10 Things That Made This Week Awesome

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hello ladies,
how are you all doing?
I'm not going to lie, January has been / still is a very weird month. There's just so much drama going on everywhere and I feel a bit 'bleh'. 
So to help me feel better, I decided to write down all the things that made this past week awesome, and here are my top 10 ones;  

  • Having a 'get-everything-off-my-chest' chat with a friend; as I said, I haven't been feeling as myself these past weeks and a lot of things accumulated in my head, so letting everything out felt really good. I love how she still knows exactly what to say to get me back on track even when she's miles away in another country.
  • Pancakes; on Tuesday I had the worst headache ever and on top of that, I was also really dizzy, so my mum made me pancakes with Nutella and bananas to make me feel better.
  • Casually browsing every aisle in the drugstore; on Wednesday I decided to put on some makeup and go into town. I wasn't really looking for anything, but it felt so good just browsing every aisle in DM and seeing if there's anything new. I did pick up two lipsticks in the end.
  • Being productive: I'm currently in the process of reading books and working on my thesis, and I actually managed to do something productive for it almost every day this week.
  • Essence TE Hidden Stories Highlighter in Rose in Wonderland; I'm honestly obsessed with this highlighter, I bought it a week ago and been wearing it almost every day. It's amazing and looks very natural.
  • Making the perfect smoothie; you know that feeling when you make a smoothie that's just thick & creamy enough and has the perfect ratio of every single fruit. Pure bliss! 
  • Baking; I think that this week was the week I got my baking mojo back. Baking is something that I absolutely love to do, but I've been neglecting it for awhile now. When I was in London, one of the things that I bought was also the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook and in the last two days I managed to bake blondies and raspberry cheesecake brownies. Both seriously delicious!
  • Hart of Dixie; this show is everything! Especially the latest episode. So many feelings, so, so, so many!
  • Finally painting my nails: another thing that I've been neglecting lately, due to the fact that my cuticles where dry like never before. But thanks to a new product in my stash (I'm going to talk about it this upcoming week)  I no longer have this problem, so I was able to paint my nails again. I always forget how much I love wearing red nail polishes....
  • Today; today was such an awesome day. My favourite little boy aka my cousin's son turned 3 today, so of course it was time to celebrate that. We ate way too many delicious foods, including a Mr. Bean and teddy cookies&cream cake, had lots of cuddles and playtime with new toys. Ain't nothing better than family time.

  • Would love to know what was your favourite thing about this past week?

    Sanja ♥

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    8 komentarji

    1. I love this sort of post, so uplifting! Your mum is so sweet making you pancakes :)

      Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

      1. I love them too and my mum really is the best :)

    2. Fajni post, ljudje se mi zdi da se včasih tudi sama premalo osredotočam na stvari ku ki so lepe, se bolj slabih spominjam, ahhh bo treba spremenit to :))

      1. Jaz se tudi slabih stvari ponavadi dlje spominjam, zato mi je pa fajn pisat take objave :) Pa še letos sem začela s tem, da si vsak večer pred spanjem zapišem vsaj eno stvar za katero sem bila hvaležna tisti dan :D Positive thinking :P

    3. Res pomaga, če si takole zapišeš stvari, pa še ostanejo v spominu! Všeč mi je rdeče-zlata kombinacija na tvojih nohtih! :)

    4. I hope you'll feel better soon, sweety! Pancakes make EVERYTHING better, in my opinion. I love them, especially with nutella :)

      1. Can't believe I've missed your comment.
        I agree, pancakes all the way :D


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