Sunday's chit-chat: Things I would tell my younger self

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello ladies, 
I've been feeling really nostalgic for the last couple of weeks, going through old photos and reminiscing about the good old days. This week, I decided to rearrange my blogging notebook and I noticed that I've written down an idea for a blog post about things I would tell my younger self.
So I though it would be the perfect timing to do it today.

  • DON'T dye your hair so dark. I know you swear on your life that you'll never go blonde, but guess what? You will go blonde and you'll be madly in love with it. Also, those thick blonde highlights in primary school were a major fail.
  • Sticking with the hair theme, don't let your Mom cut your long, luscious hair into a bob in kindergarten. It will never grow to the same length.
  • You know that one friend you had from primary school that always wanted to hang out with all of your friends and pretend that she's so much better than everyone else ? Turns out no one actually liked her, they were just tolerating her because of you. It wouldn't hurt if someone told you that years ago.
  • Don't doubt and over-think your every decision. Just go with the flow and listen to your gut.
  • Guess what? YOU'LL GET A DOG and you won't be an only child forever!
  • Cherish every little moment and spend even more time with your Grandad. Unfortunately he won't be around for much longer.
  • Concealer under your eyes will become your best friend. Start using it sooner.
  • You CAN actually do all of your school work last minute. It's not the best thing and you shouldn't really do it, but that's just how you roll. Even years later.
  • Stop worrying about other people's opinion. You'll never be able to please everyone.
  • Remove yourself from all that drama and people who create it. You don't need that.
  • Also, stop fighting so much with the same people. Be the bigger person and walk away. Just walk away!
  • You will however become a pro at stating your arguments and getting your opinions across.
  • I know you don't like to take photos (yet), but try your best and take more photos with you and your friends. 
  • Enjoy your high school years as much as possible. Those 4 years will without a doubt be one of the best years of your life.
  • Live in the moment and enjoy all the little things. Don't dwell on the past so much.
  • It's more important to have a few really good, close friends than a bunch of ''party mates''.
  • Speaking about friends; try your best to stay in touch with your best friend from primary school. You'll still miss her to this day.
  •  Don't pretend that everything is amazing all the time and don't just walk away when things get messy. Let people know how you really feel and deal with it. (you still need to work on that, present self)
  • You should really listen to your own advice more often.
  • For your own well being, stop wasting your time, energy, nerves, tears... on that certain person. Turn that page and get on with your life. I'm begging you! It will NEVER turn out the way you wanted, but you WILL miss a bunch of great chances because of it. 
  • I know you don't want to admit that that certain person was right, but you really should calm down with all those parties and drinking.
  • Every time you go out, bury your phone somewhere or give it to a friend. Drunk texting/calling is the WORST and it will be there to bite your ass the next morning. Especially when your drunk self thinks it's a ''good'' idea to delete all the texts, so that your sober self won't remember them. 
  • Speaking of being drunk, you'll do stupid things and won't remember 79% of them. 
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and don't be so afraid of every thing. Take more risks.
  •  Put yourself and your happiness first.

  • Here are a few things that I managed to remember and write down. I'm sure I could write a bunch more, so I'm curious to know what would you tell to your younger self?

    Sanja ♥

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    9 komentarji

    1. This was a very interesting post! I recognize myself in a lot of the advices! Especially the one about turning over a page on a certain person. And yes indeed, drunk texting IS terrible. But it can be funny sometimes!

      1. Glad that you liked it, I loved writing it :) I agree, me and my friends had a lot of laughs over drunk texts, especially mine since I loved writing them in some sort of a code only I understood haha :D

    2. Zelo mi je všeč post. Z veliko stvari se lahko poistovetim...xx

    3. Kul ideja za post, mi je ful všeč :D Mogoče si jo kdaj sposodim v prihodnosti :)

      1. Bom z veseljem prebrala še tvojo različico :)

    4. Obožujem tele poste! Tudi jaz ga imam namen narediti v bližnji prihodnosti. :)

      1. Tudi jaz! No upam, da ga narediš čimprej, ker me res zanimajo tvoji nasveti :D


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