Photo Diary: London, my favourite place in the world (part 2)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello ladies, 
how was your Sunday? I spent the day in my PJ's catching up with TV series, and a day like this was much needed.
Today I'm showing you some more photos from my trip to London, I hope you don't mind that I decided to split it into two parts, but I just couldn't choose only a few of them.
I also hope you won't mind that the majority of these photos is from the London ZOO. What can I say, some animals are really photogenic.

The British Museum.

Two of my favourite exhibitions in the British Museum; I love mummies& the Ancient Egypt, and the stool made from guns just grabbed my attention.

Regent's Park.

Regent's Park again, I could walk through this park every single day.

At the London Zoo.

This penguin was the cutest, he just stood there while everyone was taking pictures of him like crazy.

Just look at that cute face. If you don't know, I'm obsessed with giraffes.

One of my favourite places in London; The Natural History Museum.

Inside the NHM.

Found some stones for my engagement ring ;)

Britain's Next Top Model; Dinosaurs edition.

Royal Albert Hall; another absolutely stunning building.

London squirrels are adorable, kinda wish I could have one at home.

On a gorgeous, sunny day, walking around Hyde Park. 

Kensington Palace.

The National Gallery from Trafalgar square. 
I need to visit it the next time I'm in London.

Admiralty Arch behind one of the red buses.

The classic, above the clouds photo.

I do hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my trip. Reminiscing for me was definitely bitter sweet but I know I'll be back there sooner or later.

If you have any wishes or ideas for a random Sunday post, be sure to let me know.

Sanja ♥

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14 komentarji

  1. Meni je tudi zelo všeč bil Natural History Museum, toliko zanimivega za videt.:))
    Pa veverice v Hyde Parku.<3 Prave pozerke.:D meni je ena ful lepo pozirala ko sem jo slikala,čisto nič plašna ni bla.:)
    Drugače pa fajn slike.

    1. Veverice so res prave pozerke, se mi zdi da so tiste v St. James Parku še manj plašne :D

  2. Ko gledam te tvoje fotke, bi šla kar takoj tja & upam da mi nekega dne to tudi uspe :) Hehe, boš imela pa lep zaročni prstan :P
    Pa želvica! <3

    1. Verjamem, da ti bo uspelo! Se najdejo super poceni karte :D
      Hahaha, malo za šalo :P

  3. Kak pa kenguru lepo spi ((: hihi
    Super fotke!

    1. Ja, sploh se ni dal motit :) Hvala!

  4. Replies
    1. They were the cutest, I couldn't stop taking photos of them :D <3

  5. London is my all time favourite place as well, me and my boyfriend visit every year! I've been Regents park but haven't done the zoo yet! x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam // Pretty Honest Giveaway

    1. Next time you're there, definitely visit the ZOO as well, it's great :)

  6. Pingvinčki so res face, bi jih bilo fino spet malo vidit. :)

    1. Ah, ti važička, ko jih lahko greš kdajkoli pogledat :D

  7. Awwh! The Natural History Museum. I love that place. I really should go more often, as I don't live that far away (what's an hour on the train for all that cool natural history?!). Thanks for inspiring me to go back!

    -Rachel || A Nesting Nomad

    1. Oh, I'm so jealous right now! I would love to live so near by :)


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