The Battle Of New Mascaras In My Stash

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello ladies, it's almost Christmas!
I would like to say that I'm really sorry/ angry at myself that I didn't have a post up on Sunday. To keep things short, we had a ''meeting'' for New Year's and kinda got a bit tipsy.
But I'm back today, with a battle of new mascaras in my stash.

I kinda gave up buying new mascaras after I tried Maybelline's The Rocket because it blew me away and is still my favourite mascara to this day.
But when I was in London I bought two new mascaras that aren't available here in Slovenia and after that I also bought one here, so I thought I would share my thoughts on all three.

I bought the Collection Big Fake Curves False Lash Effect mascara purely because of the bizarrely shaped wand. I mean, just look at it. They had it on display and I was just too curious to pass it by.
The wand has plastic bristles, which I always prefer, and the end part of it is actually so big that you have to really push it back into the tube. 
You have to be quite careful to not pull it out too fast as well, otherwise you're left with tiny spots of mascara on your vanity.
I absolutely love the packaging of it, I love the combination of black & pink and I really like the different fonts used for the writing. I think it's super girly looking.
Since the wand is so funky looking and big, the application is quite difficult, long and messy. Especially when it comes to lower lashes. So this is definitely not a mascara to use in a hurry.
The formula is on a drier side, but it's more wet than with the other two mascaras, and the wand picks up a tiny bit of excess product.
Collection claims that you will create and define mega curves with a long lasting, false lash effect with this mascara.
It definitely defines your lashes, holds the curl and gives them volume, but I wouldn't say that it creates a false lash effect.
It gives my lashes hardly any length, which is the biggest let down and it also makes your lashes really stiff and quite spidery looking with the second coat.
But it works amazingly with other mascaras and it somehow manages to look better with time! If you layer this with The Rocket or with The Miss Manga mascara, you'll truly get that false lash effect. And this doesn't budge from my eyes. It's actually extremely, extremely difficult to remove. Even more difficult than The Rocket.
You get 8ml of product and it retails for £4.99 (Boots).

Another London purchase was the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Grow lash complex + fibres Mascara.
This one, on the other hand, has an amazing wand. It again has plastic bristles, but is thin and pointy. It brushes your lashes like a comb, so it really separates them. Unfortunately you can't really tell this by the photo above as my lashes were stuck together from removing the previous mascara from my eyes.
The formula is on the drier side, it doesn't clump up, the application is really easy & quick, and the mascara wand doesn't pick up any excess product.
It claims to be an ultra lengthening mascara, but I wouldn't agree. Yes, it gives my lashes a bit of length, but nothing major even if I use a few coats.
This one is also great for layering with other mascaras, or for days when I'm not wearing any or hardly any makeup.
It's really easy to remove, you get 10ml of product and it retails for £7.99 ( Boots). I also really like the sleek packaging.
The only downside for me is the fact that it starts smudging after a few hours, so I mainly use it on days when I'm not wearing makeup for a long time, or I use another mascara on my bottom lashes.

I was just randomly browsing the aisles in DM when I saw this Max Factor Clump Defy by False Lash Effect mascara, Since I haven't used any Max Factor mascaras in a really long time I decided to try it.
It has a really bulky packaging, but I like the colour of it.
Once again, it has a plastic wand, but this one is curved. Because of that it's really easy to get right to the roots of your lashes and really push / curl them up. But this also means that the application tends to get quite messy.
It separates your lashes nicely, gives them a fair amount of volume and a bit of length, which once again, I wish it would be the other way around.
The formula is also on the drier side, the wand doesn't pick up any excess product and is easy to remove although it doesn't smudges throughout the whole day.
You can layer it up without getting any clumps, but if you want to layer it up with other mascaras, it becomes extremely clumpy and spidery looking. Which is a bit surprising. 
In the tube you get 13.1 ml of product and it retails for £11.99 ( Boots ) and for around 13€ (don't quote me on that) here in Slovenia.

Although I like all of them, none of these mascaras really knocked my socks off and I probably won't repurchase any of them. All in all, I would choose the packaging and price of the Collection mascara, the wand and application from Rimmel London mascara, the formula and effect of the Max Factor mascara.

Have you tried any of these mascaras? What were your thoughts?

Sanja ♥

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8 komentarji

  1. Great post! never used any of these :)

  2. The Rimmel one looks like a mascara I would like! I want to try out Max Factor mascaras for a while now (I've heard they're comparable to Covergirl ones) but they're a bit too expensive for a Drugstore brand here in Belgium.
    Great post! :D

    1. I've heard that they're really similar to Covergirl ones as well, but so far none of their mascaras really blew me away :)

  3. i have the last two and really like them!

    from helen at

    1. They are ok, but I have to admit that I was expecting more :D

  4. Nobena me ni prepričala.:/ prisegam na catrice tisto z črno embalažo in modrim napisom. velika krtačka, vodoodporna, obstojna, edino težje jo je odstranit.:)

    xoxo in vesel božič.:)

    1. Jaz sem do zdaj sprobala samo eno Catrice maskaro ampak mi ni bila všeč, mogoče bom kdaj kupila še kakšno :)
      Upam, da si imela lep božič.


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