September Sparkles

Friday, October 03, 2014

Hello ladies, 
it's time to report about all the beauty items I've been enjoying in September.
We don't even have to address the fact that 2014 is almost over, do we?

Since I'm at home most of the time now, I rarely wear makeup and I'm also trying to stay away from the drugstore since I'm planning on spoiling myself in London, so I don't really have a lot of products to talk about.
But my love toward these few is very real.

Why, oh why did it take me so long to finally get the Seche Vite dry fast top coat? 
I do know the answer to this; I was kinda freaked out by all the warnings about it and I was also a bit sceptical if it really was so good.
But let me tell you that this stuff is epic! Every time I use it, I want to bang my head into a wall for being so stupid and not buying it before. 
I've been painting my nails like a crazy person, because I enjoy it so much more now that thanks to this top coat they dry in the blink of an eye. 
I actually had the Vichy Idealia Eyes eye contour idealizer for a few months now (I won it in Maja's giveaway) and I can't believe I haven't talked about it yet. 
It's a really nice, lightweight eye cream that has a slight pink tint with iridescent shimmers to it. It instantly brightens up your under eye area so it's great for using in the mornings as well. I don't find it to be very hydrating, but this isn't something I'm searching for in an eye cream. But I did noticed that after using this for a few months, I don't need as much concealer to cover my dark circles as I did before. I'm not saying that this helped to get rid of them, because they're still there and probably always will be, but it definitely helped to lighten them up a bit. 

Next up are the only two eyeshadows that I've been wearing the past month. These two are definitely one of my favourite single eyeshadows ever, and I think that everyone should have them in their collection. 
First up is the ARTDECO 538 eyeshadow. I talked about it in my May Sparkles and I still hate the packaging of it, but I just had to mention it once more. 
It's a lovely beige-nude shade that's perfect to deepen up your crease in a very natural-looking way. I also like to wear it all over my lids, or paired with the L'oreal shadow. It's also the perfect transitional shade for every makeup look. 
I don't even know what to say about the L'oreal Color Riche L'ombre Pure Matte shadow in Breaking Nude because I just can't won't do it justice. It's the perfect matte taupe shade and everything about it is pure perfection. It's so pigmented and probably one of the softest eyeshadows ever. It's really a dream to use and I just can't stay away from it.
I feel like Mateja understands my obsession with it. You can read her review here and it was also featured in her September Favourites.

Ok, time for a short story. 
Sometime last year I bought my sister a Tangle Teezer because her hair gets crazily tangled. She didn't like it because it didn't helped with detangling her hair at all. I didn't want to just throw it away so I tried to use it myself, but it made my hair crazily frizzy and static.
When we were visiting my cousin at the seaside, me and my sister borrowed her brush and we were both surprised how easily my sister managed to brush her hair and detangle it. When we got back to Slovenia, I immediately went and bought one for us.
I'm talking about the Ulala! Detangler brush. In my opinion this works much better than the Tangle Teezer, it actually detangles all the knots without making your hair frizzy. It also has a handle so it's easier to use.
Another product I've been using for months but always forget to mention; the Urbam Decay Naked 2 / Naked 3 brush. At first I didn't really like these two brushes, but now I use them regularly. I like to use the flat side for highlighting my inner eye corner and my brow bone, and I use the fluffy side to blend out the Eyebrow lifter from Essence TE Bloom Me Up collection that I use almost every time I do my brows.

I also hopped on the 90's lipstick bandwagon and my two favourite products to achieve this are the Ombia Cosmetics lipstick in Dusty Rose and Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil in Upper Brown Side.
Depending on my mood I like to wear the lipstick on its own, the lip liner topped with Catrice Caramel Beautifying lip smoother or most often, the lipstick & lip liner paired together.
The Ombia lipstick is, as the name would suggest, a dusty rose shade and has a lovely creamy formula. The Catrice lip liner is darker and more brown, but still very creamy and long-lasting.

Top L to R: L'oreal eyeshadow, ARTDECO eyeshadow, Ombia lipstick, 
Catrice lip liner, Vichy eye cream
Bottom: Catrice lip liner combined with Ombia lipstick on my lips.

And that's a wrap. Now go and add a few things on your WL, especially that L'oreal eyeshadow.

What was your most loved product in September?

Sanja ♥

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17 komentarji

  1. Glede Seche Vite ti bom rekla samo: Told you so! :)

    Yup, popolnoma razumem obsesijo z L'Orealovo senčko. The most awesome formula ever. Me zanima če imajo njihovi četvorčki isto formulo, ker te enojne, ki so pri nas so mi barve bolj kot ne lame. (btw, thanks za linke :) )

    Jaz sem tudi danes probavala malo 90's trend (za Snegulčice varjanta, of course) in sicer z Essence lip linerjem Soft Rose in Manhattanovo Soft Mat Lip Cream 56K, pa mi je bilo še kar všeč. Razmišljam, da bi kupila NYX-ov lip liner v odtenku Mauve (dupe of Mac Whirl) ali pa Nude Pink.

    1. Ta 'told you so' si pa čisto zaslužim :D
      Malenkost, sem morala deliti, da je še nekdo tako navdušen nad to senčko :P
      O, si mi zdaj dala idejo, da morem sprobat še tvojo kombinacijo. Nude pink je super, js ga kr pogosto nosim. Mislim pa, da bom morala kupit še Mauve, sm čist not padla v ta trend :D

  2. Seche Vite je absolutno najboljši!:) Tale krtača za lase se mi zdi zanimiva. Zdaj se spet začne obdobje zavozlanih las, s temi jaknami in šali. Catrice lip odtenek mi je zanimiv. Ga nisem opazila v trgovini. So mi všeč taki odtenki na ustnicah, kot praviš, 90-ta so nazaj:)

    1. Moja sestra ima najbolj zavozlane lase ever, in je tale ena izmed dveh krtač s katerimi se dejansko lahko počeše :)
      Meni so tudi všeč, ta lip liner sem pa čisto po naključju pred kratkim odkrila v DMu :)

  3. Zanimivo da mi izgleda ta L'oreal senčka bolj šimrasta v embalaži. Bom mogla po-swatchat naslednjič :)

    1. Ja, na prvi pogled definitivno ne izgleda kot da je matte :D

  4. Okay now I reeeally need to try the seche vite! Great post x

  5. moram si nabavit tako krtačo, ker vidim da so top in je moja je že v zeloo slabem stanju.:))


  6. Moram že enkrat kupit tole L'oreal senčko, ker sta me z Matejo čist navdušli nad njo. :) Pa še obožujem taupe barvo na očeh.
    Tole krtačo imam tudi jaz, že več kot eno leto in je ne zamenjam več. Lasje se mi zelo radi vozlajo, sploh v zimskem času, ampak pri tej res ni nobenega problema in cukanja. :)

    1. Ne vem kaj še čakaš ;)
      Se strinjam, meni je žal da je nisem že prej kupila :)

  7. Seche vita je res najboljši nadlak. Pa tale Vichy-eva krema je tudi super.

  8. Those eyeshadows look like such beautiful colours! xx

    1. They definitely are beautiful. I would say they're on the top of my eyeshadow favourites list :D

  9. Jaz imam enako krtačo za lase. Ne menjam je več nikoli! :)


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