December Sparkles

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello ladies, 
can you believe it's nearly the end of another year? I surely can't. I really don't know how these past years are flying by so quickly!

At first I wasn't planning on doing December Sparkles as I'll be doing my 2014 favourites at the beginning of January, but then I noticed that I have a few products that I've been loving in December, but that most likely won't make it to my yearly favourites.
And of course, I wanted to share them with you.

I just talked about Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless grow lash complex + fibres mascara last week (here) but I had to mention it again since I have been wearing it the most this month. 
I did say that it smudges on me after a few hours, but I have been wearing minimal makeup in December and only for a few hours a day, so this one was the perfect choice for that as it looks really natural on my lashes.
Sticking with the minimal makeup theme; my December brow combination has been Soap & Glory Archery 2in1 brow filling pencil & brush in Blondeshell and Alverde Augen-Brauengel in 01 Blond.
At first I wasn't a fan of Archery since I was so used to my beloved Artdeco brow pencil and this is quite different, but it grew on me after awhile. 
It's quite waxy and harder than the pencil, but it lasts for ages and since the nib is so thin, it gives a very natural look to your brows. The best part about it is without a doubt the spoolie, it's seriously out of this world good. 
I've been using it to elongate my brows and fill in the tail, and I use the Alverde tinted brow gel to fill in the rest of my brows and keep everything in its place. 

I picked up the Le Petit Olivier Lip balm stick with anti-aging Argan oil cause I had a 50% off coupon, and since a girl can never have too many lip balms. 
It's great, super nourishing, moisturising and soft. Smells lovely and keep your lips from chapping. But I did notice that I seem to go through these natural lip balms like nobody's business and I really don't like that.
One of my Blogmas posts has also been the selection of lipsticks I'm currently obsessing about (here), but Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Nudist was somehow left behind and I've been using it A LOT.
It's a lovely peachy nude shade with slight brown undertones, and to me this is the perfect every day 'my lips but better' shade. It's also quite glossy, moisturising, non sticky and has a lovely vanilla smell. It doesn't last for a really long time, but since it's not crazily pigmented it's easy to touch up throughout the day, even without a mirror. I definitely regret not picking up more shades.

Aida from Lippie Hippie had a few giveaways with the La Roche Posay Hydreane Legere moisturizing cream for sensitive skin and I was the winner of the 'secret giveaway'.
I was pleasantly surprised by this; it's very light, sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling moisturised and smooth. Since I have combination / oily skin, I can't use this cream under my makeup as it's too moisturising and I look like a disco ball by the end of the day, but I've been using it religiously on makeup free days and my skin seems to love it.
I feel like this would be a great every day moisturiser for everyone with normal and dry skin.
This month's day to day blush has been the NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal as it's one of those shades that make you look like you just spend a few hours outside on the cold and have naturally blushed cheeks.
It is quite waxy, but paired with the Real Techniques Duo-Fibre brush from Nic's Picks set, it works like a dream. I already mentioned that it's a good dupe for Illamasqua's Dixie.

I'm cheating a bit with this next favourite as I only used it once, but I instantly noticed a change in my skin, so I decided to include it any way.
I spotted Montagne Jeunesse sheet masks when I was shopping for Secret Santa and since I always wanted to try some, I picked up the Tea Tree Face Spa (Tochmaske mit Teebaumöl) for myself.
It looks ridiculous on, scary yet extremely funny. It also feels very, very tingly and refreshing on the skin, but when I took it off after 10 minutes, my skin instantly looked much brighter, clearer and lifted. And let me tell you that it was looking extremely dull before it, since it was 'that time of the month'. Now I already have a few backups.
Last favourite is Ma Provence Natural white clay anti-dandruff shampoo. This is the first solid shampoo that I've tried and I love it. I've been using it for around two months now and it still looks almost exactly the same as it did when I bought it.
It's also super easy to use, has a lovely fresh scent, lathers up nicely, calms my scalp and keeps the flakiness away. It also makes my hair shiny and very soft, to the point that I can actually use it without a conditioner (although I still like to use one).
Really impressed by this.

And here are the swatches.

Have you tried any of these products?

Since I'm going away for New Year's for a couple of days, I would like to wish you a happy New Year now. I hope your 2015 will be filled with love, laughter, happiness & all the other great things, and that you leave all the negativity in 2014.

Sanja ♥

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10 komentarji

  1. I've wanted the soap and glory sexy mother pucker in nudist for ages!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Go and buy it, you won't regret it :)

  2. I love the editing on the first picture! :)
    Oh, that Sexy Mother Pucker lip products looks so awesome!

  3. Zanimivo, tudi moja koža ljubi to La Roche Posay kremo, pa imava čisto različen tip kože. :)

    1. Mene je tudi to presenetilo, sem pričakovala, da bo listo preveč hranljiva zame...

  4. I love the S&G Archery, it really is amazing :D xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Right? I just hope I won't use it up super fast...

  5. La Roche Posay je zakon =) njihove kremice so res super!


    1. Mislim, da bom morala v tem letu preiskusiti še več njihovih izdelkov :)


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