Autumn Picks 2014: Eyeshadows

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello ladies, 
after a month and a half, I'm finally back with the second part of my 2014 Autumn Picks (you can see the first one here).
I know that Winter is right around the corner, but I decided to carry on with these posts as I tend to gravitate toward the same shades in the colder months.

Instead of doing another blusher picks (since I still mainly use those ones from last year), I decided to show you my favourite eyeshadows for Autumn and Winter. 
I managed to narrow it down to three palettes and three single eyeshadows. So let's just hop into the first one:

Sleek Vintage Romance i-Divine eyeshadow palette:
I bought this palette last November, used it like crazy for two months or so, and been seriously neglecting it ever since. But I recently transferred it into my every day makeup drawer and I've been loving it once again.
I wrote a whole review on it last year (here) so I won't talk much about it, but this is my first Sleek palette and I definitely see why everyone loves them. Shadows are very pigmented, soft, have no fall out and are easy to blend.
My favourite shades form the palette are (from L to R on swatches)
A vow in Venice -  a gorgeous shimmery maroon shade, not very typical for me, but looks gorgeous on and makes my eyes pop.
Propose in Prague: a matte coppery brown shade that's a true chameleon. It can look more brown or more orange, yet occasionally even slightly purple-ish. Looks great in the crease or all over the lid.
Lust in LA: a darker brown shimmery shade with a hint of olive undertone.
Court in Cannes: classic me shade, a shimmery golden-brown.

Next up is my newest addition to my palette collection, but I already love it deeply.
Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics:
I bought this one in London, used it for the first time when I was doing my friend's makeup, used it on myself the next day and I haven't looked back. I already made up my mind that I like this one better than the original Naked Basics.
Very rarely does it happen that I use all the shades in a palette (I tend to skip on the black and very dark shades), but I actually already used all six shades in this one. If you're a fan of natural eye makeup and you love matte shades, you need this palette in your life.
I stupidly swatched the shades in the wrong order, so hopefully the numbers will clear out any misinterpretations. 

 Estée Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow Duo in Raisins (12) was definitely one of the best ''investments'' that I made this year. 
Yes, the 38€ price mark is quite ridiculous for two shades, but the fact that I already got so much use out of it and it looks almost intact, is mind blowing.
I definitely think it's worth buying, or now you have the chance to add it onto your Christmas wishlist. 
The duo is also very versatile; you can get a full look using just the two shades, or you can spice it up with some other ones, e. g. the next shadow I'm going to talk about.
I also always get compliments about my eye colour when I wear this combination, which is another bonus. You can read a in depth review with a makeup look here.

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegrante is another neglected shade that I started using more recently. 
This is one of those shades that make me look like I've been punched in the eye, but since I started pairing it with the Estée Lauder duo or the Artdeco one I can make it work.
It has a lot of golden glitter in it and once you blend it out it looks nothing like in the jar, but it's a nice autumnal shade nevertheless and it won't budge from your eye lids.

Artdeco 214 is a pain in the ass to swatch and photograph, but it's definitely worth checking out in the stores.
In the packaging it looks like a shimmery dark purple shade, but once you swatch it, it's almost duochrome.It has pink & green undertones, and it's definitely one of the most unique shades that I own.

You didn't think I would talk about eyeshadows and not include the L'oreal Color Riche L'ombre Pure Matte shadow in Breaking Nude did you?
99.9% of the time that I'm doing my eye makeup, I use this somewhere, and just recently I found out that it's also a great shade to use for my brows, winner!
I'm sure you already heard a lot about it, but it's seriously amazing; crazily pigmented, soft, matte, and a gorgeous taupe shade. What more could you ask for?

I could probably include one or two more palettes and single eyeshadows, but I'm quite happy with this selection. 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my picks and let me know if there are any shades that I need in my life.

Sanja ♥

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14 komentarji

  1. Fajn izbire, mava zelo podoben okus. :)
    Moja najljubša jesenska paleta je tudi tale Sleek Vintage Romance, prav tako senčili Color Tattoo Metallic Pomegrante in L'oreal Breaking Nude, ki je novejša pridobitev pri meni (po zaslugi tebe in Mateje). Bi pa jaz dodala še Color Tattoo v odtenku Pernament Taupe, ker ustvari lep, močnejši look z malce truda.
    Ne bi pa se branila niti UD naked 2 basics in EL paletke. :P

    1. Super :) Permanent Taupe je meni tudi všeč, čeprav se mi po parih urah rad nabere v gubo, ne glede na to ali uporabim primer ali ne. Je pa zanimivo ker z Metallic Pomegranate in pa On and on bronze nimam nobenih težav :)

  2. Super odtenki. Ta color tatto je tudi pri meni največ v uporabi jeseni:). L'Oreal odtenek se je tudi pridružil moji zbirki. Zelo všeč mi je Vintage Romance paletka, ki pa je nimam:).

    1. Mogoče se bo pa tudi ta kdaj pridružila tvoji zbirki :)

  3. Vintage Romance je tudi ena mojih najljubših. Ugotavljam, da začnem pogosteje posegat po njej ravno v jesenskem času (tako lani, ko sem jo kupila, kot tudi letos). :)

    1. Vidim, da imamo res podoben okus :)

  4. Tale Vintage Romance izgleda pa kar lepa. Ne vem, če sem jo sploh že videla, ker sploh ne sledim tem Sleek paletkah. Naked2 Basic in L'Orealova senčka sta pa itak top :)

    1. Res je lepa, pa tud sama kvaliteta senčil me je presenetila. Za ta dva izdelka pa itak sploh nimam več besed :)

  5. Same čudovite barve! Vintage Romance je tudi meni popolna za jesen, prav tako maybelline senčka :) Sama imam sicer Naked Basics pa sem čisto zaljubljena, zdaj me pa še dvojka mika :D

    1. Jaz sem bila z Naked Basics tudi čisto obsedena, ampak je 2 definitivno prevzela njeno mesto. Pomoje ti ne bo žal, če jo boš kupila :)

  6. I really like the sleek palettes - I have the storm one but I think I would pick this one up next! I really want the naked basics, they look so good! xx

    1. They're both amazing and definitely worth buying. I've actually been eyeing up the Storm palette for quite some time now, I'll probably buy it at some point :)

  7. Lovely eyeshadow colors! :)
    I've been looking for 'Raisins' everywhere and found it at the airport in New Jersey. It's so beautiful! x

    1. Haha, glad you found it. It's amazing right?


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