Beauty Buys Of The Month #1

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hello ladies, 
today I'm bringing back monthly hauls aka Beauty buys of the month. 
Not sure if you noticed or not, but last year I stopped doing hauls because I started to feel like I was sometimes buying products only for the sake of including them in hauls. I also started to feel very materialistic and I accumulated way too many things that I didn't even use in the end.
But lately, I started to notice that I miss doing them since hauls are one of my favourite posts to read / videos to watch. I also really missed seeing what I bought last year when I was doing my 2014 best buys. And I think I'm kinda over the point of buying new makeup all the time, since I don't wear it as often as I used to. Plus, this way all of you can see what's new in my stash and tell me if you would be interested in knowing more about a certain product.
So I decided to bring hauls back. Hopefully you'll enjoy looking through them as much as I'll (hopefully) enjoy sharing them with you.

Now that I'm done with the longest intro ever, let's see what I bought this past month.

I know I said I won't be buying new body lotions until I use up my stash, but I already managed to use up all the full sized products, so I only have a few mini ones left, plus there was an offer buy 1 get one for free. And you all know how much I love the scent of this body scrub. So I just had to get the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil Skin Perfector. I used it yesterday for the first time, and so far so good. I reminds me of the Yves Rocher Manoi de Tahiti dry body oil that I absolutely love. And it smells delicious.
Sticking with the discount theme; the Balea Q10 Anti-falten augen pads were also marked down so I just grabbed them. Supposedly these eye pads are very moisturising, cooling and they also claim to reduce wrinkles. You get 6 packs in here, but I haven't tried them yet.
I absolutely love Afrodita moisturisers and I haven't tried this Anti-age care Karotin regenerative cream before. I had a 50% off coupon, so I decided to give it a go. It has carrot oil, shea butter and provitamin A in it, and I also noticed they changed their packaging, which in my opinion looks much more sleek & expensive. 
I have quite high hopes for this one as I haven't found a product from Afrodita that I didn't like.

Another buy 1 get one for free bargain that I couldn't resist; Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks. 
I got the shades 342 Mauve Mania which is a very wearable mauve purple-pink shade and 250 Mystic Mauve, a pinky nude shade. I haven't wore them yet, but I'll probably really like them.
The lip product that I did wear a lot in January and that I know I like, is the Catrice Made to stay Smoothing lip polish in Jen & Berry's. This is being discontinued so I decided to get it. It's super long-lasting and I love how I can build it up or sheer it down as much as I want. It's a lovely raspberry shade that instantly brightens up my face. 

I mentioned this Essence Rose in Wonderland highlighter from their TE Hidden stories in my last post. I'm completely obsessed with it; it's a creamy highlighter that effortlessly glides on your skin. It doesn't have any glitter in it, or even shimmers for that matter, but it looks amazing on the skin. It lifts everything up, catches the light beautifully, yet manages to look very natural and subtle. Absolutely stunning! 
By the looks of it, I went a bit lip pencil crazy. I got two from Catrice and two from Essence. The Longlasting lip pencils from Catrice are in the shades 130 Prince Cherry & 070 I got you babe and the Essence lipliners  are in the shades 15 Honey Berry & 06 Satin Mauve. 
I'm not too picky when it comes to lip liners and I already own a few of these; they're affordable, nicely pigmented, non-drying and quite creamy (especially the Catrice ones).

And lastly some nail stuff. I actually forgot to include Lush Lemony flutter but I'll probably talk about it on Friday, so it's all good.
Another product that is being discontinued is the Essence Studio nails Nail polish corrector pen. 
I love these, I've been using them for years and I always have them in my stash. I picked up the last two left in my local drugstore. I really don't know why these are being discontinued, but thankfully the brand S-he carries them as well.
For some reason, I was also really drawn to the Catrice Mystic Moments effect lacquer from LE VISIONairy.

Top swatches from L to R: 
Prince Cherry, I got you babe, Satin Mauve, Honey Berry, Mauve Mania, Mystic Mauve, Jen & Berry's.
Bottom L to R:
Mystic Moments (no. 31) and Rose in Wonderland highlighter (kinda blended & heavily swatched).

Do you own any of these products? Share your thoughts.

Sanja ♥

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14 komentarji

  1. Super, da si se odločila spet pisat haule. Sem jih pogrešala. :)
    Zelo mi je všeč izbira izdelkov za ustnice - tako šmink, kot tudi lip linerjev. :))
    Garnier olje pa je res super, jaz ga zadnje dneve nonstop uporabljam.

    1. Sem jih jaz tudi že začela pogrešati :)
      Mislim, da bo meni olje postalo tudi zelo všeč :D

  2. Meni pa moj highlighter iz TE Hidden Stories ni preveč všeč, sem pričakovala nekaj bolj podobnega tistim iz standardne linije. Premalo se mi zdi pigmentiran in nekako imam občutek, da ko ga zblendam v kožo, izgine in sploh ni viden. Mi je kar čudno, ker do sedaj sem slišala same fajn ocene.

    1. Vidiš, meni je pa ravno to všeč da ni tako zelo opazen, čeprav je za moj okus ravno dovolj viden. Je pa res, da imam bolj mastno kožo in me marsikateri highlighter naredi preveč svetlikajočo :D

  3. Same lepe pridobitve :) Essence Satin Mauve je idealen lip liner zame, čisto identična barva mojim ustnicam. Samo čakam, kdaj ga Essence vrže iz prodaje :D

    1. O, zdaj ga pa res morem takoj jutri sprobat na ustnicah :D Haha, to me je pa zdaj nasmejalo....Včasih se mi res zdi, da ukinjajo same dobre izdelke :D

  4. Replies
    1. Hvala, upam da mi bodo dejansko vse všeč ko jih dobro stestiram :)

  5. I really like the things you got! Damn, those lipsticks and lip liners look gorgeous! :)

    1. Right? I can't wait to play around with them :)

  6. Praktično vse šminke/svinčniki so mi všeč :) Prav ta dva Maybellinova odtenka sem gledala danes, čeprav pri takih odtenkih me vedno skrbi, da bi bili na meni pretemni.

    1. Ma mislim, da ti ne bi bila...Sploh Mauve Mania ne :)

  7. Tudi jaz sem iz praktično enakih razlogov nehala pisati haule - ful sem se počutila materialistično, še posebej, če je bil mal boljši mesec.. Sem včasih ene par stvari namenoma spustila in potem se mi je zdel brezveze, da sploh pišem, če bom to delala..I don't know :P
    KAAAJ, zakaj morajo te 'svinčnike' dat ven? :( ker so prav must have postali.. Joj ta Essence in Carice.. Kaj morajo tok menjat, še posebej stvari, ki so kul. Kake take izdelke bi res lahko meli skos. -.- Jezna sem :D

    1. A res? Jaz pa najprej sploh nisem hotela omenit teh razlogov, ker sem mislila, da se ful butasto slišijo :D It's good to know I wasn't the only one feeling like that :)
      Ma ne vem kaj jim je, ven dajejo stvari ki so res dobre...Na srečo jih ima še S-he :)


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