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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello ladies, 
I'm back for my short hiatus. Last week was a crazy one, but I'll hopefully have a lot more spare time from this week on, and I'm planning on getting back on track with blogging.
Who would've thought that I would be featuring lip glosses in this series? Definitely not me, but here we are.
Today, I'm going to talk about Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoothers. Ever since buying the first shade in the beginning of August, I've been completely obsessed with them and as you can see, I already own all three shades. 

I'll talk about each individual shade, but first I would like to tell you a few general things about them.
Starting with the packaging; they come in a squeeze tube with a sponge applicator and look very similar to the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors (I don't own any of those, but Taya posted a great comparison).
I really like the sponge applicator, it's soft and makes the application really easy and quick. Retouching is a piece of cake and you don't even need a mirror to do it. 
You get 9 ml/ 0,30 fl.oz. in the tube and it costs around 4€. 
Catrice says that these are lip balms for smooth lips that beautify your lips with an intense, shiny finish and optically even out fine lines.
I have to agree that they really do feel very smooth, creamy and lightweight on the lips, and they have a nice shiny finish, but I wouldn't say that the finish is intense. I also don't think they even out fine lines, but I didn't even except them to.
I wouldn't really say that these are moisturising, but they're not drying either. I've read that a few bloggers mentioned that these tend to emphasize dry patches on your lips, but I haven't noticed that. I do have to add that if my lips are dry, I always make sure I exfoliate them before applying any lip product.
They have a lovely sweet scent taste and the only possible down size for me could be the lasting power, they aren't very long lasting (2, 3 hours) and they don't survive eating or drinking. But since they're so easy to re-apply, this doesn't bother me at allč
Also, all of the shades have iridescent shimmers in them, but the shimmers aren't visible on the lips. 

Beautifying Lip Smoother in 010 Sweet Caramel:
This is probably the most loved shade of the bunch. It's a true nude that has a brown undertone. It makes my lips look a bit darker & less pinky than they truly are. 
It's my go-to every day shade and I love wearing it on its own or on top of other nude lipsticks.

Beautifying Lip Smoother in 020 Apricot Cream: 
This was the first shade that I picked up and I was head over heels with it when I had a tan. As the name would suggest, this is a light apricot shade. Of all three, this one shows up the least on my lips, but it does lightens them up a bit and gives them a peachy shine. 
This one also looks great over other lipsticks, especially if you want to lighten them up a bit.

Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop: 
Cake pop is the most ''pigmented'' of the bunch and as you can see, it's a lovely peachy-pink shade. Since this one is more pigmented, it also tends to last a bit longer and occasionally even survives drinking.
I tend to use this one whenever I'm going out, or if I'm wearing a full face of makeup.

Swatches on my hand; Cake Pop, Apricot Cream, Sweet Caramel

Although these look quite similar on the lips, I'm glad I picked up all three shades because I truly can see a difference between them on my lips.
These have pretty much been the only lip products I've been wearing for the past two months, and I would love if they came out with some more shades in the future.

What do you think about them? Would you give them a go?

Sanja ♥ 

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12 komentarji

  1. Super post. Meni je moj odtenek zelo všeč, ampak sem se odločila, da ostanem samo pri njem, ker mi izgledajo precej podobno na ustnicah.

    1. Hvala, meni pa ni žal da imam vse tri, ker jih res uporabljam za različne ''situacije'' :D

  2. Jaz tudi obožujem te lip glose:). Res odlična formula. Jaz bi tudi želela kar ogromen nabor odtenkov. Zaenkrat imam samo apricot cream, bom pa zagotovo kupila še sweet caramel, ker izgleda super na tvojih swatchih:)

    1. Res upam, da bo še vsaj kakšen LE odtenek prišel ven :) No upam, da ti bo všeč.

  3. Great post, sweety! I finally found them in Belgium. Sweet Caramel is my favorite too! :)

    1. Thanks, it's amazing right? I never thought I would be obsessed with a lip gloss, I always hated them :D

  4. Tudi jaz obožujem ta izdelek. :) Od kar sem ga kupila prejšnji mesec, precej zanemarjam druge izdelke za ustnice. :) Mam pa do zdaj odtenek Apricot Cream, bom pa verjetno kupila še Cake Pop.

    1. Tudi jaz samo še po teh posegam. Se bom morala prisliti, da bom še kakšno šminko zopet uporabila :D

  5. Sweet caramel me je najbolj pritegnil, čeprav mi je tudi Cake pop všečen ker sigurno malce poživi ustnice :) Mogoče si bom enega izmed njih privoščila glede na to da so res pohvaljeni izdelki.

    1. Mislim, da ti ne bo žal ne glede na to kateri odtenek boš izbrala :D

  6. Wow they look almost identical to the Clarins Lip Perfectors - such pretty shades x x

    Gemma |

    1. I've heard that they're pretty similar in texture as well. And so much cheaper :D


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