliopolis since I've been using it like a crazy lady. The highlight is also amazing, btw.
    Here's the review.
  • The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder is as good as everyone says. It's also the most natural looking bronzer I've found and it's perfect for every day. It does work for contouring as well, although I prefer using the Illamasqua duo for that. I have the shade 01 Light Matte, although I could've gotten away with the shade 02 Fair Matte. 

Who would've thought I would be featuring not one, but three best highlighter buys? Definitely not me.
  • First up is the Essence Shimmer powder in Rose it Up (TE Bloom me up!). Gorgeous shimmery rosy shade that doesn't have any chunky glitters and doesn't look over the top.
  • Highlighter Powder by H&M is more golden (like a rose gold shade) and more obvious than the Essence one, although it still doesn't have any chunky glitters in it. It's also very pigmented so a light hand is a must.
  • P2 Glow Up! Highlighter eyes + cheeks in High Gleam is my newest love. It's quite similar to the Essence one, but even more reflective, shimmery and a bit lighter. I reviewed it here.

  • I know I said I won't be featuring any of my December favourites here, but I just had to talk about the Alverde Augen-brauengel in 01 Blond one more time since I've been wearing it a lot in 2014. It's just a no-brainer, one swipe and your brows look filled in and put together. I do think that ladies with thinner brows would have a problem with the brush as it is quite big.
  • The Rocket is still my favourite mascara, but my best 2014 mascara buy has been the L'oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga. Gives volume, length, doesn't clump up my lashes or smudges. 
  • I mainly included this Essence Duo Eyepencil (TE Bloom me up!) for its eyebrow lifter side. I use this almost every time I do my brows, it's the perfect brow highlight; it lifts them up and makes them look clean and perfected. I'm not the biggest fan of the inner rim side just because it's not the most pigmented and doesn't last long.
  • Essence really knows how to do their eye pencils in their trend editions. They are soft, smooth, pigmented and long wearing. My favourite shades are the 01 Leaves Are The New Beef from TE Hello Autumn and 02 Grey-headed Lovebird from TE Love Letters.

  • 2014 was a year I really got into Catrice products, and their absolute eye colours have been another thing that won me over. My two favourite shades have been 400 My First Copperware Party (supposedly a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe) and 750 New In Brown. Both very smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. 
  • You all know I can't go anywhere without the L'oreal Color Riche L'ombre Pure Matte shadow in 106 Breaking Nude and you probably already memorized everything that I have to say about it. You still don't own it? Than I don't know what are you doing with your life. 
  • Artdeco 538 is another shade I think everyone would benefit from. It's the perfect transition shade and I use it every time I do my eye makeup.

As far as palettes are concerned, I have three:
  • Manhattan Eyemazing Effect eyeshadow quad was definitely a hidden drugstore gem for me. Super pigmented, blendable, long-wearing shadows with a sturdy packaging. The shade selection in this Brownie Break quad is also perfect for any neutral lovers out there.
  • I loved/still love the Naked Basics palette a lot, but I love the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics even more. Definitely a holy grail product for me, more here.
  • I'm definitely a drugstore kinda gal, but splurging on the Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow Duo in Raisins was definitely worth it. You can feel how luxurious this product is and the shade selection is the for my eye colour. Review.

  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's. If you like long-wearing, matte lipsticks, you will love these. They don't budge. I currently have three shades; 09 Happy Nude Year, 02 Frambourjoise and 07 Nude-ist. I did notice that they're marked down to 9-something € in my local DM so excuse me while I get a shade or two more.
  • Another Catrice product. Their Ultimate Stay lipsticks are superb; super creamy, pigmented, with a semi matte finish. The only reason why I only have two ( 060 Floral Coral and 020 All That She Wants) is because the other shades that I want are always sold out in my nearest Müller. 
  • Last best buys from Catrice are the Beautifying Lip Smoothers. I won't talk much about these, cause I did a whole blog post on them here, but I'll tell you that even the non lipgloss lovers love them.

Now onto some specific lipsticks and shades.
  • I bought the L'oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds Laetitia as a part of my Christmas present to myself and I couldn't be happier with it.
    I don't know what I prefer; the shade itself, the formula or the smell. Because everything is perfect! I mean, this survived a whole Christmas afternoon of stuffing my mouth with food and drinks. 
  • You can see that the P2 Pure Color Lipstick in Kärtnerstarsse has really been loved. This was the lipstick that sparked my endless love for nude shades with brown undertones and it also has the most brown in it from the bunch. Here's the review.
  • The remaining four lipsticks have recently been mentioned here and I know they all look the same, but as you'll see on the linked post, this is purely due to my bad photographing skills and that they do actually look different on the lips. These lipsticks are; MAC Satin finish lipstick in BraveKIKO Velvet Mat Lipstick 602 Natural RoseNARS Audacious lipsticks Anita and Caramel Infused Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Lacquer.
    I definitely made some amazing lipstick decisions this year and I know I'll get a ton of wear out of these in the future, since I feel the most comfortable in shades like these.

