Review: OCC Lip Tarte Matte in Memento

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hello ladies, 
today we're going to talk about a lip product I had on my WL for years; the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tart.

According to OCC these are liquid matte lipsticks with unparalleled pigment intensity and wear time. Only the smallest amount is needed for opaque coverage (OCC Makeup).

The OCC lip tart comes in a plastic squeeze tube and is packaged in a plastic case with a small brush and a piece of paper with instructions and the list of ingredients. 
The first positive surprise was the brush. I wanted to throw it away the second I saw it, as I do with all of the brushes, but I decided to try it first and I was pleasantly surprised with it. 
It feels like it's great quality, is quite sturdy and very precise. I actually love applying the product with this brush.

They also claim to be 100% vegan, cruelty free & gluten free and have a very minty scent which I like, a lot.
You get 10 ml/ 0.33 fl. oz. in the tube and I bought mine from Sandra's online store Destination Pretty for 22,57€. Yes, the price is quite steep, but these lip tarts will last you a lifetime. 
They are crazily pigmented. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy in *I haven't seen anything as pigmented as this in my life* way. When I first got it, I knew it's going to be pigmented but I squeezed out way too much product anyway, since you only need a tiny, tiny bit.
This lip tart is extremely creamy and applies in a semi glossy finish that dries to semi- matte in a few seconds. I don't use a lip liner with it, and I haven't experienced any bleeding outside the lines.
If you really build up the shade, it doesn't turn completely matte, but it you pat it on with your fingers, it does. This is one of the things I really like about it; the fact that you can build it up or sheer it down as much as your heart desires. 
The other thing I'm absolutely crazy about, is that it feels like you're not wearing anything on your lips. Once you apply it, it becomes one with your lips. It's sealed there, in a good way!
If you have dry lips or dry patches this will cling to them, so make sure you exfoliate before. But if you don't, this won't dry up your lips.
It survives drinking and doesn't transfer to the glass. After eating lunch/dinner, the colour does fade a bit, but it's still visible and it fades really evenly.
I usually apply it after my breakfast and even at dinner time, without touching up, the colour it still visible on my lips.

I decided to get the shade called Memento and I thought that the shade would look on my lips as it does in the tube; a deep mauve pink. But unfortunately it doesn't.
On my lips it looks like a lot more vibrant coral pink shade and my camera just wouldn't pick up the right shade. The lip swatch above is the closest to the real shade that I could get, but the colour has a bit more pink in it, but not as much as it does swatched on my hand.
Don't get me wrong, I still like this colour a lot, but it's one of those shades I know I'll get more wear out of in the warmer months.
I do, however, like the fact that you can easily mix it with any other lipstick in your collection.

If you're a fan of matte finish and products that you don't need to touch up throughout the day, this is definitely worth investing in. Since you only need such a small amount to get a completely opaque look, you'll probably never run out of it.
I personally know that this won't be the only OCC lip tart in my collection.

Have you tried anything from OCC?

Sanja ♥

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12 komentarji

  1. Jaz bi imela kar vse Lip Tars, ampak bi mi bilo težko kupiti že enega glede na ceno:). Mi je všeč tvoj odtenek. Jaz se verjetno sploh ne bi mogla odločiti katerega kupiti:). No je pa vsaj dobro, da se očitno res zelo počasi porablja:).

    1. Cena je res visoka, ampak jaz osebno mislim, da so vredni nakupa, ker res dobiš ogromno količino glede na to da ga čisto malo porabiš za en nanos :)
      Odločitev za odtenek je pa res težavna ja :D

  2. What a gorgeous colour! The formula sounds really amazing too! xx

    1. The formula is truly fantastic! :D

  3. Hvala za nakup in oceno! Ja, šele zdajle sem videla, tako zaostajam s posti... :D

    1. Malenkost, hvala tebi, da si omogočila ta nakup :D
      Hahaha, zaposlena z otroci :D

  4. Uuu je lep! Jaz ga imam tudi na WL, pa mislim, da bo tam ostal še kar nekaj časa. 26€ z poštnino vred, samo za en gloss, way too much!

    1. Ana, meni se osebno zdi vreden nakupa če so ti všeč zelo pigmentirane, mat šminke. Količinsko ga za nanos rabiš dobesedno pikico, mešaš ga lahko z ostalimi šminkami/glosi v tvoji zbirki, hkrati pa ga lahko uporabiš tudi kot blush :)


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