Last but not least, the best makeup buy of 2014;

  • Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot box o'blushes. It comes with five of their blushes ( Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Coralista and Rockateur), Hoola bronzer, Watt's up! highlighter and a mini brush. You get between 4g to 6g of product in here, including the 5g of Rockateur which is the same amount of the product you get when you buy the full size of it! I was blown away when I read this on Gemma's review. And all this for only  £29,50.
    I love every shade in this palette, with Rockateur being my favourite one and Sugarbomb being my least favourite (it's very shimmery, so a light hand and a fluffy brush is needed). I know it sounds stupid, but I'm kinda proud of myself for actually buying this, because it's the biggest bargain and the best value for your money ever. 

Link me up if you also did your yearly favourites, and tell me if you want to see any detailed reviews.

Sanja ♥

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18 komentarji

  1. Tudi zame je bilo leto 2014 leto, ko sem začela bolj odkrivati Catrice izdelke in kmalu je to postala moja najljubša znamka. Njihovi blushi in izdelki za ustnice so pa itak zakon. :)

    1. Že komaj čakam, da vidim te njihove nove izdelke. Upam, da bom še veliko favoritov odkrila :D

  2. Agree with you on so many, love the true match :)

  3. Super objava. Bi se strinjala s tabo glede veliko izdelkov:). Jaz si tudi želim Body Shop bronzerja, izključno zato ker izgleda super svetel. V naših drogerijah so itak vsi pretemni. Kakšen se ti zdi Watt's Up osvetljevalec? Kar se tiče odtenka, hladen, topel, roza, zlat? :)

    1. Tale prvi odtenek je res zelo svetel, mi bo takoj ko bom dobila malo barve presvetel...
      Watt's Up mi je pa presenetljivo zelo všeč. Je pa take zlato-šampanjec barve, mislim da bi tebi bil tudi všeč. Jaz imam ponavadi rajše bolj rozaste, ampak tale izgleda res lepo na koži. Pa še kremast je tako da je nanos zelo enostaven, lepo se zabriše, pa še nekako bolj ''naravno'' deluje...

    2. Hvala:) Se mi je zdelo, da bi mi bil všeč. Pa še kremno verzijo si že dolgo želim:)

    3. Malenkost, upam da ti bo všeč če ga boš kupila :)

  4. Odlična objava. :))
    Catrice duo blush (ampak druga verzija), Miss Manga maskara, L'oreal senčilo, Bourjois in Catrice izdelka za ustnice so tudi med mojimi najljubšimi izdelki leta 2014. :)
    So mi pa zelo všeč MAC, NARS in Kiko šminke, čeprav se meni zdi, da mi taki odtenki res ne pašejo. :/
    Oh, pa NARS korektor se sliši O-D-L-I-Č-N-O ! <3

    1. Hvala!
      Mogoče se ti pa to samo zdi, da ti ne pašejo. Drugače imaš pa itak pri vseh treh polno drugih odtenkov, tako da bi brez dvoma našla nekaj zase :)
      NARS korektor je pa res odličen!

  5. loreal pure red laetitia je res top šminka. :3 si mi naredila kar lepo wish listo s tem postom. :)


    1. Upam, da ti bodo izdelki všeč, če boš katerega kupila :D

  6. Tole je pa verjetno kar moj najljubši best of 2014 post :) True Match moram sprobat, pa za tale Benefit blush komplet mi je res žal, da ga nisem vzela, ampak mi je bilo takrat škoda dat toliko denarja, ker sem ravno šparala za nekaj. Rockateur bi vsaj mela, če ne drugega, ampak so spet povsod nehali pošiljat Benefit v Slovenijo :(

    1. Oh, hvala! Means a lot coming from you :D
      Benefit komplet je bil res vreden denarja, bi pa jaz v prihodnosti verjetno tudi samo Rockateur in pa Watt's Up še enkrat kupila...Se mi zdi, da ostali odtenki niso tako ''edinstveni''.
      Ah, sploh mi ne govori glede pošiljanja v Slovenijo...Kot da smo na koncu sveta :/

  7. Tudi meni je bil Benefitov komplet eden od najljubših nakupov lani. Škoda, da ta znamka ni bolj dostopna za nas :(
    So pa tudi Bourjois CC krema ter Nars in Maybelline korektorja moji naj izdelki od lani:

    1. Se strinjam, ampak mislim da sem se že sprijaznila s pomanjkanjem dobrih znamk v Sloveniji :)

  8. 2014 was a great beauty year! There are some wonderful products in this blogpost and some products I'm dying to try out once! :D

    1. Yes, 2014 was amazing for beauty :D


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